Friday, August 23, 2013


UPDATE:  From Judge Arturo Nelson:

"Good Morning Mr. Wightman-Cervantes:
Sorry your calls were not answered yesterday, however, we are not allowing anyone to blog in our courtroom at this time."
My Note:  If I were in communist China I would be allowed to blog in their courtrooms, but Judge Arturo Nelson declares there is less free speech in Cameron county than there is in communist China.   I will take Judge Nelson to Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson and then federal court if necessary.  Judges are immune from suit, but not declaratory action for violating the constitutional right of free speech.  
It should be clear to everyone, with everything happening in our courts and the corruption in the county, Judge Arturo Nelson still does not get transparency."

"BEIJING (AP) — Much of China was riveted to the stream of microblog updates from the trial of disgraced politician Bo Xilai — even a TV anchorwoman on a live national program checked her cellphone for the latest posting.
The Jinan Intermediate People's Court in eastern China began its blow-by-blow updates on its Sina Weibo microblog 21 minutes before the trial opened Thursday and updated steadily through the day, including details on testimony, photos and even an audio clip from a key witness."
Judge Janet Leal continues to refuse to respond to my request to blog live the KB Foundation hearing.  Judge Nelson has refused to grant me leave to blog a hearing in his court on Friday.  
When you call Judge Hanen's chambers for permission to blog live his secretary will call you back within the hour.  The Cameron county District Court judges will not even recognize your request.
The concept of transparency eludes our state judges.  I will show up in Judge Nelson's ready to blog.  If I am stopped I will take it to the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.  It is sad there is more free speech and transparency in the courts in communist China than in Cameron county.
With corrupt DA's, judges and constables running the building why would we expect respect for free speech?

I can only hope Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson does not force the matter into federal court.  With Judge Hanen and communist China already recognizing the right of bloggers to blog proceedings live, I doubt Judge Hanen would rule in favor in Cameron County District Court judges.

Why is it professionalism in federal court means getting a return call the same day, but in state court it means being ignored?


Anonymous said...

They allowed live tweeting from their courtroom by KGBT. See from. August 13 on the kidnapping/murder trial here in state court.

BobbyWC said...

they are tweeting from their phones and the bailiffs do not see it - if caught their phone can be taken

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you .Go fight the good fight .Expose them for what they really are.Protect your rights .You my little gay friend have a lot of heart and courage .God speed .

Anonymous said...

What is going on with this now?