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First lets ask, why is Homeland Security interested in Cesar Lopez?

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I do not know if I have the time to investigate what is happening at Mercedes  ISD.  The claims I have been sent are numerous.  Cesar Lopez's appointment to the BISD Board is putting a spotlight on Merceded ISD which I am sure will not end well for Mercedes. 

Cesar Lopez has zero chance of election  at BISD - a qualified Latina will run against him and win.  His ties to Escobedo will end his career as a trustee and possibly in education.  With an Escobedo loss in 2014, we could actually see the Board go back to being controlled by Presas-Garcia.  This was a very, very stupid move by Escobedo.  If he wanted to steal the election he should have at least been smart enough to choose a Latina.

My focus in terms of allegation at Mercedes ISD will be based on linking wrongful conduct at Mercedes to Brownsville ISD.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of abject non-sense. If a white person would have said, "Escobedo should have chosen a white female" to the board, the Mexicans would have cried and howled racism and discrimination to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NAACP. So I don't want to hear anymore from the Mexicans about how mean and "discriminatory" those "Gringos" are - you all aren't one bit different hypocrites. And for the record, it seems wherever our "amigos" are, there is corruption, poverty, and a complete lack of a brain trust. So actually, maybe Escobedo should have appointed a white female and continued the trend from there. Maybe Brownsville could yet be first-world should that trend continue. Don't publish this though. Liberalism is all about controlling speech after all.

BobbyWC said...

For reasons I cannot control - the historical evidence in Cameron county shows a qualified Latina will beat the man nearly every time.

Politics is not about race - it is about power - if Escobedo wants to keep the power then the historical evidence [not liberalism] states you appoint a Latina - it is that simple.

Some 14 year ago I was at a Democratic Party meeting when an anglo union guy- drunk as a skunk said - "after this election we will be lucky to elected any white people in Texas" - he was wrong - that was the election when the Republicans took total control

A friend called me last night from Dallas - anglo judges are complaining they cannot compete against Latinos or blacks

In a perfect world I agree this is 100% wrong - but we are talking how Escobedo keeps power and not the wrong of race in politics - it was wrong when minorities could not get elected and it is wrong now that they have the upper hand.

Pay attention to the post instead of pushing your nonsense - this post had nothing to do with race - it was about Escobedo making a mistake which could cost him control

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I often read your blog and I will continue to do so, especially since you are willing to publish other peoples viewpoints, unlike most liberals I know. First of all I will say this: I have absolutely no - and I mean no - problem competing with Blacks and Hispanics regarding anything. I never have and I don't know of one single "Gringo" who has told me that they have, unless it was for a low-paid, low skill job. In private enterprise, there is no competition for us. We are hard working, like to read books, loathe corruption (Washington excluded), and are responsible, not expecting government handouts and for other people to do for us what we, due to our culture, are unable to do for ourselves. Regarding Federal and State employment - that's a bit different but only due to laws socially engineering equality that does not exist. Everyone knows we are not all equal and that has nothing to do with race - it has to do with culture. Period. Some are definitely superior to others. And a lot of that is increasingly due to Barrack "The Affirmative Action King" Obama, who himself could do little to compete without affirmative action, which he all but admits as the President of the Law Review in law school, the first black ever, who coincidentally (or not) was also the first person to publish absolutely nothing in that position. So much for giving the right man the job based on knowledge and competence. This will change when the Republicans push back and the Dems are out of the White House and lose spots in Congress - just wait.

Now on to actual race: Brownsville Mexicans vote Mexican. Period. Why say Latina? Why not say female. You know why. But understand why we don't want immigration reform - because we prefer our own. We don't want the rest of the United States to turn into Brownsville. And in my lifetime and yours the reality is that we may become a "majority minority" country, but that doesn't mean Mexican majority - it means ALL minorities combined will be 50%, which really means crap - they are not united at all. Whites will be 50% of the population in yours and my lifetime. Just want to set the record straight. Keep up the good work with your blog - and I laude your for publishing everyone's views.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Bobby!

Mr. Escobedo really has his agenda on target! I wonder if his chosen one will be able to handle it at the BISD Circus of a Board.

It amazes me how they question the cost of an "Election" when all the money the BISD throws away is for lawsuits and settlements. In the end, its really our Tax Payer money going down the drain.

We pay for your BISD BOARD trips Ms. Minerva Pena, and all others, at least give us the opportunity to VOTE! Oh, and all of your meals during "Executive Session".

BobbyWC said...

Your reasoning is flawed and based on a preconceived idea about culture - everyone tends to be with their own - in employment for the longest time it was not that people did not want to hire blacks - it was that the whites hired friends, family connections and they were white

People vote blindly - regardless of party - The corruption in Brownsville has nothing to do with Mexico or Brownsville's ties to Mexico

Mattingly was a key player in the Amit Livingston conspiracy - an anglo Republican

Chicago is a bastion of corruption - has nothing to do with Mexico or Brownsville

My brother likes to say the fastest way to federal prison in NY is to become a school board memmber - all anglos

People who are bad are bad because they are bad - regardless of race, gender, political party - etc

Brownsville has no newspaper - no news stations - if it did we could turn Brownsville around in 4 years - the people are ignorant because the Herald has no use for intelligent honest journalism and the TV stations program their news like Mexican soap operas so they have an audience - they fail to realize I do not watch because while I love the Mexican soap operas for entertainment value - I do not want them in my news.

The people of Brownsville if given a chance with a real newspaper would turn this city around faster than you could imagine - but the truth is we have no newspaper.

if I had the money I would advertise out the BV and hire real journalists - but I do not - so that is how it is.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

let there be no mistake - had Presas-garcia and Longoria had the votes to hand pick a trustee they would have been yelling reckless disreguard for the budget - on this issue they are both liars.

But Minerva messed up big time - she should have forced the issue to the next meeting so they could get the real numbers on the cost of an election.

The fight is not over - Presas-Garcia and Longoria can put it back on the agenda - they need to get Minerva to go with them

They can raise the money for a full page Ad and ask the question - who is Cesar Lopez - Chirinos is messing up big time by being Escobedo's daddy toy -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"The corruption in Brownsville has nothing to do with Mexico or Brownsville's ties to Mexico." You are off a 180 degrees. The corruption in Brownsville is a direct result of being on the border. Corruption can only exist if the structures that hold society together are weak and corrupt. Mexico, today, is a failed state. The institutions do not work. If you don't believe me drive down the Victoria highway and see what happens to you. Or, go to Michoacán, once a lovely place, and enjoy the anarchy. The corruption that has and still does saturate the local Brownsville judicial system is a perfect example of a lack of systemic institutions that one can confide in totally. Obviously, there is corruption everywhere to one degree or another. But, the corruption of Chicago is quite different from the endemic corruption of Mexico and the border. Civilizations do not always progress, they can and do fall back. This is what you are seeing today in Mexico and it affects the US side of the border.

BobbyWC said...

You live in a cave outside reality - all over the US federal judges have been indicted and are in jail - has nothing to do with Mexico -

In dallas more than one superintendent of the school district has been indicted - has nothing to do with Mexico

Numerous sources claims the Dallas DA is about to be indicted - has nothing to do with Mexico

I can go on and on

You have a personal issue with Mexico and refuse to admit it

Long before the break down of law in Mexico Cameron county was a bastion of corruption - Judge Hestor as the administrative judge (an anglo) worked 24/7 to keep the corruption protected - had nothing to do with Mexico

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Is enrique hiring from Mercedes, Mission, Harlingen.

MCISD names interim superintendent

Written by Andrielle Figueroa
Thursday, 20 June 2013 15:39
MCISDlogoMISSION—At an early morning special meeting held by the Mission Consolidated Independent School Board on Tuesday, the board approved an interim superintendent. Current MCISD Superintendent Dr. Cornelio Gonzalez is leaving to take the post as executive director of Region One Education Service Center.

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources & Student Services Mario Solis was named as interim superintendent. Board member James E. Olivarez explained Solis would hold the position until the new superintendent is named, possibly in August.

"We are going to also add a monetary amount of $150 above his daily rate until the day our new superintendent starts," Olivarez added.

Bryan School To Get Upgrade

The board also approved a contract with American Surveillance for a network cable upgrade at Bryan Elementary School. Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations Lucio Mendoza explained the contract was brought up at the most recent board meeting for authorization to put the upgrade out for bids.

"The cable network at Bryan Elementary was installed in 1998 out of E-Rate 1 funding," Mendoza said. "It is outdated at this point...the high score was American Surveillance. The bid came in a little higher than we had projected; it came in at $185,000, but we are still making the recommendation so we can get this done during the summer so it won't interfere with classroom instruction."

The first phase will cover the south and middle area of the elementary building. The second phase will cover the north side of the building, which includes offices, cafeteria and Library Resource Center.

Google Chromebooks

Mendoza also gave the board an update on the recently approved 1 to 1 Technology Pilot Project of purchasing Google Chromebooks for ninth graders at each high school and sixth graders at K. White Jr. High.

The pilot project, including associated technology infrastructure upgrades to the high schools and K.White Jr. High, will cost almost $1.4 million.

"We had brought forward at the last board meeting to proceed with $1.3 million worth of wireless infrastructure," Mendoza said. "Yesterday, we got notice of that $1.3 million we got funded for $300,000. We are anticipating that the other $1 million will get funded."

The district applied for E-Rate funding, which assists school districts in discounts of up to 90 percent for purchases of equipment that receive data communication, voice or video.

Anonymous said...

Post August 8, 2013 at 1:15 PM is such a Cata follower. A LOSER!

Anonymous said...

In a related matter Longoria was not censured. Failure to garner a second to the motion is a sign of no confidence in the school attorney. From this point he cannot provide any legal advice without being second guessed. If he has any pride he should resign and let the board find someone else to do their self serving misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, after watching BISD Board Meeting, how come some person B.P. got a 13k raise? "Additional Duties"??? Really???
According to another blog, the Department that this B.P. is running is overly inflated with all these high-paying personnel, and they keep hiring left and right?

C'mon, looks like the board paid this B.P. some incentive pay since its the new school year and compadres need jobs.

Do you have info on this Bobby?

BobbyWC said...

I can only speak to my personal one on one experience with Bert Pena. Concerning every problem I have ever taken to her, she immediately did the right thing. I thing by always doing the right thing she has made enemies. These enemies will print whatever lie they need to settle a score.

Think about it - she is the only BISD high level employee who in my opinion has never failed a child with a problem - at least the ones I have taken to her.

When you step on people's toes for not doing their job you make enemies.

The only complaint I have heard is - sometimes she works too fast to resolve problems.

Hardly a real complaint

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Who wsa recommended for the BISD CFO position?

BobbyWC said...

No idea whatsoever

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

As a parent/volunteer I have met many wonderful administrators over the years, not all are bad, but only "certain" get the spotlight I guess. With the poster that mention someone getting S13k extra, I see the point, why only B.P. Isn't everyone doing "additional" duties and doing more with less. Lets be fair BISD to all! There is no "I" in "TEAM"

Anonymous said...

There are numerous questions being asked by the people of this community regarding the situation (hiring an individual who is being investigated) between BISD Legal Counselor and the BISD Board Member. The concerns expressed by the community are: Why is a BISD Board Member protecting such an ill manner, horrible disposition, despicable individual who has previously been connected and protected by the fired superintendent of schools and the fired administrator of special services? What school employment position has this individual been promised and who is providing the support for the individual to be hired? What criminal activities is this individual being investigated for by the BISD Legal Counselor and the district police department? How can an individual who is not employed or lack the economy resources own and maintain a luxury vehicle? Why such an interest by a School Board Member to hire this individual? The community is asking for answers.

Anonymous said...

Mercedes connection also involves San Benito Board president Y Gonzalez. In January meeting she changed the bid so Escobedo's brother could benefit. Also helped McVey get in in exchange for possible job in Mercedes.

Anonymous said...

Let me get in there, and I'll show you all how is done !!!

Anonymous said...

To Post August 10, 2013 at 10:01 PM

It appears that the Board Member protecting the individual has something to lose if the individual does not get hired. What is the individual holding over the board member's head? That is the million dollar question.

Anonymous said...

This is pathetic!!!