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The very nature of politics feeds corruption.  This notion of fiscal responsibility in many regards is just  a chicken shit way of saying "I'm too much of a coward to do the right thing so I will sell the people on this idea of fiscal responsibility." Politics includes good policy.  Good policy sometimes means raising taxes.  Because of this bogus concept they call fiscal responsibility the levees in New Orleans were left unrepaired and we saw an entire city nearly destroyed.  Good politics is about balance - not living in a world where the primary goal is to cover your ass so you can get reelected even if it means bad policy.

The bogus concept of 'fiscal responsibility" is just one variable which feeds corruption.  In the case of Villalobos when under the guise of fiscal responsibility Cameron County Commissioners Court would not fund his office, Villalobos turned to ill gotten forfeiture money to bring his office up to date.

Buying silence may be the worst  form of corruption politics feeds.  Prominent ADA Peter Gilman wants his family to earn the Fire Extinguisher contract with BISD.  BISD is an entity the District Attorney has authority over in terms of criminal conduct.  It is lost on Luis Saenz how having one of his chief felony prosecutors doing business with BISD casts a cloud of suspicion on his office.

Back in June, when Gilman's family was already looking at the fire extinguisher contract with BISD, Luis Saenz refused to accept a confidential  criminal complaint against BISD and the sheriff's department.  In the end County Judge Cascos had to forward it to Saenz private email.

Gracie Paredes of the sheriff's department was reassigned. The allegation is she was illegally working with BISD to do criminal background checks on existing BISD employees being targeted in the Defenbaugh audit and even before.

From the BV's original post.

"My county source has confirmed in detail Gracie Paredes of Sheriff Lucio's office had been doing criminal background checks on BISD employees being targeted - such as Joe Rodriguez and others - and then turning over the criminal background checks to BISD's lead auditor Margarita Pizano-Flores. This in part was during the time Margarita Pizano-Flores was under orders to find anything and everything on Joe Rodriguez, Rey Artiaga, Jose Chirinos, Tom Campos, and many others, and to forward the information to Danny Defenbaugh- the Presas-Garcia plant hired to defame everyone and anyone who she and Luci Longoria did not like.."

"The DPS FACT Clearinghouse is a database containing the national criminal history record information of Texas school employees."

Given the DPS FACT Clearinghouse, why use Sheriff Lucio's office to do criminal background checks on existing employees?

BV's Original Story

Luis Saenz knows that if he pursues the investigation BISD will not give Peter Gilman's family the fire extinguisher contract.  The good news is, the DOJ worked with me on the complaint and a AUSA told the Brownsville office of the FBI to take the claims seriously.  So even though Saenz immediately chose to do nothing, the FBI decided to investigate.

Even if there was no quid pro quo it is still lost on Saenz on how bad it looks for his employees to be doing business with political institutions he has a duty to investigate for criminal conduct.

On this same issue, Sheriff Lucio bought Rick Zayas silence.  Rick Zayas represents several people against Defenbaugh in regards to this mess.  Zayas will never do depositions of the sheriff department employee feeding the criminal background checks to BISD because he knows if he does Sheriff Lucio will pull Zayas' commissary contract - Silence Bought - Again

Saenz is all too happy to have Zeke Silva pay Montoya a monthly fee  for silence.  Although Montoya admits in his piece the Department of Justice called Justin Ramos as a witness against Lucio and to testify Ramos paid Saenz a $1,000 bribe, he spins the story to put the blame on Eddie Lucio so as to allow Saenz to not look like he was thrown under the bus by the FBI and DOJ.  Eddie Lucio put on no defense - his legal team called no witnesses. - Silence Bought  - Again.

Months ago the BV reported the feds had lost all confidence in Saenz.  When they threw Saenz under the bus with the Ramos allegations, the BV was proven correct.    The Texas AG has zero confidence in Saenz.  They saw him at work during the Margarita Ozuna case. 

And now, the Cameron county Democratic Party is pissed.  Apparently his boy toy Zeke Silva has promised the Cameron county Republican Party that if they help him get a pardon from Governor Perry he will  run against Ernie Hernandez and win.  According to sources within the Cameron county Democratic Party, Saenz is backing Zeke Silva in his efforts.  There is no silence bought on this one - the Cameron county Democratic Party is pissed and see Saenz as a major liability.

Saenz is aware that if he were to not oppose an expungement filed by Silva DPS and the FBI could appeal the decision.  Such an expungement of Silva's felony conviction would only apply to the state and not private parties. This means Hernandez would still be allowed to publish the conviction in an ad with the caption "how did an illegal expungement happen?"  I have zero  concern even Saenz is dumb enough to do such a thing.  But nonetheless all of the documents proving the conviction are secure, and court filings are being checked several times a week for any filing by Zeke Silva to have his records expunged if Governor Perry refuses his pardon.

There is no silence at the BV


BobbyWC said...

you know zeke you can lie all you want - and your posts will not get through

I have been clear in my post - I do not find Ramos credible -

If all the DOJ has on Saenz is Ramos testimony in a grand jury proceeding I would No Bill Saenz - and in a grand jury it takes nearly no evidence to indict someone.

My issue is, why did the FBI throw Saenz under the bus? Forget Ramos - he is a distraction from the real question.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Saenz is all too happy to have Zeke Silva pay Montoya a monthly fee for silence."

Is this based on facts or it is just your opinion? We the people that read your blog would really like to see the facts so that we know how to vote in the next election. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If Zeke felt that bring deemed a felon was such an injustice, why did he not seek a pardon years ago? Do you truly believe the governor would grant one when there are many with the same criminal history? It would be interesting to know how many pardons are granted annually.

BobbyWC said...

Zeke has zero change of a pardon which makes his efforts seem so stupid

As to Saenz - imagine is everything in politics - Saenz knows first hand how Montoya went back on forth during the election between Masso and Saenz - remember it was Montoya who attacked Saenz over the ACLU mess - well until the Masso refused to play -

Saenz seems to think that by getting Montoya to spin stories his way it will change reality - The FBI has thrown him under the bus, the AG is using its own investigators because after the Ozuna case the AG knows Saenz cannot be trusted - the Dems are finished with him

He simply does not get it - he has no understanding of image - he has no understanding that being the DA does not mean you are not accountable

He has made one big mistate after another

Bobby WC