Thursday, August 1, 2013


36 years today, mom died after the fluid in the sac around her heart filled with fluid. Because in 1977, and to a certain extent today, many doctors still do not believe heart disease is a major problem for women, women are dismissed when they complain of symptoms of possible heart disease.

My mother spent 10 days in the hospital and they found nothing.  Now remember this is 1977, technology.  They effectively told me that I and my little brother imagined what we saw.  She was driving and had what today would be called a TIA.  I took control of the car.  We were just blocks from Nassau county medical center.  By the time we got there her memory was of when she was 12.  She thought she was in the hospital because of a car accident she had just been in when she was 12, in Nicaragua.

The doctors dismissed her and diagnosed her with female hysteria.  Psychiatry is junk science.  It always has been and always will be.  Neuropsychiatry is up and  coming.  I have hopes for Neuropsychiatry.

Not until December when I was in NY did I learn the full story.  Several days after my mother was released from the hospital she was taken back to the hospital by ambulance.  [By this point I had returned to UTEP  for a summer class] She was complaining of chest pain.  This I knew.  What I did not know was - the emergency room quack had her admitted to the psych ward -  diagnosis - female hysteria.  When my sister left that night my mother had just vomited and the staff were cleaning her up.  This was a sure fire sign of a heart attack.

By the time my sister got home the hospital called - mom had died of a heart attack.

A local cardiologist told one of my sisters everything was fine - that night she died of a heart attack.  Cameron  county has a major crisis in terms of qualified specialists.  Other than the  colorectal surgeon I use I know of no specialist I would use in Brownsville or Cameron county.

In fact, I am being encouraged to find a pulmonologist in SA, Dallas, or Houston because there are no highly qualified pulmonologists in Cameron or Hidalgo county.



If you believe you have heart disease do not allow the doctor to dismiss you.  The stress test with nuclear contrast is nearly worthless.  It is only as good as the technician.  Further, the human body has not read the textbook on the issue.

Every year on this day I encourage women to stand up  for Heart Health for women.  We all remember several years ago when Rene Oliviera tried to get a law passed mandating certain cardio tests for men, but not women.

Again, ladies - do not be bullied by your doctors - you know your body.  Go to MD Anderson if need be to find a qualified cardiologist.

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