Sunday, August 18, 2013


Montoya on taking money from Linebarger:

"It wasn't until Aurora asked to ride with us back to the hotel that she – sitting in the back seat between him and me – gushed: "Wasn't it nice of Heard, Goggan, Linebarger to pay for our dinner?"

In those days I was still somewhat idealistic and the fact that a company which was selling poor people's homes in our precinct because they fell behind on their property taxes was wining and dining the county's public officials repulsed me."
 But where has his indignation been about Linebarger paying his salary through donations made to Presas-Garcia and company?  Not a word. Presas-Garcia's campaign finance reports from the last election  cycle show donations totaling $2,000 from Linebarger.  How much of that goes to pay Montoya's phone bill?
Below is the BV's link to its story documenting all of the donations by Linerbarger to Escobedo, Saavedra, and Longoria - why is there no indignation about these donations?  We all know why.


Anonymous said...

What about Baltazar Salazar's donations to Minerva, Chirinos, Otis etc...
What about Rick Pena's donations & Estrada Hinojas' donations to Rick Zayas, Ruben Cortez, Enriwue Escobedo??? Donations any many more they don't report. What you say now??

Anonymous said...

Is that all $2,000, that's peanuts. How much has zayas and minerva pena paid you snd not reported?

BobbyWC said...

People make donations - this is politics - instead of a distraction how about explaining the contradiction - Linebarger bad for Aurora but good for Cata - that is the only point

Further, I have denounced the manner in which current counsel was selected - the way Montoya was selected - I have denounced one rigged contract after another

by the way how many of these people you mention got major contracts from BISD after funding campaign teams?

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

My record on Rick Zayas is clear - when he first announced against you Cata I said "does this guy even know children go to BISD."

I exposed the rigged contract with Royston Rayzor to sue Healthsmart which Zayas orchestrated - what the hell are you talking about Cata?

I have attacked Zayas' law firm as being unethical - in fact Cata if you cared about facts I even exposed the fact Zayas failed to disclose the truth about the facts in the real estate lawsuit against you.

I have never been paid a penny - I have a top notch education and do not need to be begging county employees for a job.

You hate facts and love to throw mud to distract people from the truth.

Bing Bing

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Great comment Bobby! You don't need penny brides from no one to post good comments about them.

Facts are facts, if they screw up, only fair to expose their behavior, whoever it is, that's the nature of blogging, when newspapers (i.e. "The Herald") cover up everything.

Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

How much has Enrique Escobedo paid you he is the one reaping the benefits of bisd and you keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

Bobby why are you keeping quiet on Escobedo and his little bro who is getting all those big fat contracts instead you focus on Cata.

BobbyWC said...

Poor Cata, you just hate facts:

I got Escobedo sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission

Last summer I covered endless rigged contracts which benefitted his brother - you were silent because you were still buddies.

I covered the rigged contract with the Brownsville Housing authority for Enrique's brother which helped get your buddies - Cata - Hector, Art and Juarez reinstated at BISD - where were you and your paid liar when I was doing all of this? Attacking me for exposing the rigged contracts.

Who broke the story of the puppet appointment of Cesar Lopez - the BV - who is the only blogger who openly opposed the appointment process before it happened - the BV

Who broke the story about who Cesar Lopez really is? I did

Facts matter cata and you can lie all you want but my readers know the truth.

Cata - tell us why are you so silent over Puente Fire Extinguishers? Do tell - will you raise for the voters the fact they defraud BISD in the past - or just sit there and remain silent?

Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

Cata is only one vote and even if she questions or makes a statement the other idiots will ignore her and vote for it. So don't blame Cata.

Why don't you pick on Minerva, she's supposedly the most righteous person, at least that's what she claims. LOL