Friday, August 30, 2013


At the last BISD meeting where Healthsmart was indirectly discussed, the board authorized the attorney hired to sue Healthsmart to file "A" lawsuit, but the item did not say Healthsmart. This would be a violation of the Open Meetings Act. The item is on the agenda again - let's see what it is about.


I have appointments and meetings all morning - this afternoon I will pick up some documents at BISD.  If I learn anything from them, I will do an afternoon story.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


No one who is informed doubts Cameron county is losing millions in bridge fees and relates taxes and services because of poor bridge service at Veterans and a lack of a truck bridge. This is a given. It is also a given that a special bridge which ties Matamoros directly to our port would be a money maker. So what is the problem?

Dannenbaum and the stolen $21 million dollars - that is the problem.  The only way I see this community getting behind the county taking over this project is if two things happen.

An auditor has to be assigned to the project to confirm through presentation to Commissioners Court the vendor has done everything they are billing for and it was done correctly before any bills are paid.  The auditor must also confirm the project is on schedule.

Here is the more controversial part - I will never support such a project unless Commissioners Court hires an independent former federal prosecutor to bring a grand jury referral to the Cameron county grand jury seeking indictments of Villalobos and Dannenbaum for the conspiracy to cover-up the original criminal conduct in exchange for a $1 million pay-off to Villalobos' office.

Villalobos during his trial admitted he used the forfeiture process to raise money to manage his office.  This is not disputed - $21 million dollars does not just go missing.  There was a crime and Villalobos chose to turn a blind eye to it for the million dollar bribe to his office for use in managing the DA's office.

This investigation will certainly extend to people like Carlos Masso, Martin Arambula and other commissioners who were part of the conspiracy to run cover for Villalobos and Dannebaum.  The fact a grand jury already  found no criminal activity is meaningless.  They only knew what Villalobos wanted them to know.

If there was no criminal activity how did Villalobos find $1 million dollars to be forfeited for criminal activity?

Without a grand jury referral to reopen this investigation to be handled by a  former federal prosecutor hired by Commissioners Court I say no, absolutely no to a new bridge.

Just a side issue - how strong will Greg Abbott look as honest when his boy James Dannebaum is indicted with his other boy Republican US Attorney Robert Pitman asleep at  the wheel making sure there is always dead silence when the name James Dannenbaum comes up.  This is a valid investigation which will serve the people of Cameron county and send a strong message to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Republican US Attorney Robert Pitman - we are not playing.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The only reason anyone had to attend this hearing was to see who showed up. Sonia showed up with two young women and a young man. She allowed for Cantu to remain her court appointed attorney.

He along with Magistrate Judge Morgan did an excellent job insuring she understood her rights. Sonia Solis requested all proceedings be done in English, as her language of choice. Jury selection will begin November 7th with a three day trial expected.

Sonia Solis was very humble to the court and the process. Compared to Margarita Ozuna who came across as indignant that she was brought into court Sonia Solis is an angel by her presentation to the court. This is where we are today.

Nothing prevents another attorney hired by Sonia Solis' handlers to substitute in as her counsel. I will keep an eye on things. Sources have told me that Cantu, her attorney, will have already made clear to her that by working with him and working with the feds she will get her best deal. If this is true, I suspect she will not be bullied into accepting a free attorney from people who have something to hide.


As Texas Senator Ted Cruz, he promises to bring his potion to all of America if elected president.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013



District 2 City Commissioner Jessica Tetreau Kalifa took the lead Tuesdat night against the Escobedo brothers.  Estela VC seconded the motion to turn down the Escobedo brothers. Tony Martinez and Dr. Rose Gowan supported Jessica's motion against them.

Deborah Portillo, John Villarreal and Rick Longoria voted in favor of awarding a new contract to Escobedo.

About this moment both the Escobedo brothers know the following from yesterday's BV is 100% true, if they already did not know. 

[Side note on BISD - the investigators are all over the Escobedo brothers - Brownsville Housing Authority former board members and employees have already been interviewed by the FBI over the security contract which Antonio Juarez, Pat Lehmann, and Art Rendon gave to Escobedo's brother to just have Escobedo days later vote to reinstate Art Rendon to BISD - interviews have already occurred at the Port on the same issue- the Escobedo brothers are just a small part of what is to come concerning BISD.]

You see, Tony Martinez had inside confirmation of the FBI investigation.  Now, I understand how Portillo knowing nothing about Brownsville or its politics would vote for the contract.  But, it blows my mind that Villarreal and Longoria were not smart enough to understand if Tony Martinez was voting against the contract it was because he had an inside source verifying the FBI investigation at the BHA.  They certainly know all of the cast of characters and who that inside source would be.

Oh, I can tell you Enrique now knows exactly who spoke with the FBI.  My spyware tells me he and his brother, along with Antonio Juarez, Pat Laidman Lehmann and Art Rendon, were on line tonight buying chastity belts.  To a person they now know the name of at least one person who has verified the corruption to the FBI.  I would also imagine the Board Members at the Port are shitting bricks now that they know the investigation is real.

I knew if I dropped the claim before Tuesday's meeting Tony Martinez would not sink himself by voting yes.  I also knew his coalition would vote with him.  I think Portillo was given permission to vote no, so she appears independent.  If this is true did she know she was being hung out to dry by Tony.


Bela will be 4 on October 20th. She has been baking with me for 2 years. She does it all - all I do is measure things out - although she is doing some of the measuring. She no longer mixes the cake with flour in all directions. She does real well in pouring the batter into the pan. She is getting better at icing - still a bit messy Today she came over and tired me out. We uploaded ABC Mouse to her tablet. Played games - made roasted chicken thighs and mac and cheese. She is getting real good in the kitchen. She actually washed the dishes. She did a good job for the most part - but they all went in the dishwasher after she left.

My blessings to any parent who has to manage more than one kid - she works me - although she spends a lot of time playing chase with Buster and on the computer.

The wave was to her grandpa "making a cake for you grandpa" was the headline with the pic.


I would not have posted the story today because I am document driven, but a source has promised me a picture of Sonia Solis Berlanga working Denise Blanchard's campaign.  Given this reality I suspect the claim is true.  As soon as I get the picture I will post it.


I want to be clear - all of the current criminal investigations are good.  What is about to happen in Cameron county is good.  There are more indictments in the making.  After Armando Villalobo's sentencing we are going to see another round of indictments related to the judges and lawyers.  I am hopeful though the first BISD indictments will come before October, but January seems more likely [Side note on BISD - the investigators are all over the Escobedo brothers - Brownsville Housing Authority former board members and employees have already been interviewed by the FBI over the security contract which Antonio Juarez, Pat Lehmann, and Art Rendon gave to Escobedo's brother to just have Escobedo days later vote to reinstate Art Rendon to BISD - interviews have already occurred at the Port on the same issue- the Escobedo brothers are just a small part of what is to come concerning BISD.]

More than one source has told me they have met with the FBI or DOJ and have been told that once Villalobos is sentenced some action against Gilberto Hinojosa can be expected.  Remember, Gilberto Hinojosa is the chair of the Texas Democratic Party.  If you take down Gilberto Hinojosa, you take down the entire Democratic Party for another 2-3 election cycles.

I can assure my readers by about this time next year Greg Abbott, as the Republican nominee for governor will be in the Valley with the slogan, "while Gilberto Hinojosa's political machine stole elections and engaged in  criminal conduct, it was my office - the Office of the Attorney General who came to the defense of the people of the LRGV."

The reality is, Abbott does not even need to even come to the Valley to campaign because the Democrats have no one running for governor.   To my dismay, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has formally stated he will not seek the position of governor.  He seems to be posturing for an run against Senator John Cornyn. 

Unlike the idiots who run the Austin American Statesman, it is not lost on Julian Castro who Gilberto Hinojosa is.  I think I have told this story before about how the state editor at the Statesman told me I was wrong when I told her that a Republican beat Hinojosa for county judge.  You see according to this typical inept journalist, I as someone who lives in Cameron county would not know the name of our county judge, but she would.  My point to her was, if we as Democrats chose a Republican over Hinojosa, why then would Democrats in Texas believe he could bring out the vote in the Valley?  She refused to believe a Republican was county judge.  It was beyond her skill set to simply google it.  Journalism at its best.

The investigation against Hinojosa goes all the way back to his attempts to rig deals related to gambling on SPI or  through cruise ships leaving the port into international waters.   As we all know, his attempt to sell the park on the island to be used for casinos is what cost him reelection.

His former law partner Magallanes is squarely in the middle of the investigations and will learn sooner than later his judicial campaign is going nowhere.  Magallanes will have nowhere to run once Hinojosa's indictment comes down [assuming the claims are true].  I am sure the FBI is watching every dime being donated to Magallanes.  It will take a major intervention with Eric Holder's office to stop what is going to happen after Villalobos' sentencing.

[side note:  I discussed this during the Villalobos trial - every  time Hinojosa's name came out the AUSA's would simply skip it - move around it - run from it]

Every seasoned federal prosecutor or defense lawyer I have interviewed has said the same - Villalobos is talking and part of the deal is he would not have to testify against his friend Eddie Lucio.  This was a major story missed by the Herald because they refuse to even consult with experienced lawyers to help them with their stories.  Had Villalobos testified Eddie Lucio would have been convicted.  The DOJ did not let Lucio slide for small fries.  Villalobos is giving up the big fish.

There was no reason whatsoever in the Lucio trial to throw DA Saenz under the bus.  The use of Justin Ramos to testify against DA Saenz was a message to Saenz and Hinojosa - the canary is singing and you are sunk.

Again to be clear, everything the DOJ/FBI and OAG is doing is legitimate and will make things better in Cameron county.  But the motivation is not to help us, it's 100% political to delay the Democrats taking Texas back.   None of this corruption is new - but it did not matter to the Republicans until they feared Texas going back to the Democrats.  Now they have a chance to use Gilberto Hinojosa as a tool to keep Texas Republican - this is their sole motivation for what they are doing.

 In this election once Julian Castro said no to running for governor any hopes of a Democrat winning state office died.  In this election cycle what Greg Abbott and his fellow Republican Robert Pittman, US Attorney for the Western District, are doing is making sure that the underbelly of the corruption in the Valley is exposed to the benefit of the Republican Party.  At this point this is more about Gregg Abbott as a popular governor using his role in destroying the corruption in the Valley to insure the Valley does not vote Democrat in 2016, when Senator Cornyn is up  for reelection and a Democratic Texas would guarantee Hillary Clinton wins the White House.

It is all politics.

The bad news for the Democrats is, the smart ones are running from being associated with the State Chair - Gilberto Hinojosa - for example Julian Castro - and the idiots who think Latinos will blindly vote for Democrats are turning a blind eye to who Gilberto Hinojosa really is. 

Monday, August 26, 2013


From the court docket:

"NOTICE OF ATTORNEY APPEARANCE Reynaldo S Cantu, Jr appearing for AFPD as to Sonia Leticia Solis, filed.(Cantu, Reynaldo)"

Now, she is free to show up with her own attorney to replace the Public Defender. I cannot imagine her handlers allowing her to go it alone. Who shows up in court is what is going to make this hearing interesting, and not the hearing itself.

United States Magistrate Judge Ronald G. Morgan has banned all tweeting and blogging by anyone - period,.  Pads and pens only.  There is a debate among federal judges about whether any form of live coverage violates the rights of criminal defendants.  As a Magistrate Judge  it is not unusual for him to play it safe. 

This is not an issue of blogger versus official press.  The Supreme Court has made clear the public and press are equals when it comes to access in the courtroom.

"Though the public acquires information about trials chiefly through the press and electronic media, the press is not imbued with any special right of access. Rather, the media possesses "the same right of access as the public . . . so that they may report what people in attendance have seen and heard" ( Richmond Newspapers, 448 US at 573"


A source which has never, ever failed me informed me last week Commissioner Sofia Benavides received an email from a judge reminding her that her son in law to be, Louis Sorola (to marry JP Candidate Mary Esther Garcia) receives a lot of ad litem appointments from the court.  He has also been appointed in a lot of criminal cases which included at least one death penalty case.  The reminder was during a discussion on judicial pay.

I did an open records request on the email.  Dylbia Jefferies with the county responsible for open records requests has confirmed for me her approach to the request is to allow the Commissioners to self disclose any emails they may or may not have received.

This is not how an open records request is done.  I have renewed the request with a complaint to Judge Cascos as to the mishandling of the Open Records Request.

Any vote on judicial pay certainly must be delayed until this matter is resolved.  It will destroy the credibility of commissioners court if the email is secured through an FBI search warrant.

Commisioner Benavides needs to either disclose the communication or deny any such communication ever occurred.  For the record, Commissioner Benavides has already informed Ms. Jefferies she received no such communication.  So for me to ask Commissioner Benavides directly would be futile - she has already denied the existence of the email.


"Mr. Wightman,
I have responded according to standing policy and the Public Information Act and will continue to do so. When I receive the rest of the responses from the other Commissioners and Judge Cascos, I will let you know. If you have any legal authority that I should be working to respond to your inquiry in any other way, then please provide the same."
An honor system does not work.  Why would a county commissioner release an email which puts into question whether or not her future son in law's ability to earn a living is being tied to judicial raises.  The commissioner would never agree to release such an email which is why the honor system does not work
I will take it to Attorney General Abbott and let him rule on the matter.

Sunday, August 25, 2013



Since DA Saenz took office I have blogged about the joke which is his crime victims unit. He chose to remake it using political appointees instead of highly qualified people. The results coming from the crime victims unit shows that victims are being victimized a second time by DA Saenz and his incompetent political appointees.

The first case concerned a young lady who was the victim of domestic abuse for the second time.  DA Saenz office refused every effort to help the victim.  It reached the point that the AG's office  took the case and did the work DA Saenz inept staff should have done.  His staff was so unprofessional that they left the victim cry all weekend in fear of testifying eventhough the week before they did a plea bargain without so much as contacting the victim.  They were so inept I had to bring to DA Saenz attention defense counsel was going to have the bailiff arrest the victim in open court over a bad old capias.  His ADA failed to check the background of the victim. 

In another case after the victim completed the forms provided by DA Saenz's office and returned them with an estimate for repairs from the Harley dealership, the crime victims unit returned it to the victim with no explanation.  The envelope from the crime victims unit  clearly showed CVU written in by hand.  I took it directly to DA Saenz with a complaint - why was it returned?

DA Saenz then agreed to a plea bargain with the defendant which included no restitution in a case which involved thousands of dollars in damages to two motorcycles when the defendant exited the bar.  The defendant was charged and did 76 days in jail but was allowed to walk without restitution.  The victims were never contacted by the CVU, beyond a post card in Spanish telling them to call the DA's office.  The victim who received the card does not speak or read Spanish.  He called the DA's office and was told the defendant had been released from jail nothing more.

He will now file a claim with the AG's office.  Instead of the defendant paying the thousands in dollars for the damages done to the two victims Harleys the taxpayers through the crime victims fund will pay.


Under Villalobos cases were abandoned by his office and left to sit going nowhere.  Villalobos staff would provide the courts with the wrong address for the defendant.  The staff which works for Judges Gonzalez and Nelson lacking the commonsense to make sure the notice to appear was sent to the correct address would just put the return envelope in the folder and the case would sit for years.  There are many such cases out there as I type.

All the judges' staff has to do is look to the address on bond form completed by the defendant to learn the correct address of the defendant.  This is beyond the skill set of the staff which works for Judges Nelson and Gonzalez.  In the two cases I have seen the bond form had the correct address.

Judge Gonzalez being totally devoid of any knowledge of the law issues arrest warrants on defendants who fail to appear even though they were never ordered to appear.  Judge Nelson simply puts the file up to do nothing.

Judge Nelson and DA Saenz were informed by me as an unpaid advocate - legal according to the US Supreme Court - that they were dealing with yet another one of these cases.  The defendant's attorney not only threatened her in open court that she better do as she is told or she would go to jail, he then summarized for the court the alleged evidence against his client.  Any ethical judge would have immediately dismissed Attorney McMaster, but this is Judge Arturo Nelson where justice goes to die.

When the defendant tried to defend herself from her own court appointed attorney Judge Nelson told her to be quiet.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has made clear that once a case is a year old it should be dismissed for want of a speedy trial, if the defendant had nothing to do with the delay.  This case was 3 years old with zero evidence the defendant was responsible for the delay. 

The documents proving this and case law were put before Judge Nelson and DA Saenz to no avail.  The defendant tells me she also filed it with the court.

It contained an express request for a new attorney because McMaster had done nothing to help her.  I was in court when he was yelling at her to the point the bailiff had to tell him to hold it down.  He had zero knowledge of her file and the fact the case had been abandoned three years ago.  He point blank refused to seek a dismissal for want of a speedy trial.   He demanded she take the felony plea agreement or she would go to jail.  This was done in open court within earshot of the bailiff who told McMaster more than once to hold it down, and Judge Nelson.

The defendant held.  The ADA finally offered deferred adjudication misdemeanor.  During the plea the defendant tried to tell Judge Nelson of McMaster's abuse and ask for a dismissal for want of a speedy trial and for a new attorney - as she was trying to speak is when Judge Nelson told her to be quiet because it was best for her to be quiet.

The only thing Judge Nelson did right was order McMaster and the ADA to insure that the plea agreement would not impact her SSI.  McMaster as her defense attorney did not care - he had to be ordered to do his job.

I am taking Judge Nelson to the Commission on Judicial Conduct and McMaster to the State Bar.  I am working on finding a civil rights organization to take the defendant' case while it can still be reopened.  I do not  doubt Judge Nelson would have dismissed the case if asked.  The problem is Judge Nelson shut her down so she could not ask, although he knew in writing she wanted it dismissed for want of a speedy trial.  Her inept and unethical court appointed attorney just outright refused to ask that the case be dismissed.  This is not acceptable.

DA Saenz should have handled it when it was brought to his attention.  All of these abandoned cases need to be dismissed, but DA Saenz being who he is will rely on court appointed attorneys like McMaster to work with his office to screw these indigent defendants.  One must ask if McMaster's paying clients are getting better deals in exchange for screwing over his court appointed clients.

TUESDAY - The full story behind the AG and DOJ/FBI taking control of criminal investigations in Cameron county related to elections and the judges.

Opa is based in Fredericksburg, Texas. Their all beef sausage is some of the best German sausage I have ever had. Bela can eat two of them.  You can buy their sausage at HEB on 802.

The above is my actual meal for tonight - eating late - been busy on emergency project.

There are different ways to make German fried potatoes, but I promise you this one will not fail you.

Peel and slice enough potatoes for your family.  You then need to dice enough white onion and bell pepper to mix with the potatoes - I just eye it.  You place a little olive oil in a frying pan and then slowly stir fry the potatoes on a medium heat until they begin to naturally sweat.  At this point add salt, pepper, paprika, and the onions and peppers.  Mix well and turn down to a simmer. 

You then take enough sausage for your family and split them down the middle.  Place them on top of the potatoes split side down, cover and 30 minutes or so later - you have a great meal.  A little mustard on the sausage and heaven awaits.

If you want to make the potatoes without the sausage for some other type side meal, add a little garlic rosemary seasoning.  I do not do this with the sausage because the sausage already adds a lot of other flavors.

Note:  before you let your family see the meal, drain the sausage fat from the bottom of the pan.  It is not much, but it presents better without all of the sausage fat sitting at the bottom of the frying pan.

From Barton:

"A Republican operative was somewhat annoyed that the Brownsville Herald and KRGV, Channel 5 News kept referring the voter fraud being committed during the 2012 congressional runoff. There was no Democratic congressional runoff."

From the Cameron County Elections office.  One of many great things Chris Davis has done since taking the position of Cameron county Election Administrator is to put the archives of previous elections on line.

You will note, there was a Democratic Primary run-off between Vela and Blanchard.  Facts do matter - but the point of his story was to put out disinformation to lead people to believe Erin Garcia was somehow tied to Sonia Solis Berlanga, the politiquera indicted for allegedly casting 5 mail-ballots.

His proof that Erin Garcia is tied to Sonia Solis Berlanga  none - but Begum the only candidate in Cameron county history caught taking down her opponent's sign and her two-bit ambulance chasing son will not let the election go.  They continue to pay Montoya to print lies on the issue, while they know Montoya is being paid off by Aberlardo Gomez to keep the issue quiet. 

The Begums care about the Begums and no one else.  If they cared about the voters and the community Alex Begum would pull his ad, while denouncing Montoya for taking money from Gomez.  Alex Begum will do no such thing - he believes he needs Montoya to keep the lies going - hopefully sooner  than later Ernie Hernandez will expose the fraud by suing the both of them so the voters of Cameron county know the truth.  [None of this means at some point the evidence will show the Hernandez politiquera machine was not involved in many bad ballots.  In the case of Margarita Ozuna this has already been proven.]

I am not saying Ernie Hernandez' politiquera machine is not tied to Sonia Solis Berlanga, I am saying at this time the only known proof points to Abelardo Gomez.  It is not lost on anyone interested in facts Alex Begum pays through ads Montoya to falsely accuse Ernie Hernandez and Erin Garcia of being the beneficiaries of the Solis-Berlanga ballots, while also taking money from Abelardo Gomez, the prime suspect who in fact did benefit from Solis-Berlang'a  conduct.

Abelardo Gomez immediately hired Solis-Berlanga's son after he took office, and Montoya declares this not newsworthy.  But then of course there is that check he gets from Gomez for the regular ad.


They claim to care about voter integrity, while paying the one man (Montoya) doing more to cover for Abelardo Gomez.  Montoya falsely accuses Ernie Hernandez and family as being the recipients of the Solis-Berlanga votes while being paid by both Begum and Gomez.  

Where is Barton on all of these verifiable facts - no where - he just lies about no Democratic Primary for congress and then claims Erin Garcia was known to be linked to Abelardo Gomez.  I have interviewed nearly a dozen people on the issue, people do not know this woman Solis-Berlanga - yes it is reasonable people are saying they do not know her because they are running from their guilt.   But I have interviewed a lot of non-elected officials and Solis-Berlanga's name is coming out of left field as far as everyone is concerned.

If Erin Garcia and Abelardo Gomez were working together with Sonia Solis Berlanda why did Erin Garcia only receive 319 mail-ballots to Abelardo Gomez, 415?   Facts and real evidence matter.

When you read conclusory statements made by people like Barton when there are documented facts which defeat his conclusory statements or in the case of the Democratic Primary point blank lies, you must ask - who is he working for?  Answer:  Cameron county's trash family - Yolanda and Alex  Begum.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


"Sec. 32. MARRIAGE. (a) Marriage in this state shall consist only of the union of one man and one woman.
(b) This state or a political subdivision of this state may not create or recognize any legal status identical or similar to marriage."
The Texas Supreme Court has ordered further briefing of the issue in light of the two wins for gay marriage before the US Supreme Court.  The issue is - can a Texas court grant a divorce to a gay  couple legally married in another state?  The trial court said yes, and the court of appeals said no.
This is what will happen.  Based on the plain language of the Amendment the Texas Supreme Court will rule that all the Amendment does is define marriage in Texas, but does not address divorce.  They will do this to avoid the issue of the constitutionality of the Amendment.  The trial  court found the Amendment to violate the US Constitution.
By saying it only addresses whether you can marry in Texas, and not whether you can divorce in Texas, they avoid the constitutionality of the Amendment, while allowing the couple to divorce.
If they are dumb enough to say the Texas Amendment applies to divorce also, the US Supreme Court will take the case, and within 2 years gays will be getting married in Texas.
At this time the Department of Defense is granting 12 days leave to gay couples stationed in Texas to travel to Washington DC to get married.  Upon their return, they are being provided full benefits as a married military couple - housing, health care, commissary privileges etc.
I think the next area to be applied to Texas will be its benefits to veterans. The Hazewood Act is the perfect case to humiliate Texas on the issue because Texas is in effect discriminating against active military personnel and veterans.  Under Hazelwood if the spouse of child meet the basic requirements they are entitled to 150 credits hours of free education at any state institution of higher education.  A gay spouse needs to apply for the benefit, be denied, and then sue in federal court.

My ex made them for her - his custom made curtains hang from Mexico City, to New York, California, all of Texas and in many of the homes of the Dallas Cowboys.  He is known for perfecting blind stitching.

Friday, August 23, 2013



This will be Monday - today by chance I got a two for one in Nelson's court.  The Negrete case was purely accidental.  The abuse by Saenz actually happened in the misdemeanor case against Negrete.

Side note:  Is Arturo Nelson a target in the politiquera investigation.  I covered this during the 2012 Primary - see page two below - he got more mail ballots than even Abelardo Gomez.


UPDATE:  From Judge Arturo Nelson:

"Good Morning Mr. Wightman-Cervantes:
Sorry your calls were not answered yesterday, however, we are not allowing anyone to blog in our courtroom at this time."
My Note:  If I were in communist China I would be allowed to blog in their courtrooms, but Judge Arturo Nelson declares there is less free speech in Cameron county than there is in communist China.   I will take Judge Nelson to Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson and then federal court if necessary.  Judges are immune from suit, but not declaratory action for violating the constitutional right of free speech.  
It should be clear to everyone, with everything happening in our courts and the corruption in the county, Judge Arturo Nelson still does not get transparency."

"BEIJING (AP) — Much of China was riveted to the stream of microblog updates from the trial of disgraced politician Bo Xilai — even a TV anchorwoman on a live national program checked her cellphone for the latest posting.
The Jinan Intermediate People's Court in eastern China began its blow-by-blow updates on its Sina Weibo microblog 21 minutes before the trial opened Thursday and updated steadily through the day, including details on testimony, photos and even an audio clip from a key witness."
Judge Janet Leal continues to refuse to respond to my request to blog live the KB Foundation hearing.  Judge Nelson has refused to grant me leave to blog a hearing in his court on Friday.  
When you call Judge Hanen's chambers for permission to blog live his secretary will call you back within the hour.  The Cameron county District Court judges will not even recognize your request.
The concept of transparency eludes our state judges.  I will show up in Judge Nelson's ready to blog.  If I am stopped I will take it to the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.  It is sad there is more free speech and transparency in the courts in communist China than in Cameron county.
With corrupt DA's, judges and constables running the building why would we expect respect for free speech?

I can only hope Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson does not force the matter into federal court.  With Judge Hanen and communist China already recognizing the right of bloggers to blog proceedings live, I doubt Judge Hanen would rule in favor in Cameron County District Court judges.

Why is it professionalism in federal court means getting a return call the same day, but in state court it means being ignored?

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I have rejected more posts than I care to think of alleging everything under the sun against Abelardo Gomez. No proof - nothing gets through. In every post the claim is the same Gomez is paying Montoya for silence. Who knows?

HERE WE GO:  Deputy Constable Steve Berlanga works for Abelardo Gomez.   His mother is none other than Sonia Leticia Solis, aka Sonia Berlanga. Steve Berlanga was hired February 14, 2013, less than 2 months after Abelardo Gomez took office.

ADDED NOTE:  Someone deleted Steve Berlanga linkedin link - it still remains in google - that he cannot delete -

"Steve Berlanga | LinkedIn
Brownsville, Texas - ‎Deputy Constable at Cameron County Constables Office PCT.2
View Steve Berlanga's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's ... February 2013 – Present (4 months) Brownsville, Texas Area. 1. Court Issued ..."
Such conduct never makes you look innocent.

See also, - divorce petition between Sonia Solis Berlanga and Esteban Berlanga

In the run-off election, Abelardo Gomez received 415 mail ballots to Avila's 57.

Also in the run-off Ruben Cortez received 407 mail ballots to Celeste Sanchez 87.

You will see no one else came close to these numbers - remember my lead story on Linda Salazar yesterday, mother to Ruben Cortez.

I want to remind people, just because someone hires a politiquera to do work does not mean they authorized the politiquera to break the law.  Some form of mail-ballot collection is legal.  Nixon did not authorize the Watergate breakin - but how he handled the conduct of his staff sunk him. 

Further, this story is just another lead in the mystery - but a strong one I might add.  If it can be shown the pay off was the hiring of her son, Gomez could find himself sunk pretty fast.

We may learn that Sonia Solis Berlanga worked for many other candidates also - but this certainly allows the feds to now pull all mail ballots for Gomez - a finger print might be available.  At that point we may see she was pulling for many candidates.

Also, remember the allegations against Sonia Solis Berlanga are just that - allegations.

If I were Steve Berlanga and Sonia Solis Berlanga and knew of criminal conduct, about now I would be negotiating immunity with the DOJ.

WHERE IS CAVA?  WHERE IS MONTOYA?  WHERE IS BARTON?  No where to be found - although I will say Barton printed quite a bit against Gomez and his use of politiqueras.


But read this blog piece by Montoya before he switched sides to Gomez from Avila - I love it shows his current ads so you can see he continues to accept money from Gomez. But in this blog smear Gomez is his target. You can delete it Juan - I have already printed it. I can just repost it through Click for docstoc copy

From Montoya - before he took Gomez's money

"They also hint – as other have in the local blogs – that Gomez might be the subject of an investigation related to the ongoing Limas corruption case and of the Cameron County District Attorney's office.

"Gomez has been seen going to the US Attorneys's office and there is even a report that he might have been taken to San Antonio for questioning," said a commenter on a blog."

The rest of the story is fast developing.  This source has been very reliable - I am just waiting on confirmation of a name before the complete link is made.

But for now, ask yourself - why did Montoya switch sides, and now long after the election keeps his ad running?


My Note: I do not doubt the person who sent me this has done everything she says she has done. But the reality is, children who suffer from extreme classroom anxiety cannot be in a regular classroom. I have worked with far too many children who drop out in high school because they never got an ounce of help from BISD -

How is it that a young lady about to enter Hanna as a 9th grader, but should be in 10th, and can only read at a 3rd grade level? The father has fought inclusion since day one for this child and lost. Now years later the child entering 9th grade is at a 3rd grade level. No amount of evidence this child cannot learn in a regular classroom was going to move BISD or those who believe inclusion is for everyone - it is not - it is a failed policy. Note, I said for everyone - in many cases inclusion works - but once it is seen that year after year it has failed a child to continue it is criminal.


I was concerned by a post on your site about Inclusion not working. I taught for 32 years with an endorsement in Learning Disabilities and a Masters as a Reading Specialist. You can check my certifications through SBOE. I will say through the years teaching SPED students has changed a lot and Inclusion was one of those changes. I may not have liked it at the beginning, since no one got any training in how to implement it. Eventually training came. Inclusion can work with the right planning and support of the administration. At the school I taught for a few years we were able to work with the administration and the special education students were the first ones placed. No more than 5 in a class and the classes were kept small 20-25. It should not be a dumping place to simply add more students because you have two teachers in the room. It does really help having a second set of eyes for discipline. I did not generally do full time Inclusion; my schedule was a mixture of self-contained reading and English with Algebra, US History, or World Geography inclusion. My best scenarios were when the students sat wherever they wanted to and I went to them. Sometimes the students stayed in the class room to take tests and sometimes they wanted to be in a smaller room where I could read the test to them. I guess one of the best examples was one of the students I knew since he was in second grade. I had him again when I switched to the high school level. He went from having most of the tests read to him as a freshman to him reading most of the tests as a junior and saving the one or two questions for me to read to him. He averaged 80’s in the U S history class and did well on his final exams. He graduated and went on to attend TSC/UTB. At another time, I was caught in an ARD when the state US History test was being taken. A friend came and said you need to go and help him, he quit and needs the test read to him. My part in the ARD was completed and I was allowed to go to the history class. The teacher stated that he quit after 10 questions and he had voided the test. The assistant principal and the Dean of Instruction were out in the hall and I explained to them what had happened, so they let me get the test and the student. We went to my other class room and all the student said was I finished with number 10 start from there. I read the questions and answers to him as fast as we could go. This student passed the state exam. Some of the best success stories were in math classes, the teachers were great. They were patient with me and the students. One of the teachers told me he would introduce himself and give a little of his background and let me do the same. I had told him earlier that if saw confusion on my face then the students probably would not understand it either, plus I had not had Algebra since high school. We worked as a team. In another class we had 16 students of which 5 were special education. Four out of the five passed the state Algebra test. It may depend on the inclusion teacher, but my attitude was I was there to help anyone in the class. I was there every day. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I have been retired for a few years. If you want to publish this, you may. I do think that inclusion works, but the administration needs to put these students as a priority. I would say 90% of the students I had in inclusion were learning disabled.

If anyone has any pictures of Sonia Solis working any campaigns please forward them to the BV

The campaign which worked with Sonia Solis just needs to come forward.  By coming forward they can attempt to take control of the narrative.  One way or the other we are going to learn who hired Sonia Solis.  If the campaign which hired her waits for the press or bloggers to release the proof, the campaign will lose any hope of controlling the narrative.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013



The other day it occurred to me the government never called Villalobos in the Lucio trial to verify the forfeiture cases were bad. They could have forced his hand and made clear - no reduced sentence unless his gives up Lucio - but they did not.  I have held on this because I wanted to ask Emma Perez TreviƱo if anything came out in court about Villalobos not testifying.  She dismissed my question as meaningless and then said they could not call him because he would plead the Fifth.  This is why the Herald always gets legal coverage wrong.  They absolutely refuse to hire anyone with even commonsense on legal issues.  Because she does not understand the legal issue or commonsense she missed what should have been a headline story.

Once Villalobos testified in his own trial he waived the Fifth on the issues he testified about.  The DOJ was  free to call him to  testify on anything he had already testified to. Notice, I am limiting my statement to only that which he had already testified to. The waiver of the Fifth is limited to only issues he had already testified to, and nothing else.  The DOJ could not go outside the scope of his direct testimony.  The US Supreme Court has already weighed in on this many times.  Even if Villalobos' conviction is reversed on appeal the DOJ can still use his testimony in the retrial - there is no Fifth Amendment privilege - he waived it when he testified.  Defendants who refuse to submit themselves to cross examination after testifying are held in contempt if they assert the Fifth.  Once you open that  door you do not get to close it.

"By taking the stand and testifying in her own behalf, petitioner waived the right to invoke on cross-examination her privilege against self-incrimination regarding matters made relevant by her direct examination."

See Supreme Court:  Browns v. US

Key language - made relevant - anything Villalobos had already testified to concerning Lucio was relevant to the Lucio trial.  The DOJ was free to simply have him restate only that which he had already testified to and nothing more.

Heads up people - its real and not Hollywood - "anything you say can and will be used against you." 

So my question is, why did the DOJ not call Villalobos to at least verify the testimony he gave in his own trial? - Villalobos admitted the forfeiture cases were bad or at least very iffy.

The answer is simple, Villalobos made clear  - he would not cooperate as to other possible wrongdoers if he had to give up his friend and former law partner.  This should have been a headline story but was not because the Herald has no one on staff who understands these issues.

For argument sakes only, let's say I am dead wrong on the Fifth issue, let's say the DOJ could not call Villalobos to simply verify his own testimony and nothing more, we still know Villalobos in his cooperation with the DOJ has refused to give up Lucio - which tells us something about how the negotiations are going. With the Lucio loss the DOJ is not going to give Villalobos the time of day, unless he has someone big to give up.

Even the lastest story by the Herald concerning Sonia Solis is wrong - check it out they left out the fact Cameron county voters also voted in the State Board of Education run-off between Ruben Cortez and Celeste Sanchez.

Does the Herald even have an editor who checks their work.

Until Brownsville has a newspaper with  competent reporters nothing will change in terms of the corruption. 

Sonia Solis will be arraigned by US Magistrate Judge Ronald G. Morgan at 1:30 p.m. on August 28, 2013.  I will seek leave to blog live the arraignment.  I expect nothing new will be learned.  The bottom line is, unless Solis speaks or there is an eye witness there will never be proof who if anyone benefited from her alleged actions.  The fact of the matter is she could have voted 5 blank ballots.

ADDED COMMENT:  I has occurred to me it is possible Sonia Solis may have signed a ballot application or a ballot envelope.  The actual ballot has no signatures and cannot be traced.  But if she signed an application or envelope then the FBI could trace that back to the person who voted.  It is then possible that person may remember who Sonia Solis was pushing for as a candidate - this could lead to a break in the case as to the candidate who hired her.  But remember the mere process of helping with ballots is not illegal - so even if they learn the name of the candidate who hired her, it may not lead to a criminal charge.

Click on top to enlarge - or click here for PDF

I will also tell your numerous sources, some who have it in for Ernie Hernandez to a person told me he parted ways with Solis a long time ago.  You cannot find anything on the Internet on this woman other  than her indictment. 

While I am at it, CAVA which wants to be celebrated over this indictment never mentioned this woman or anything about one person voting 5 times.

In fact CAVA and Jim Barton defamed Liza Parras by alleging she voted twice and abused her office as a bailiff during the Begum/Garcia trial.  According to Barton it is okay  for parties to bribe witnesses with coffee and donuts.  Begum's people were ordered to stop what they were doing which according to Barton was illegal.  I can assure you offering food to  witnesses is not legal.

At no time did he retract his lies or apologize for his actions.  Nothing in his story was accurate.  I am in the court house nearly every day and Bailiff Parras can be found all over the court house - she has no one for sure post for any given day. 

CAVA's and Montoya's claims this indictment vindicates Begum is a bunch of horse shit.  No one knows who received the alleged 5 votes, and no one can link Sonia Solis to anyone at this time.  When I have people who I know hate Ernie Hernandez tell me he parted ways with Solis a long time ago I tend to believe it.  But I agree, they could be lying

These people defamed an honorable county employee, Liza Parras, never mentioned Sonia Solis or one person voting 5 times, but now ask that they be given credit for this indictment.

CAVA nor Montoya showed up at any of the hearings related to Margarita Ozuna.  Well after one hearing when I was in the hall introducing Melissa Zamora to the AG, some 20 minutes after the hearing Montoya came out of the elevator to only learn he was too late.

Where is CAVA and Montoya investigating J.A. Sandoval and his endless ads in the Herald.  His address is incomplete, and the apartment complex condition raises serious questions about J.A. Sandoval's ability to pay for such ads.

CAVA and Montoya are nothing more than paid hacks by Alex Begum.  Maybe this time the Hernandezs will sue Begum and put an end to his nonsense.

If and when anyone comes forward with any evidence linking the Hernandez family to Sonia Solis, the BV will be the first to publish it while demanding the DOJ offer Sonia Solis what ever deal is necessary to get a conviction.  But for the record, my position is the DOJ should offer Sonia Solis immediate immunity for the name of her employer - whomever it may be.  No sacred cows.

I want to be clear this is only a lead - nothing more.  It is not evidence of who Sonia Solis helped in the election.
You can click on the picture to make it larger or click here for a PDF

A lead at the court house told me to check JP cases under Sonia Solis' name.  This woman has a long criminal history.  Since 2005 she has had a traffic citation pending in Linda Salazar's court.  The reality is, the computer entry could be wrong and it has been dismissed.

Judge Salazar's clerks claim the file is in the warehouse.  As soon as they retrieve it I will check to get the true status of the case. 

Again this is only a lead.  For all we know Sonia Solis paid a fine and the case was dismissed.

I care because Linda Salazar got a ton of mail ballots in the primary when she did not even have an opponent.  Her son Ruben Cortez was in the run-offs which is a part of this investigation.

The BV has previously reported Sheriff Lucio told me he pays the politiqueras in part with dismissal of tickets.  This is why this lead is so important.  Hopefully a reader can help me follow it up.

I have a lot more tomorrow - just too tired to keep on blogging today.

Funny thing, 3 different lawyers on three different matters showed up in federal court to give me information. Nelly Ayala has sued BISD - clerk here to read itI will be back in a minute - I need coffee while I read the lawsuit.

BUT KNOW this - what is coming in the next 12 months in terms of indictments is explosive.  While at the federal court house a source verified for me the Escobedos are under investigation.  I have also confirmed the FBI has interviewed Brownsville Housing Authority officials related to corruption by Art Rendon, Escobedo, Antonio Juarez and Pat Lehmann. 


BISD's insurance company is going to be pissed. BISD just needs to reinstate Ms. Ayala and pay whatever she wants. If they forward the claim to their insurance company it will cost them a lot more in future premiums.

About the time Ben Neece was sanctioned by the Commission on Judicial Conduct [I'm talking days]for inappropriate conduct related to Juan Montoya, Art Rendon took action against Petra Ramirez and Nelly Ayala.  Click Here for the signed statement by Petra Ramirez against Ben Neece.   Why the FBI never indicted Ben Neece for these actions is beyond me.  Holding someone in your office to influence them, while your friend is waiting for a ruling by Ben Neece is beyond contemptible.  It also speaks volumes about the city commission and their failure to demand his dismissal.  But everyone knows when you have a friend in jail at three in the morning you can call Ben and they will be released.  I have a long list of names of people who brag about how Ben has gotten them released from jail.  So if Ben wants to sue me - have at it - I will  call that long list of beneficiaries of his conduct.

The lawsuit relates to Free Speech issues and a complaint against Art Rendon - remember it was none other then Hector Gonzalez who stated that Art Rendon would self destruct while over Special Services and he did.

The Texas Workforce Commission  found in favor of Nelly Ayala and ordered BISD to pay her unemployment.  Page 3 of the lawsuit has the key language.


I am happy - Judge Hanen did the right thing.  He could not just ignore the DOJ's agreement with Limas.  Defendants need to know that DOJ agreements have some meaning.  Without the agreement I think Judge Hanen would have hung Limas.  Judge Hanen needed to find a balance between what he knew was right, a long sentence, while not undermining AUSA Wynne.  Judge Hanen found that balance.  Some people may think the sentence is too short - but a wise judge does exactly as Judge Hanen did.

I can go back to practicing law by simply signing some papers.  If I knew every judge would be a Judge Hanen I would, but he is a rare breed - and good for him.  The state district court judges should look to him as a model of excellence.  Excellence is not perfect - Judge Hanen and I do not always agree, but he commands your respect because he does his best to remain loyal to justice.

When Limas defense counsel made the following statement I wanted to puke - but when blogging the proceedings I must remain loyal to informing my readers as to what is happening without my comments - but now my comment

Limas Defense Counsel:  ""Abel Limas is a good hearted man."

"Note - blogging in court is no place for my comments - but I'm dying here remaining quiet."

Really dude - so a good hearted man calls the woman murdered by Amit Livingston a whore?  It just goes to prove how far lawyers will go to get their clients off.  Having heard all of Limas phone calls the one thing you cannot call him is a "good hearted man."

Yolanda De Leon gets an A+ for putting the entire matter in perspective - my problems is - how about allowing her victims into court to put into perspective what she did to them and their families.  Yolanda De Leon was a victim  for sure - but she became a victim because she was dirty and unethical in terms of her conduct with Peter Zavaletta when she released the names of the men accused of child abuse but cleared. 

She is clueless about her actions and has no  remorse.  Her suffering is her own doing.  When will her victims get to stand up in  court and cry about the damage she did to them and their families.?  She is no better than Abel Limas - she seems to think her shit does not smell - well it does - and honest lawyers in this town know the truth about Yolanda De Leon and she will suffer that truth to her grave.  Just because her actions may have not been criminal does not change the fact she created victims for political gain.

Off to lunch - but I have the story

Before I go to lunch let me say this - the Herald's article on the indictment is so full of BS it speaks to the total lack of knowledge of the legal system.  Click here  No one at the Herald had the skills to secure the indictment yesterday - only the BV had the indictment.  When you read the indictment it is clear it has nothing to do with the congressional race - the congressional race is being used as a way to get jurisdiction in federal court because they do not trust DA Saenz - the Herald king of covering up  corruption and filled with reporters who have zero knowledge of the court system will never report on Saenz until the indictment  comes.

See indictment  It does not say there was fraud in the federal election, it says there was an election which included federal offices. 

Also I checked with Chris Davis and he agrees unless Sonia Solis admits who hired her, or admits who she cast the votes for, there is no way to trace who received the 5 votes.  The DOJ may be able to produce witnesses who claim Sonia Solis told them she was working for so and so - that would be evidence.  But the ballots themselves cannot be traced.  In  fact the DOJ cannot locate the 5 ballots to determine who received the votes.  So without evidence from Sonia Solis or an eye witness, we will never know who hired her.

Any claim these 5 votes are  tied to any one candidate is all lies and bogus.  Not even the DOJ knows at this time.  Now if Sonia Solis turns states evidence then we will know who she worked for.  But even then it does not mean whomever paid her paid her with the intent she voted 5 times.  All of these lies by Montoya and CAVA are just that - lies - they have no evidence to tie these 5 votes to anyone.

I have had sources call me to tell me Sonia Solis was working for Ruben Cortez - proof - none - one person claims he will prove she worked for Masso - has the proof been produced - no -

Until Sonia Solis turns states evidence it is all speculation - pure and simple

Okay off to lunch - more on Solis after lunch and the court house - I got a lead I need to follow.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Wednesday's blog will be the sentencing hearing of Abel Limas. It starts at 9 a.m.- I hope you will join me.

BACK TO SONIA SOLIS:  Update:  I forgot the Texas Board of Education election was also part of the Primary Run-off.  I can tell my readers candidates are running real fast from Sonia Solis.  I have received calls from representatives of nearly all of the candidates saying they either never heard of her or did not use her.

I will do an updated afternoon post.  A great deal of what CAVA and their con artists buddies are posting is lies.  If you review every one of their posts from 2012 they never mentioned or even heard of Sonia Solis, but now seek to take credit for her indictment.  In fact the record shows they intentionally defamed a bailiff to make themselves look important.  They claimed she voted multiple times, when in fact she did not.  CAVA itself may be charged with witness tampering before this is done and over with.  This story is bigger than anyone knows.  More this afternoon as I verify.

Remember only the BV had the sources to get the Indictment - showing the congressional race is what gives the feds jurisdiction.  Only the BV had the source to learn Sonia Solis is scheduled to appear in Brownsville's federal court on the 28th.  There is a reason - the people in charge talk to the BV - I am not a Peyton Place rumor mill trying to settle political scores. I am about facts.


No idea why the system is slow - be patient

I asked AUSA Wynn his recommendation and he said - "wait"  - He is correct we cannot very well be blogging his recommendation before he even tells Judge Hanen

The press box is packed.  Valley Central has Daisy and Sergio - BH has Emaa, the AP reporter channel  5.

Limas has entered the courtroom\

\Judge Hanen is on the bench -

Abel Limas to take the stand

AUSA supports full restitution for all parties who lost money, De Leon, Zavaletta, Herald, Aviation company - the govenment has filed a sealed motion recognizing Limas help - "he has done as much as anyone to make uop for his harm."  Government asks for a 60 % reduction. 

Government and Defense minimum of 54 months is correct.

Limas Attorney:  saying the 3 1/2 years on this case has taught him about life - he says Limas has taught defense counsel humility.  Limas has moved to an apartment in Katy, Texas to live with his son and daughter in law.   Defense counsel claims Limas taught him to be a better attorney and father.

Defense counsel claims Limas is supporting some of his grand children.

Limas has counselled future attorneys about his mistakes and how corruption hurts the system.  "By our deeds we are known"  says defense counsel

On March the 10th 2010, Limas began his change by going into the FBI - Defense counsel claims Limas did every thing he could to right his wrong and worked hard with the FBI

Defense counsel agrees the damage done to the legal system is significant.

"Abel Limas is a good hearted man."

Note - blogging in court is no place for my comments - but I'm dying here remaining quiet.

Aim of federal sentencing is consistency - he is referencing Congressman Jackson who did not cooperate and got 24 months - on Jim Solis - Solis got 47 months.  Similarly situated defendants should be sentenced the same.

This defense counsel also represented former Hidalgo county District Judge Aparicio - I worked extensively on going after Aparicio and other Hidalgo county judges

Limas can be  the messenger to the others that if you cooperate and make right of your wrong the government will go light on you.  This message will go much further than a long sentence - "stamping out the valley way"

Defense counsel wants Limas to be a message to other corrupt officials - come forward and end the corruption and you will be rewarded by the DOJ and the court.

AUSA - Wynn - agrees factually with what defense counsel said about Limas - Wynn opposes anything less than 54 months - he says he is under orders.

Abel Limas speaking - Limas crying - telling Wynne it made him feel good when Wynne introduced his mom and wife to be to him - it made him fill humanized

Limas claims his money was always for his family and not fancy cars.

Limas thanks his family for their support or apologizing for his actions.

Limas said not difficult for him to come forward - he agrees that he soiled the judiciary.  Limas denies he was never pressured to tell the truth - Limas claims he did it all on his own.

Judge Hanen is listening intently - he is taking all words of Limas very seriously - he is doing his job -

Limas takes full responsibility for his actions - said he knew what he was doing and it was  not a mistake - he deserves his bad reputation

Limas apologizes to his family, the judiciary, and the court.  Limas claims he has been rehabilitated.

Limas claims he is good at following the courts rules
Limas apologizes to society and the legal community.

Limas ends

AUSA - on forfeiture - Mr. Limas must state he understands the forfeiture

Judge Limas asking if anyone wants to address the court - De Leon to take the stand

Yolanda De Leon:  She is very upset - she is grateful to be allowed to speak - She is speaking about walking into Limas court concerning the Villalobos matter related to the election.

She calls the experience stunning - her motions being denied without a hearing or delayed - all to force a trial before Limas left the bench.  She called Limas' court a sham.  Judge Limas denying justice started long before the investigation started.  Limas routinely did matters in chambers - prosecutors had to be ordered to make sure everything was on the record in open court

De Leon is noting that Solis and Rosenthal had nothing to do with Limas early years of corruption

The influence was not always because of a bribe - every single judge is now suspect whether they have done anything wrong or not.

The judges should be outraged by Limas damage to the judiciary

Limas' cooperation with the government does not undo all of the damages he did to the system.

The public is even more sceptical about the legal profession now than before.

Judge Hanen is carefully listening to Yolanda De Leon - she is putting the entire matter into focus

De Leon is grateful for the court working with the State Bar to investigate

As victims dod not need to act as victims - they can fight to look for solutions also

Limas made the agreement because as he said "he saw the writing on the wall."  De Leon calls him a "WISE GUY" just doing business.

De Leon talking how Limas should be sentenced - giving Limas a reduced sentence as a reward is offensive

De Leon wants the court within its discretion to take notice of all victims known and unknown and give them a voice.

De Leon finishes - she did a great job putting it all into focus.

Judge Hanen to speak with lawyers

grants 5k motion to an extent for Limas' cooperation - this is the reduction

On the other hand - the punishment should reflect the nature of the office  - judgment is sentenced to 72 months

Restituton De Leon 39, 000
Zavaleta 38,000
Freedom communications 40, 000
Metro Aviation

also granted restitution

sorry I missed all of the numbers

Judge Hanen is awesome - I am beyond pleased

Further restitution

Limas given time to report.

Judge Hanen will recommend a prison near home - but might not matter

On the restitution issues, unless Limas wins the lottery no one will ever be paid.  If the order appears on Pacer later I will upload it.  When Judge Hanen was reading the numbers I was busy looking at reaction to the sentence.  For me the numbers are meaningless since they will never be paid anyway.

In fact Judge Hanen leveled a $100 perfunctory fine finding Limas did not have the money to pay more.

Bottom line - if Judge Hanen says 6 years is just, 6 years is just.   Like I previously blogged, Limas had to receive a longer sentence that  Solis - and he did.