Thursday, August 8, 2013

DA Saenz named in Lucio case

Convict testifies he bribed the then-special prosecutor with $1,000
UPDATE:  I was holding this, but just now decided to go with it.  Saenz campaign finance reports show that at a time everyone knew Oscar de La Fuente was paying Villalobos bribes for favorable disposition of his clients' cases, Saenz was taking campaign money from Oscar de la Fuente.

Of note during the day Margarita Ozuna was doing her plea bargain ODLF showed up in an unrelated case to announce he had cut a deal with the DA to have charges dropped against his client.   I sat there shocked.  I believe the basis was a codefendant had agreed to take all the blame.  Guys - it is never that simple.

The BV on August 12th will name Saenz staff members who are covering for Presas-Garcia's payments to Montoya.  You will not get any inside information from  Montoya because Saenz bought his silence through the bogus interview.  Insiders at the DA's office are keeping me informed all of the time.  They are not happy and want Saenz gone.  Rene Gonzalez and Korina Barraza's continued employment with the DA's office has caused morale problems.

For weeks the BV has been reporting the feds and Texas Rangers have lost all confidence in Saenz - we are now getting an insight into why - the State Bar will certainly investigate

The BV never does puff pieces for people like Saenz or key elected officials - this is why my sources know they can come to me and feel safe.  I have solid sources in the city, county, BISD, and DA's office.  Because I fear Saenz I am proceeding with caution with the allegations I have received.  I need to make sure that I can prove every statement


Anonymous said...

You are a great man who is truly appreciated for your efforts in exposing this and protecting the public from this corruption. Just know, I have faith in you and appreciate all of your efforts.

Anonymous said...

"I have faith in you and appreciate all of your efforts"

You'd think he'd at least sign his name.

BobbyWC said...

ditto to you - also look to the post I just did on Sergio Chapa - I think it puts Ramos claims into question