Monday, August 19, 2013


With the truth being exposed, and BISD wanting to placate the other company other than Puente Fire Extinguisher, they have decided the split the contract between several companies. This will stop nothing in terms of the investigation.

Let's see if the great Presas-Garcia is willing to read to the people of Brownsville the truth about Puente Fire Extinguishers.

 On page 5 of the Fire Marshal Report

 "THEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, the State Fire Marshal is of the opinion that the Certificate of Registration held by Puente should be revoked."


Page 4 of the same report

"22. On or about September 3, 2008, Garza Insurance Agency restated to the Department and to the Brownsville Independent School District that it never provided insurance coverage to Puente.

Come on Cata, put Enrique in his place.  Tell the people the truth - or has your silence been bought on this one.


Peña is that pathetic little high school girl always trying to be with the cool kids.  She cannot get over the fact she was mistreated by the old majority so now she turns a blind eye to everything and anything being done by the duo of Escobedo and Powers.  She does not care how much damage this duo does to BISD - so long as she is part of the cool kids - but know this No Vale la pena Peña - they do not need you anymore - they got you to back Cesar Lopez as your replacement 4th vote.

If Minerva Peña fails to raise the Fire Marshal report and fails to oppose United Brownsville she will be forever  remembered as No Vale la pena Peña who shot herself in the foot because she was so desperate to be part of the cool kids she voted herself out of their club of corruption.

Chirinos has sealed his fate as the puppet who never would.  He waits for his strings to be pulled before doing anything.  At least Pinocchio strived to be something more than the will of his master


Anonymous said...

It is not unusual to split a bid like they are doing this time. They often do this when there are multiple bids and have equal ranking. Also as if true this time when more than one vendor submits the same price the cast lots.

BobbyWC said...

The bottom line is their hand was forced - why was the current vendor denied access to the bids as provided for by law? Who does business with a company which has defrauded them in the past?

Spin it any way you want - once a business defrauds you and files false documents you never do business with them again - bottom line

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

This is surreal, dude! How did it become so easy to take the power derived "from the people" to screw those same people.
Might be some evil intent here.

Anonymous said...

held by Puente should be revolved."

What the hell is this? How can a certificate be "revolved"? Do they mean revoked? I know this is Brownsville, but the English language is official.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry, I mistyped it when I copied it from the order - I will fix it

Bobby WC