Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I am developing the story - but it may lead to another Escobedo rigged contract.  Key Players are Ron McVey, - Mercedes ISD Board Member, DMI Entegral Solutions, Jaime Escobedo, and Cesar O. Lopez.  Cesar use to work for BISD. 

I am going with this as the Cesar Lopez, trustee nominee, because two sources who have never failed me are  feeding me information.

[side note]  I know for a fact Escobedo and Presas-Garcia are feeding out information on the other while both are encouraging people to take information to the FBI.  This is a battle to the end.

Story still developing.
Cesar Lopez use to be with BISD, but is now with Mercedes ISD

Mercedes ISD gave a contract to DMI Entegral Solutions.  My source is saying DMI then brought in Jaime Escobedo, brother to Enrique Escobedo, to do some of the subcontract work. 

This was on the agenda with BISD last September, but tabled.
"In other business, the board heard presentations from three firms hoping to provide design-build services to the district on projects to improve its energy efficiency and promote resource conservation. ACR Engineering, Schneider Electric and DMI Entegral Solutions each made five-minute presentations summarizing their qualifications. The board will choose a contractor later."
I am investigating the status of the BID.
Numerous sources have now told me that Ron McVey of the Mercedes School Board has been known to push DMI Integral Solutions on other public entities here in the LRGV.  I have not been able to find any official link between Ron McVey, pictured below, and DMI.

I have a ton of phone calls out, emails, and open records requests  - as I get more information I will further develop the story.
The mere fact Cesar Lopez would associate with Enrique Escobedo should tell you all you need to know about the man.


Anonymous said...

What email address can i send you some information?

BobbyWC said...

Anonymous said...

Another bid rigging you should look into is the Insurance consultant Ms. Longoria questioned about why was the lowest ranked vendor recommended & why did Escobedo make the recommendation and not Dr. Montoya.

Seems like Esvobedo and the new attorney have the suppy on a tight leash.

Anonymous said...

Enrique is such a stupid idiot, he is only fooling himself by calling himself a doctor and walking around like a rich wannabe. Lol

What loser, give it up guy.

Anonymous said...

Ask Powers Pena, and Chirinos What happened to the !4.3 Million lawsuit they were going to re-instate???

BobbyWC said...

the last item was to hire counsel - but I have said from day one - it was a front and Powers and Escobedo never intended for the lawsuit to move forward - it was all one big con

Bobby WC