Thursday, August 1, 2013


Starting Tuesday night, people who want to end the control by the puppet master, Escobedo and his sidekick Powers, need to appear before the school board and demand that the vacancy being made by Saavedra be put on the November election. November is already set to include all precincts for the statewide constitutional amendments. This will significantly reduce the costs to the BISD taxpayers.

If the people want an Escobedo/Powers puppet appointed, then do nothing.

Each person can email the trustees who will control the decision and demand that the matter be set for November's election

If you do nothing, then you deserve the Escobedo/Powers puppet.  This decision should be made by the people, and not trustees looking to advance their own agenda.

The emails: (Powers)

Escobedo is looking at running for another office.  Make it clear to him his conduct on the BISD Board will be used against him if he even considers running for another office.

Now, I know reality - not one person will take the time to send an email - but boy a thousand will complain when the puppet is appointed.


I have rejected numerous comments that I am just pushing myself as a candidate - I have zero interest.  One vote on the BISD Board means nothing.

Now, if the truth be told, if I had a strong backing from the business community, the judges, and lawyers, I would love to run  for district clerk.  I would bring integrity back to the office while strictly enforcing the rule - the district clerk, and not the judges, are the custodian of the files.  I would also institute a policy wherein lawyers who file lawsuits and then dismiss them in hopes of a different judge will automatically have the case assigned to the original court.  this is not always done - while it should be.

The reality is, no such coalition would ever be  formed - so I see no hope in  running for district clerk.  Without a strong political machine backing me from square one, it would be futile to even try.  These type runs require professional campaign managers and treasurers.  On campaign finance reports there can be no mistakes - period.  I would actually consider posting bi monthly all donations and expenditures so everyone knows the truth.  I can assure everyone a donation from Linebarger would be burned and the ashes sent back to their offices.


Anonymous said...

You also have to guard with Caty or Lucy getting someone they can manipulate ...they are just as bad.

BobbyWC said...

And that is where we the people come in

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Blogger turned politician? Has been done before.

Anonymous said...

Those monkeys are just going to appoint another monkey, and we the people are going to continue to get stuck with the banana.