Sunday, July 28, 2013


The notion of looking at Joshua as a moral compass is nothing new. This was the primary message in the Gospels rejected when a political gathering decided which gospels would form the New Testament.

A summary of the book

"Highlighting the ethical teachings of Christ and eliminating the supernatural aspects of the Gospels, Jefferson's "edits" of Scripture reflect the deist view of religion, which developed during the 18th century. Presenting Jesus as a moral guide rather than as divine, this brief narrative focuses on his life of compassion and service." Source: ChristianBook

I read this in college in the 70's.  It was refreshing to learn so many people already believed in using the teachings of Joshua as a moral compass instead of as a weapon to hurt people.

If you do not want to start with Thomas Jefferson, you can begin with Fr. Joseph Girzone.  He is a retired priest who has taken the idea of Joshua as a moral compass to a new level.  His books are easy reads.  You must begin with "Joshua."  If you are lazy to read or can't read, you can get the movie.

Sometime this week I will start to read "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth"  If the book is what it purports to be, I will review it for my  readers.


Anonymous said...

Jefferson missed the whole point and followed his megalomaniacal idea of what his country should be. Had he followed a moral compass.....

.....Well we all know the rest of HIS TORY.

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is empty and informs of nothing

I guess I did not read that history book in the hundreds that I have read

Bobby WC