Thursday, August 15, 2013

Texas Southmost College Logo
As the enrollment grows, classes are filling up.  Many subjects are already closed.  This is a good sign.  I am sure as the waiting lists grow more sections will open up.  I think TSC is experiencing greater growth than they expected.
A simple google check will show most if not all community colleges have open enrollment.  Just because anyone can get in does not mean anyone can graduate.  Open enrollment is an opportunity for everyone to prove they can make it. 
Throughout the state whether the university/community college has open enrollment or not the failure rate is shocking.  But for those students who pass their classes jobs will be on the other side.  Maybe not the best jobs, depending on their major, but jobs nonetheless.
I expect the big jump in enrollment to come next summer - this is when the UT students and other campus students will come home to take government, history, math, biology etc, to take advantage of the lower tuition and smaller classes.

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