Monday, August 5, 2013


This and past boards have demonstrated a complete and total contempt for the safety of our  children.  In any normal school district Carl Montoya would be escorted out of the building by security for his part in this mess, but in this case he is nothing more than a puppet for the institutional corruption which is the BISD Board.

People, if you fail to email the trustees demanding a special election to replace Saavedra, or attend Tuesday's meeting demanding a special election you are 100% the problem.

This story concerning Puente Fire Extinguisher, Inc remains alive because Carl Montoya is under orders to not release the bids which have already been opened.


Puente Fire Extinguisher, Inc of Olmito
License Number: ECR-054
Order Number: 1331
Date of Order: 1/6/2010
Violation: revoked ECR
Action Taken: failed to maintain insurance coverage; made misrepresentations in connection with sales and service. Commissioner Emergency Cease and Desist Order, 09-0058 dated 1/29/08 & previous signed FM orders

I have requested the full report from the State of Texas.

There is another case concerning Trinity.  I have requested the investigation from the City of Brownsville and the State of Texas.  It is my understanding Trinity's lawyers are in final discussions with the state as to the sanctions if any.  Until I receive  confirmation in the form of a report concerning Trinity, I will not disclose what I have been told.

But when you consider the previous posts wherein BISD was found to effectively not have the schools protected with fire extinguishers it is clear BISD Boards are more about awarding these contracts to compadres then to the most qualified company.

We are talking about the safety of our children and hundreds of millions of dollars in assets - and BISD's Board of Trustees' motto on the issue is "Burn Baby Burn.

THIS IS WHY IT MATTERSWe need one trustee who will fight for the people and the children. We need one trustee who will call out Carl Montoya for his wilful neglect and need to accommodate corrupt trustees.

If you care you must be at Tuesday's meeting and demand a special election. You must clearly state no puppet will be tolerated.

If you do nothing, then you deserve the Escobedo/Powers puppet. This decision should be made by the people, and not trustees looking to advance their own agenda.

The emails: (Powers)

Escobedo is looking at running for another office. Make it clear to him his conduct on the BISD Board will be used against him if he even considers running for another office.

Now, I know reality - not one person will take the time to send an email - but boy a thousand will complain when the puppet is appointed.

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Thank you for providing the links to the emails. Done.