Sunday, August 25, 2013


From Barton:

"A Republican operative was somewhat annoyed that the Brownsville Herald and KRGV, Channel 5 News kept referring the voter fraud being committed during the 2012 congressional runoff. There was no Democratic congressional runoff."

From the Cameron County Elections office.  One of many great things Chris Davis has done since taking the position of Cameron county Election Administrator is to put the archives of previous elections on line.

You will note, there was a Democratic Primary run-off between Vela and Blanchard.  Facts do matter - but the point of his story was to put out disinformation to lead people to believe Erin Garcia was somehow tied to Sonia Solis Berlanga, the politiquera indicted for allegedly casting 5 mail-ballots.

His proof that Erin Garcia is tied to Sonia Solis Berlanga  none - but Begum the only candidate in Cameron county history caught taking down her opponent's sign and her two-bit ambulance chasing son will not let the election go.  They continue to pay Montoya to print lies on the issue, while they know Montoya is being paid off by Aberlardo Gomez to keep the issue quiet. 

The Begums care about the Begums and no one else.  If they cared about the voters and the community Alex Begum would pull his ad, while denouncing Montoya for taking money from Gomez.  Alex Begum will do no such thing - he believes he needs Montoya to keep the lies going - hopefully sooner  than later Ernie Hernandez will expose the fraud by suing the both of them so the voters of Cameron county know the truth.  [None of this means at some point the evidence will show the Hernandez politiquera machine was not involved in many bad ballots.  In the case of Margarita Ozuna this has already been proven.]

I am not saying Ernie Hernandez' politiquera machine is not tied to Sonia Solis Berlanga, I am saying at this time the only known proof points to Abelardo Gomez.  It is not lost on anyone interested in facts Alex Begum pays through ads Montoya to falsely accuse Ernie Hernandez and Erin Garcia of being the beneficiaries of the Solis-Berlanga ballots, while also taking money from Abelardo Gomez, the prime suspect who in fact did benefit from Solis-Berlang'a  conduct.

Abelardo Gomez immediately hired Solis-Berlanga's son after he took office, and Montoya declares this not newsworthy.  But then of course there is that check he gets from Gomez for the regular ad.


They claim to care about voter integrity, while paying the one man (Montoya) doing more to cover for Abelardo Gomez.  Montoya falsely accuses Ernie Hernandez and family as being the recipients of the Solis-Berlanga votes while being paid by both Begum and Gomez.  

Where is Barton on all of these verifiable facts - no where - he just lies about no Democratic Primary for congress and then claims Erin Garcia was known to be linked to Abelardo Gomez.  I have interviewed nearly a dozen people on the issue, people do not know this woman Solis-Berlanga - yes it is reasonable people are saying they do not know her because they are running from their guilt.   But I have interviewed a lot of non-elected officials and Solis-Berlanga's name is coming out of left field as far as everyone is concerned.

If Erin Garcia and Abelardo Gomez were working together with Sonia Solis Berlanda why did Erin Garcia only receive 319 mail-ballots to Abelardo Gomez, 415?   Facts and real evidence matter.

When you read conclusory statements made by people like Barton when there are documented facts which defeat his conclusory statements or in the case of the Democratic Primary point blank lies, you must ask - who is he working for?  Answer:  Cameron county's trash family - Yolanda and Alex  Begum.


BobbyWC said...

Even in his retraction Barton still has to lie because facts never fit his politically motivated narrative.

Here is what I said: "but Begum the only candidate in Cameron county history caught taking down her opponent's sign."

This is fact even Barton admits it is fact, but defends it because Garcia's people allegedly stole Belgum's polls. Let's assume it is true Garcia's people stole Begum's polls, what remains lost on Barton is no candidate and especially a judicial candidate should take the law into their own hands.

This is what Barton says about the taking down of the sign issue.

"with his confused rendition for the umpteenth time of Yolanda Begum stealing campaign signs."

I did not use the word steal - he just makes up another lie. he cannot get around the undisputed fact Begum took the law into her own hands and that this is never acceptable especially for a judicial candidate.

He has to lie in his retraction and then to the disbelief of everyone born alive he defends Begum taking the law into her own hands, as a judicial candidate.

In his own post he admitted she took down the sign - this is what I reported - it is a fact - and btw- I was there and Barton was not.

But I give Begum the assumption Garcia's people stole her polls - so according to Barton it is then okay for Begum to take the law into her own hands and put her sign back up.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Jeez, how many candidates has Montoya flipped on? He backed Erin during the race and now Begum buys an ad and guess who's side he's on now. This is why Gomez continues to buy an ad on his site. He's buying silence.