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I want to be clear - all of the current criminal investigations are good.  What is about to happen in Cameron county is good.  There are more indictments in the making.  After Armando Villalobo's sentencing we are going to see another round of indictments related to the judges and lawyers.  I am hopeful though the first BISD indictments will come before October, but January seems more likely [Side note on BISD - the investigators are all over the Escobedo brothers - Brownsville Housing Authority former board members and employees have already been interviewed by the FBI over the security contract which Antonio Juarez, Pat Lehmann, and Art Rendon gave to Escobedo's brother to just have Escobedo days later vote to reinstate Art Rendon to BISD - interviews have already occurred at the Port on the same issue- the Escobedo brothers are just a small part of what is to come concerning BISD.]

More than one source has told me they have met with the FBI or DOJ and have been told that once Villalobos is sentenced some action against Gilberto Hinojosa can be expected.  Remember, Gilberto Hinojosa is the chair of the Texas Democratic Party.  If you take down Gilberto Hinojosa, you take down the entire Democratic Party for another 2-3 election cycles.

I can assure my readers by about this time next year Greg Abbott, as the Republican nominee for governor will be in the Valley with the slogan, "while Gilberto Hinojosa's political machine stole elections and engaged in  criminal conduct, it was my office - the Office of the Attorney General who came to the defense of the people of the LRGV."

The reality is, Abbott does not even need to even come to the Valley to campaign because the Democrats have no one running for governor.   To my dismay, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has formally stated he will not seek the position of governor.  He seems to be posturing for an run against Senator John Cornyn. 

Unlike the idiots who run the Austin American Statesman, it is not lost on Julian Castro who Gilberto Hinojosa is.  I think I have told this story before about how the state editor at the Statesman told me I was wrong when I told her that a Republican beat Hinojosa for county judge.  You see according to this typical inept journalist, I as someone who lives in Cameron county would not know the name of our county judge, but she would.  My point to her was, if we as Democrats chose a Republican over Hinojosa, why then would Democrats in Texas believe he could bring out the vote in the Valley?  She refused to believe a Republican was county judge.  It was beyond her skill set to simply google it.  Journalism at its best.

The investigation against Hinojosa goes all the way back to his attempts to rig deals related to gambling on SPI or  through cruise ships leaving the port into international waters.   As we all know, his attempt to sell the park on the island to be used for casinos is what cost him reelection.

His former law partner Magallanes is squarely in the middle of the investigations and will learn sooner than later his judicial campaign is going nowhere.  Magallanes will have nowhere to run once Hinojosa's indictment comes down [assuming the claims are true].  I am sure the FBI is watching every dime being donated to Magallanes.  It will take a major intervention with Eric Holder's office to stop what is going to happen after Villalobos' sentencing.

[side note:  I discussed this during the Villalobos trial - every  time Hinojosa's name came out the AUSA's would simply skip it - move around it - run from it]

Every seasoned federal prosecutor or defense lawyer I have interviewed has said the same - Villalobos is talking and part of the deal is he would not have to testify against his friend Eddie Lucio.  This was a major story missed by the Herald because they refuse to even consult with experienced lawyers to help them with their stories.  Had Villalobos testified Eddie Lucio would have been convicted.  The DOJ did not let Lucio slide for small fries.  Villalobos is giving up the big fish.

There was no reason whatsoever in the Lucio trial to throw DA Saenz under the bus.  The use of Justin Ramos to testify against DA Saenz was a message to Saenz and Hinojosa - the canary is singing and you are sunk.

Again to be clear, everything the DOJ/FBI and OAG is doing is legitimate and will make things better in Cameron county.  But the motivation is not to help us, it's 100% political to delay the Democrats taking Texas back.   None of this corruption is new - but it did not matter to the Republicans until they feared Texas going back to the Democrats.  Now they have a chance to use Gilberto Hinojosa as a tool to keep Texas Republican - this is their sole motivation for what they are doing.

 In this election once Julian Castro said no to running for governor any hopes of a Democrat winning state office died.  In this election cycle what Greg Abbott and his fellow Republican Robert Pittman, US Attorney for the Western District, are doing is making sure that the underbelly of the corruption in the Valley is exposed to the benefit of the Republican Party.  At this point this is more about Gregg Abbott as a popular governor using his role in destroying the corruption in the Valley to insure the Valley does not vote Democrat in 2016, when Senator Cornyn is up  for reelection and a Democratic Texas would guarantee Hillary Clinton wins the White House.

It is all politics.

The bad news for the Democrats is, the smart ones are running from being associated with the State Chair - Gilberto Hinojosa - for example Julian Castro - and the idiots who think Latinos will blindly vote for Democrats are turning a blind eye to who Gilberto Hinojosa really is. 


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So, you think a Democratic Justice Dept. will set in motion a series if events that leads to Texas going Republican?

Anonymous said...

Why is all this happening after Villalobos sentencing? Why not now?

BobbyWC said...

Good question about Holder -

Normally I do not respond to the Imp, but his post today is classic - be basically plagiarizes the BV and then denounces the BV - he uses the BV's information and the theme of the Republicans using these cases as a way to take down the Democrats and then denounces the BV for reporting what he plagiarized

In one of several visits from the crying llorana she told me Duardy suffers from some form of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from years of his editors calling him in and telling him they cannot publish his stories based on fiction and made up facts. This is why he has melt downs when you point out his mistakes.

I just had to comment because this is classic Duardy - trash the original story and then plagiarize it as your own.

I will bet the farm his editors explained to him a billion times, unless you have an eye witness to an event, you have to make sure people understand claims- especially related to criminal activity must be written up as alleged - this is why you must include a sentence like "assuming it is true" a source is not truth - they are a source - so it is important to a fair story you make sure your readers know an allegation is not a fact

I am 100% certain Duardy's editors had to explain this to him daily. And this simple issue of fairness and liability is still lost on him, which is why he has been reduced to writing smut books.

But I love it - he uses my facts, plagiarizes my theme and then denounces my story.

On US Attorney Holder - he has no control over the local events except in rare cases.

He is not going to taint Obama to save Hinojosa - also remember the FBI for Brownsville is in San Antonio and not Houston, such as the US Attorney for Brownsville - the US Attorney who works with the FBI in San Antonio is a Republican hack hand picked by Senator Cornyn.

Cornyn held up all US Attorney appointments in Texas until Obama agreed to the appointment of Robert Pitmann.

Remember they are already bringing in Saenz to this mess - you wait and see how the US Attorney for the Southern District is again [like in Villalobos] forced to defer to Pitmann in San Antonio

On why until after Villalobos sentencing - the US Attorney is not going to agree to a lessor sentence for Villalobos until they know for sure Villalobos has given up enough to sink Hinojosa and Saenz. I would not be surprised if Villalobos sentencing is even extend further out until they finish developing the evidence.

Bobby WC

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Anonymous said...

I'm a former federal prosecutor and unless their regulations have changed, main justice would be the ones that have to authorize indicting someone as high profile as Hinojosa. Won't be Holder but would be either head of criminal division or DAG.

BobbyWC said...

The investigation against Hinojosa started before he was party chair - this means the bulk of the evidence was collected before he became the party chair

I agree US Attorneys consult DC in very high profile cases - but I know for a fact in NY the AG is moving after a lot of high profile people without DC interference -

Obama is not going to save Hinojosa - that deal is done - Obama and DOJ know that if anyone interferes AG Abbott will be all over Sunday news programs - Hinojosa's ship has sailed and he knows it - I agree with you to the extent one can infer it from your comment that Hinojosa has had people contact justice in Washington - and it is falling on deaf ears - Pat McDowell in Dallas as the chief Administrative judge he was above the law - Governor Perry would not even return his calls or accept his application for reappointment - sometimes bad people just have no one to turn to and Hinojosa is one of those.

No one expected Cascos to seek reelection - he knows as well as I do what Abbott intends to do to Cameron county and the Democrats - this is why he sees running as a slam dunk -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Senator Cornyn is up for re-election in 2014. Castro might be waiting for 2016 or 2018. I think there is a good chance that Hillary Clinton could win Texas. I don't think it is to far fetched to predict that Castro would be on the short list to be Hillary Clinton's running mate. If not, a cabinet position might be available for him. That would make him an attractive candidate to run against Ted Cruz in 2018.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the correction - the two year gap is after Cornyn is reelected and not after Cruz was elected -

This makes Texas even more pathetic that Cornyn is unchallenged for the US Senate in 2014.

The Tribune has an article that Texas Democrats are waiting to hear if Wendy Davis will challenge Cornyn before getting in the race - it is too late for anyone to get into the race - Now Wendy Davis can raise the money real fast at the national level - but with Hinojosa as the Democratic Chair and the Valley being a bit too conservative on abortion I am not sure she can win this late in the game

Again thanks for the correction

I just thought we were now in that two year no Senate race period - but I guess it is after Cornyn runs

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

And you are aright - he must be looking at a run against Ted Cruz - my contacts in SA told me that he was looking at running for the US Senate - in my mind we were in the 2 years without a senate race so I linked the comment to Cornyn - but with Cruz it allows him to finish another term as mayor of SA before taking on Cruz

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I was not aware of this article before posting my comments but I thought you might find it interesting.


Anonymous said...

Back in October you stated that the Corruption probe was an attempt by the democratic DOJ to take down Texas Republicans via James Dannenbaum. You speculated that if Romney won that Villalobos' case would be dismissed. Now you are saying nevermind? And that its really a conspiracy to take down Texas Democrats? I'm sorry but with all due respect it sounds just like rank speculation on your part.

BobbyWC said...

fair question - but what you leave out is, they then took the case from the US Attorney for the Southern District [a Democrat} and gave it to Robert Pitman of the Western District (a Republican)

This changed the game plan - Dannenbaum was now protected. Then AG Abbott saw how he could use all of this to his advantage and got involved in the mail ballot harvesting -

It has now gone to far to stop - but for now with Pitman in charge Dannenbaum is protected - more on this tomorrow.

Bobby WC