Monday, August 19, 2013


Eramos Castro needing to boost his importance wants to remind people about his efforts related to Fly Frontera.  He asked his readers to help him find an old post "CALL TO ACTION post on Fly Frontera."  The funny thing is, when you google it - it leads you to the truth.  Erasmos had nothing to do with shutting down Fly Frontera - it was Pan Am threatening to sue the City of Brownsville which shut down the vote just before the election.

Here is where the google search takes you.

The facts:  Erasmos copied all of the research from the Brownsville Voice without once naming the Brownsville Voice as the source of his information.   This is one of his many character traits. 

When Quintanilla and company began to run criminal background checks on people posting at Cheezmeh the BV denounced it and demanded that Edward Camarillo denounce it.

Erasmos immediately blocked anyone and everyone demanding Edward Camarillo denounce the criminal background checks.  Why?  Rodrigo Moreno was  working with both Edward Camarillo and Carlos Quintilla (convicted felon and con behind Fly Frontera).  When Rodigo ordered Erasmos to shut down the truth he did.  Camarillo was 100% in favor of Fly Frontera and the discussion was hurting his campaign for mayor. 

Later when the BV broke the story that Linda Gill, Erasmos girl for BISD, was working with Quintanilla, Erasmos immediately went to his lemmings to say in fact it was Chirinos working with Quintanilla - a point blank lie - something Erasmos does all of the time.  Lying and conning people seems to be his most important character traits.

But it is funny how god works - Erasmos seeks to continue his lies about Fly Frontera and when his lemmings google what he is asking for it leads them to the BV with the truth - a threat of a lawsuit from Pan Am shut down the Fly Frontera deal and not Erasmos

In fact, at the city commission meeting after demanding to speak Erasmos' group left in effect thereby giving Carlos Quintanilla 30 minutes to push his lies.  Where was Erasmos and his group - at a coffee shop stuffing their faces, instead of protecting Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

I was fighting with CQ (and other people) for 9-10 hours on cheezmeh, then he stared to use 4
different names, and we caught on to it, but the funny thing was that the moment I mentioned Camarillo having CQ's as one of his main supporters/contributors, to keep running for mayor......all hell broke loose. Rodrigo Moreno immediately called me to tell me no, Edward is no friends with him, we don't even talk to him. and they had jut meet 2 days before ....

BobbyWC said...

Liar, I have posted pictures of them way before that - also Camarillo discussed the reality with people - fact - Rodrigo and CQ had already worked together on several BISD elections

just keep on lying - people are on to the truth

Bobby WC