Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Because the following was posted by Presas-Garcia's paid propagandist, it may actually be true.

" Her re\port indicates that for the last three years BISD has paid: 2010-2011: $546, 000 2011-2012 $692, 000 2012-2013 $869, 000...and the meter is still running. Her finding: "We found that there was no formal policy or procedure for processing the disbursements for attorneys." Her recommendation:The district after this finding has halted cash payments to the attorneys and will use purchase orders. Will it ever stop?"

Remember when Thompson Horton was hired Presas-Garcia said "I guarantee you our attorneys fees will go down." Another mathematical miscalculation by the bankrupt Presas-Garcia. Secondly, she insisted Danny Defenbaugh's forensic audit would pay for itself based on savings. What was left out was how much Thompson Horton was charging BISD and the lack of oversight as to their billing.

 Yet another failed financial decision by Presas-Garcia. Defenbaugh not only cost BISD $250,000, it is now costing BISD attorneys fees to defend the lawsuits which came from the bogus audit.

Hey Juanito - did the check bounce?


Anonymous said...

Glad you chose this picture of Cata - a true depiction of the evil person she is. Thanks for all the great info!

BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected - The BV started the discussion of no puppet with a demand for a special election.

No one is buying your nonsense that I am being paid to back any particular appointment

I especially oppose the appointment of any former trustee or anyone who has run for BISD and lost - period

But not appointment - the BV has been clear since its first post on the issue - we need a special election

Bobby WC