Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Funny thing, 3 different lawyers on three different matters showed up in federal court to give me information. Nelly Ayala has sued BISD - clerk here to read itI will be back in a minute - I need coffee while I read the lawsuit.

BUT KNOW this - what is coming in the next 12 months in terms of indictments is explosive.  While at the federal court house a source verified for me the Escobedos are under investigation.  I have also confirmed the FBI has interviewed Brownsville Housing Authority officials related to corruption by Art Rendon, Escobedo, Antonio Juarez and Pat Lehmann. 


BISD's insurance company is going to be pissed. BISD just needs to reinstate Ms. Ayala and pay whatever she wants. If they forward the claim to their insurance company it will cost them a lot more in future premiums.

About the time Ben Neece was sanctioned by the Commission on Judicial Conduct [I'm talking days]for inappropriate conduct related to Juan Montoya, Art Rendon took action against Petra Ramirez and Nelly Ayala.  Click Here for the signed statement by Petra Ramirez against Ben Neece.   Why the FBI never indicted Ben Neece for these actions is beyond me.  Holding someone in your office to influence them, while your friend is waiting for a ruling by Ben Neece is beyond contemptible.  It also speaks volumes about the city commission and their failure to demand his dismissal.  But everyone knows when you have a friend in jail at three in the morning you can call Ben and they will be released.  I have a long list of names of people who brag about how Ben has gotten them released from jail.  So if Ben wants to sue me - have at it - I will  call that long list of beneficiaries of his conduct.

The lawsuit relates to Free Speech issues and a complaint against Art Rendon - remember it was none other then Hector Gonzalez who stated that Art Rendon would self destruct while over Special Services and he did.

The Texas Workforce Commission  found in favor of Nelly Ayala and ordered BISD to pay her unemployment.  Page 3 of the lawsuit has the key language.


I am happy - Judge Hanen did the right thing.  He could not just ignore the DOJ's agreement with Limas.  Defendants need to know that DOJ agreements have some meaning.  Without the agreement I think Judge Hanen would have hung Limas.  Judge Hanen needed to find a balance between what he knew was right, a long sentence, while not undermining AUSA Wynne.  Judge Hanen found that balance.  Some people may think the sentence is too short - but a wise judge does exactly as Judge Hanen did.

I can go back to practicing law by simply signing some papers.  If I knew every judge would be a Judge Hanen I would, but he is a rare breed - and good for him.  The state district court judges should look to him as a model of excellence.  Excellence is not perfect - Judge Hanen and I do not always agree, but he commands your respect because he does his best to remain loyal to justice.

When Limas defense counsel made the following statement I wanted to puke - but when blogging the proceedings I must remain loyal to informing my readers as to what is happening without my comments - but now my comment

Limas Defense Counsel:  ""Abel Limas is a good hearted man."

"Note - blogging in court is no place for my comments - but I'm dying here remaining quiet."

Really dude - so a good hearted man calls the woman murdered by Amit Livingston a whore?  It just goes to prove how far lawyers will go to get their clients off.  Having heard all of Limas phone calls the one thing you cannot call him is a "good hearted man."

Yolanda De Leon gets an A+ for putting the entire matter in perspective - my problems is - how about allowing her victims into court to put into perspective what she did to them and their families.  Yolanda De Leon was a victim  for sure - but she became a victim because she was dirty and unethical in terms of her conduct with Peter Zavaletta when she released the names of the men accused of child abuse but cleared. 

She is clueless about her actions and has no  remorse.  Her suffering is her own doing.  When will her victims get to stand up in  court and cry about the damage she did to them and their families.?  She is no better than Abel Limas - she seems to think her shit does not smell - well it does - and honest lawyers in this town know the truth about Yolanda De Leon and she will suffer that truth to her grave.  Just because her actions may have not been criminal does not change the fact she created victims for political gain.

Off to lunch - but I have the story

Before I go to lunch let me say this - the Herald's article on the indictment is so full of BS it speaks to the total lack of knowledge of the legal system.  Click here  No one at the Herald had the skills to secure the indictment yesterday - only the BV had the indictment.  When you read the indictment it is clear it has nothing to do with the congressional race - the congressional race is being used as a way to get jurisdiction in federal court because they do not trust DA Saenz - the Herald king of covering up  corruption and filled with reporters who have zero knowledge of the court system will never report on Saenz until the indictment  comes.

See indictment  It does not say there was fraud in the federal election, it says there was an election which included federal offices. 

Also I checked with Chris Davis and he agrees unless Sonia Solis admits who hired her, or admits who she cast the votes for, there is no way to trace who received the 5 votes.  The DOJ may be able to produce witnesses who claim Sonia Solis told them she was working for so and so - that would be evidence.  But the ballots themselves cannot be traced.  In  fact the DOJ cannot locate the 5 ballots to determine who received the votes.  So without evidence from Sonia Solis or an eye witness, we will never know who hired her.

Any claim these 5 votes are  tied to any one candidate is all lies and bogus.  Not even the DOJ knows at this time.  Now if Sonia Solis turns states evidence then we will know who she worked for.  But even then it does not mean whomever paid her paid her with the intent she voted 5 times.  All of these lies by Montoya and CAVA are just that - lies - they have no evidence to tie these 5 votes to anyone.

I have had sources call me to tell me Sonia Solis was working for Ruben Cortez - proof - none - one person claims he will prove she worked for Masso - has the proof been produced - no -

Until Sonia Solis turns states evidence it is all speculation - pure and simple

Okay off to lunch - more on Solis after lunch and the court house - I got a lead I need to follow.


Anonymous said...

Good for her. Art Rendon is the poorest excuse of an administrator that BISD has ever had. He is rude and feels he is better than others. I personally have been the recipient of his behavior.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Ms Ayala! Good luck in bringing these bastards to their knees.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% on DeLeon. I would go further to say that it was almost certainly criminal. If fact, she agreed to enter into PTD and admit guilt in her criminal case before it got botched by Elia.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY FOR THAT EMPLOYEE!!!! THE BISD NEEDS TO WAKE UP!!!! Will it go to trial Bobby???