Thursday, August 22, 2013


I have rejected more posts than I care to think of alleging everything under the sun against Abelardo Gomez. No proof - nothing gets through. In every post the claim is the same Gomez is paying Montoya for silence. Who knows?

HERE WE GO:  Deputy Constable Steve Berlanga works for Abelardo Gomez.   His mother is none other than Sonia Leticia Solis, aka Sonia Berlanga. Steve Berlanga was hired February 14, 2013, less than 2 months after Abelardo Gomez took office.

ADDED NOTE:  Someone deleted Steve Berlanga linkedin link - it still remains in google - that he cannot delete -

"Steve Berlanga | LinkedIn
Brownsville, Texas - ‎Deputy Constable at Cameron County Constables Office PCT.2
View Steve Berlanga's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's ... February 2013 – Present (4 months) Brownsville, Texas Area. 1. Court Issued ..."
Such conduct never makes you look innocent.

See also, - divorce petition between Sonia Solis Berlanga and Esteban Berlanga

In the run-off election, Abelardo Gomez received 415 mail ballots to Avila's 57.

Also in the run-off Ruben Cortez received 407 mail ballots to Celeste Sanchez 87.

You will see no one else came close to these numbers - remember my lead story on Linda Salazar yesterday, mother to Ruben Cortez.

I want to remind people, just because someone hires a politiquera to do work does not mean they authorized the politiquera to break the law.  Some form of mail-ballot collection is legal.  Nixon did not authorize the Watergate breakin - but how he handled the conduct of his staff sunk him. 

Further, this story is just another lead in the mystery - but a strong one I might add.  If it can be shown the pay off was the hiring of her son, Gomez could find himself sunk pretty fast.

We may learn that Sonia Solis Berlanga worked for many other candidates also - but this certainly allows the feds to now pull all mail ballots for Gomez - a finger print might be available.  At that point we may see she was pulling for many candidates.

Also, remember the allegations against Sonia Solis Berlanga are just that - allegations.

If I were Steve Berlanga and Sonia Solis Berlanga and knew of criminal conduct, about now I would be negotiating immunity with the DOJ.

WHERE IS CAVA?  WHERE IS MONTOYA?  WHERE IS BARTON?  No where to be found - although I will say Barton printed quite a bit against Gomez and his use of politiqueras.


But read this blog piece by Montoya before he switched sides to Gomez from Avila - I love it shows his current ads so you can see he continues to accept money from Gomez. But in this blog smear Gomez is his target. You can delete it Juan - I have already printed it. I can just repost it through Click for docstoc copy

From Montoya - before he took Gomez's money

"They also hint – as other have in the local blogs – that Gomez might be the subject of an investigation related to the ongoing Limas corruption case and of the Cameron County District Attorney's office.

"Gomez has been seen going to the US Attorneys's office and there is even a report that he might have been taken to San Antonio for questioning," said a commenter on a blog."

The rest of the story is fast developing.  This source has been very reliable - I am just waiting on confirmation of a name before the complete link is made.

But for now, ask yourself - why did Montoya switch sides, and now long after the election keeps his ad running?


Anonymous said...

It's a paid "silencer ad", even though sound and reason is suppressed there was still a shot taken, however soft and quiet it is. Gomez camp had a BBQ fundraiser at Lacks on 802. I had purchased tickets at a bar the previous night for a cancer benefit BBQ fundraiser and his tent was the only one there. They laughed and said it was a dual pachanga. So where is the cancer patient? Oh he went home already they said. I called The Heralds Emma on her cell phone telling her I had 2 more tickets for this appalling event and asked her to go check it out. She did nothing. Just like most of Brownsville. What about Gomez with JR, Andrade using his cars (mini vans) to collect the elderly with chicken plates and push cards and pins? Dirty is what Dirty does in Cameron county.

Anonymous said...

She'll sing.

BobbyWC said...

What if singinging implcates her son in criminal conduct?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Wasn't she helping the sheriff Omar Lucio?

Anonymous said...

Good question, what do you know?

BobbyWC said...

The investigation is now targetting everyone who used mail ballots - which includes Begum - Nelson. Lucio, Sanchez, Olvera - and many others

Nelson is also an issue in the Villalobos presentence discussion - the feds have alread interviewed numberous people concerning a drug forfeiture house Arturo Nelson bought - I know of no evidence on wrongdoing - but know the feds interviewed several people looking for evidence of wrongdoing by Nelson - his name among others are part of the discussion with Villalobos - Villalobos eithers gives people up or he will get 60 months (my prediction- Judge Hanen will go midway between Solis and Limas)

But to be clear everyone is being targeted - there are no exceptions - this is in part why they are using the federal statute to keep it away from any state judge or even a visiting judge - although I thing either Justice Hinojosa or Chew could have been trusted [they are sharing the work in Judge Olvera's court while he is on medical leave]

Bobby WC