Friday, August 16, 2013


With Alex Begum paying Montoya to spin the facts, why tell the entire story - or if you will - the truth.

I am proud of the fact years ago I asked the AG to intervene in the Hernandez/Pena race and investigate the harvesting of mail ballots.  I sent them the  transcript and as we all know Margarita Ozuna was indicted.

I support 100% all investigations into the harvesting of mail ballots.

What Montoya chooses to not tell his readers is, both Begum and Garcia ballots are being targeted.  This is good - I care not who falls - if a ballot was stolen then I say hang them.  Also note, according to Montoya the AG is not trusting Saenz to send his investigators.  They learned that lesson with Margarita Ozuna.  This only further supports the BV's claims the AG has lost confidence in Saenz.

Oh, the investigation does not end there - there is also the question of J.A. Sandoval and his many ads listing a non-existent address.  An investigator has already been to the apartment complex.  I am certain very, very soon an investigator will be at  the Herald demanding to know how J.A. Sandoval paid for those ads.

Here is the breakdown on the mail ballots in the Begum/Garcia election

"A breakdown includes 319 mailed votes for Garcia versus 142 for Begum"


In the last election when no one was working the mail ballots there were fewer than 10.  This means Begum also worked the mails ballots.  She might not like what the investigators learn about her mail ballots.

My view is, let the guilty hang regardless of who they are - so simple

This investigation is 100% positive - but how about telling the truth and not leaving out such an important fact that Begum's mail ballots are also being targeted just because Alex Begum is paying you money to remain silent.

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