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UPDATE: Call for information:

A source who has never failed me just called me and told me Puente lost the contract years ago over a problem with their non-existent insurance bond - anyone know anything?

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Item 9 from the BISD Agenda Tuesday night - as reported last week by the BV: Christina Saavedra's resignation.  Item 10 - Discussion of possible special election. 

The cost of a special election will be minimal - the state is picking up the cost for a statewide election for constitutional amendments.  BISD's costs will be the ballots and count for one trustee.

Escobedo fears an independent voice could mean he is no longer needed to form a majority.  Powers' willingness to help Escobedo in this matter is disturbing.


We need an independent voice to speak up for honest contracts.  I am investigating a claim [I stress claim] of a rigged contract to favor Puente Fire Extinguishers.  They have a history with BISD.  The president is the wife of none other than Peter Gilman with the DA's office.  I discussed his unethical conduct in a murder case several weeks ago.  The post resulted in anonymous claims of a potential rigged contract in favor of Puente Fire Extinguishers.  

My first step was to do an open records request on the bids to determine if Puente even made a bid.  BISD has refused to provide the open bids.  I am waiting on the AG to order BISD to release the bids.  BISD filed no legal objection to release of the bids.  They simply do not want to release the bids which have already been opened.

The president of Puente Fire Extinguishers is Irma Puente-Gilman, wife to Peter Gilman and mother of Melinda Gilman Gonzalez.  "Melinda Gilman Gonzalez was charged with theft and tampering of government records. She's accused of taking nearly $7,800, while she worked as a clerk in the child support division." [this part of the post was corrected to reflect wife not daughter]

The question is, how confident is Gilman Saenz will run protection for his wife and daughter? The answer in my opinion is, pretty confident.  Can we expect Saenz to pursue criminal charges against yet a second Gilman family member, assuming there is a  rigged contract?  Again, I do not know if there is a rigged contract - All I know is Carl Montoya is hiding something and I have a source telling me it is for the benefit of Puente

Puente Fire Extinguishers has been at  the center of controversy in the past when it comes to BISD.  Peter Gilman was on the  BISD Board when his his wife tried to get the contract.

The bottom line is, I cannot produce the documents which will show if Puente made a bid, because Carl Montoya has ordered them not released - basis in law  - none - no objection as required by law was filed with the AG.  Carl Montoya simply does not want to release the bids.  Why?  This only feeds the claims of a rigged contract.

BISD has a bad history when it comes to fire inspection.

Along with the leads in the anony posts were claims Carl Montoya has ignored requests by Veterans high school staffers to have the fire extinguishers brought up to code.  It is believed Montoya is waiting for the contract to be awarded to a new vendor before Veterans is brought up to code.

Carl Montoya's actions is what feeds this  story.  If he would simply follow the law and release the bids, I may learn Puente has not even made a bid for the contract.  It is the continued secrecy which feeds this story.

I did call the BFD Fire Marshal and report what the anony told me about Veterans. I was very forthcoming that the source could not be confirmed.  If true this new  campus could be a fire hazard.  My source at Veterans told me no one from the fire marshal's office ever showed up to inspect the fire extinguishers.  Way to go fire marshal - let's wait for a fire to see if the claims are true.  I stress all of the claims could be false - but it is Montoya's secrecy and contempt for the law feeding this story.


We need one trustee who will fight for the people and the children.  We need one trustee who will call out Carl Montoya for his wilful neglect and need to accommodate corrupt trustees.

If you care you must be at Tuesday's meeting and demand a special election.  You must clearly state no puppet will be tolerated.

If you do nothing, then you deserve the Escobedo/Powers puppet. This decision should be made by the people, and not trustees looking to advance their own agenda.

The emails: (Powers)

Escobedo is looking at running for another office. Make it clear to him his conduct on the BISD Board will be used against him if he even considers running for another office.

Now, I know reality - not one person will take the time to send an email - but boy a thousand will complain when the puppet is appointed.


Anonymous said...

Irma Puente Gilman that was the owner when Pete was a board member was his wife not this daughter. How do you know that no one has communicated with a board member about the election?

She had not the been owner for 20 years as this was her fathers company before she became the owner. Also this relationship started before Pete Gilman was on the board.

BobbyWC said...

I miss read the article - you are correct - it is his wife - I will correct to wife - the corporate data I linked to show her as an owner - click on her name

But I will correct the wife issue

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I completed the correction - I misread the article - On the election I have been told several names of people being considered - I have not been able to confirm the names - I am still working on it.

I am certain at this point someone at BISD has spoken with Chris Davis as to the estimated cost of the election.

But my original source which allowed me to break this story told me Escobedo made an agreement with Saavedra to not resign until it was too late to call for a November election.

I provide Saavedra multiple opportunities in writing to deny the claims and to state her intent about resigning. She ignored everyone of them.

Word of her resignation came shortly after her boss got my letter.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

For some reason this comment is not publishing

"My neighbor swears Irma Puente is Peter's wife not his daughter."

But again I made the correction.

But I need to stress the point of the piece is why we need an independent voice. We need a trustee to stop this nonsense by Carl Montoya in ignoring open records requests - it only feeds the claims of a rig contract - in the end once the AG orders the bids released, it may show Puente never made a bid - although one source told me they have seen the bid

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

As a product from the BISD schools and as a curious student, I can easily state that the Puente name is synonymous with fire extinguishers at the BISD. I do not recall seeing any other company name on the classroom fire extinguisher tags. anecdotal, but the name Puente stands out in my memories.

BobbyWC said...

As the link article shows - this is true - but right now another company has the contract

The issue is, why hide what is happening and not even try and comply with the law on Open Records, unless you have something to hide

Like I said Carl Montoya is feeding this story.

Why are schools out of code because top administrators will not allow the current vendor to bring them into code - so the allegation goes.

I could have put this story to bed and found nothing to discuss if Carl Montoya were not playing games

This is why we need an independent voice on the Board

Bobby WC

The WholeTruth said...

Great reporting Bobby WC, but one question. When Melinda Gilman Gonzalez got the boot for thievery who was here supervisor?? Did anything ever happened to Aurora over this? What about the 80K that Aurora's son supposedly absconded with?? Was anyone ever held accountable for those antics? By the way, I believe her son is now a County employee?
Moral to the story: If you have little power, you become the flunky. Lots of power: You can get away with anything in the County!!
Thanks for your great information...keep it up!

BobbyWC said...

I think her son's conduct cost her her ability to seek office again - Also we do not know yet who Villalobos is giving up - Aurora is no way in the clear yet

bobby WC