Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The only reason anyone had to attend this hearing was to see who showed up. Sonia showed up with two young women and a young man. She allowed for Cantu to remain her court appointed attorney.

He along with Magistrate Judge Morgan did an excellent job insuring she understood her rights. Sonia Solis requested all proceedings be done in English, as her language of choice. Jury selection will begin November 7th with a three day trial expected.

Sonia Solis was very humble to the court and the process. Compared to Margarita Ozuna who came across as indignant that she was brought into court Sonia Solis is an angel by her presentation to the court. This is where we are today.

Nothing prevents another attorney hired by Sonia Solis' handlers to substitute in as her counsel. I will keep an eye on things. Sources have told me that Cantu, her attorney, will have already made clear to her that by working with him and working with the feds she will get her best deal. If this is true, I suspect she will not be bullied into accepting a free attorney from people who have something to hide.

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