Tuesday, July 23, 2013


AN UPDATE:  Highly unreliable edited parts of the BISD meeting have been uploaded to youtube.  My recommendation is, do not trust them.  You cannot form an opinion without seeing people's faces and all of the exchanges.  I may not like Presas-Garcia, but I do my best to play fair.  There is nothing honest or fair about the these highly edited videos.

But, the lawyer said something interesting - which if true does not shock me.  His implication was Presas-Garcia called the insurance adjusted and demanded Defenbaugh be covered by BISD's insurance or indemnified.  A similar call came from John Barr, Defenbaugh's attorney and Presas-Garcia's former attorney.  The Board attorney implied Presas-Garcia's actions somehow violated discussions in Exec Sess.  How I have no idea because of the editing of the tape - so I will form no opinion on this issue.  But if it can be proven she can be immediately removed from the Board. - But again the tape is so misleading there is no way of knowing what really happened.  I will do an open records request for the entire meeting and then post it to youtube.

BUT HERE IS THE KICKER - Defenbaugh is not going to pay a penny  if John Barr has his way - I know John Barr - he will make it clear to everyone - BISD takes the hit voluntarily or Defenbaugh will turn on Presas-Garcia in a way which will cause the insurance companies to void the policy.  You cannot insure against criminal conduct.  This will mean BISD will be on the hook for every penny in attorneys fees and damages.  If this board votes to indemnify Defenbaugh then every board member voting yes needs to be indicted as coconspirators.

If BISD counsel does not immediately meet with the FBI under authority from Montoya, then he needs to be fired.  If Montoya fails to give authority he needs to be fired.

Tomorrow I am turning over a document to the FBI which proves the transfer of money - Presas-Garcia is the direct target.  It is a bombshell.   DA Saenz is being kept out of it.  I have zero doubt he would immediately forward it to Presas-Garcia.  His office is not secure - and he knows it.  No documents related to public corruption can be trusted in the hands of Luis Saenz.

Why am I up? - I took a late shower which meant I applied a double dose of Androgel really late - I may be up all night.  I really need to do it at 6 in the morning instead of 4 in  the afternoon.  My official prescription is a double dose every day to try and get my testosterone over 195.


I did not see the meeting. I was under the impression the next meeting was not until August. I rejected the first comment sent to me about the meeting because I suspected it was wrong. I have now spoken with several people who saw the meeting, and in fact the accusations made against Presas-Garcia were lies. I am glad I did not approve them. I will get to that - but first


Sources have confirmed that next week Saavedra will take over as the principal at a catholic school in San Antonio.  The same source has told me that she does not intend to resign from the BISD board because she is of the opinion she is allowed to have a residence in Brownsville and San Antonio for elective purposes.  I do not know the answer.  I have already put the question to the lawyers at the Office of the Secretary of State.  As soon as they respond I will post the response.

If Saavedra resigns or is forced to resign the Board has one of two options.  By a majority vote they can appoint a new board member, or simply leave the space empty until there is a special election or regular election.  If it comes down to that I will research the rules about any special election.

If it comes down to an appointment we know Presas-Garcia and Longoria will have no say in the matter and therefore attack anyone selected.


The notice to sue Healthsmart violated the Open Meetings Act.  No one has pushed this issue harder than the BV. But the BV is about process and telling the truth.  I am not going to ignore what I know to be an illegal act just because the result is what I want.  The BV has always been and always will be about process, not the result.

Here is the Healthsmart issue - you will note Healthsmart is not mentioned.

"Discussion and consideration regarding contingency fee contract with Garcia & Karam, P.C."

We know the action was for Healthsmart because in a previous meeting it was noted the firm was being contracted to decide if BISD should sue Healthsmart.  But Healthsmart is not mentioned in the item.

Violations in postings are voidable not void.  But why chance a judge throwing out the vote when all you have to do is redo it correctly?

The problem with the posting is exactly the same we saw with the city over City Plaza.  You cannot just say litigation.  You must be specific.

If we are coming up on limitations Escobedo needs to call an emergency meeting to fix this problem.

From the Texas Supreme Court

Cox Enterprises v. Board of Trustees Austin ISD, 706 S.W.2d 956 (1986)


"The newspaper contends that the school district, by posting an agenda listing only general terms such as "personnel," "litigation," and "real estate matters," failed to give adequate notice of its executive sessions. The newspaper also contends that the Board failed to comply with the Act in convening various executive sessions and violated the Act's prohibition against taking final action on any matter in a closed session."

Further from the Texas Supreme Court

" The Act's purposes cannot be circumvented by mere reference to one of the section 2 exceptions. The advance notice given under section 3A(a) should specifically disclose the subjects to be considered at the upcoming meeting."

See above

"However, less than full disclosure is not substantial compliance. Our prior judgments should have served as notice to all public bodies that the Open Meetings Act requires a full disclosure of the subject matter of the meetings. The Act is intended to safeguard the public's interest in knowing the workings of its governmental bodies. A public body's willingness to comply with the Open Meetings Act should be such that the citizens of Texas will not be compelled to resort to the courts to assure that a public body has complied with its statutory duty.

We reverse the judgment of the court of appeals in part and declare that the Board violated the Open Meetings Act by providing inadequate notice of its executive sessions and by improperly convening its executive sessions without a quorum present. In all other respects, we affirm the judgment of the court of appeals."


The comment I rightfully rejected  claimed Presas-Garcia had stated on camera to the Board counsel that if he wants to know her he must sleep with her.  In fact, if I understand what I was told, the Board counsel accused her of having said that to him, along with a host of other really bad things. Based on my discussions with my sources it is not clear she denied the claim, but it is fair to presume based on her reaction she was denying the claim.  I am just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

When you have a he said she said scenario you must turn to other known events to decide if Presas-Garcia is capable of saying these things.

This brings me back to her forced exchanged wherein she had he son send Rick Zayas a host of homophobic text messages.  Presas-Garcia cannot deny she has a potty mouth.



Now we all know why when Montoya attacked all of the elected officials with potty mouths who refuse to pay him money left out Presas-Garcia - the check cleared.

In the end Presas-Garcia was  censured again.  Longoria was not censured.  Longoria raised the issue of whether or not Board counsel could even put such matters on the agenda.  This is a fair question.  In the morning I will call the AG's office for an answer.  But I know two things, Administration can put things on the agenda.  Board counsel is part of Administration.  Further, under the rules, once someone puts something on the Agenda the Board President cannot remove it.  I will report what the AG's office tells me.


Anonymous said...

There is video on Facebook where he also mentions leaking information from excutive sessions and refers to the Diffenbuagh case and her attorney Barr.

Anonymous said...

CPG made a mistake when she wanted this taken out of executive session. That is where this discussion was to take place. It doesn't matter now if what the attorney accused her of is true or not people have hear him say that she has done these things.

BobbyWC said...

please provide the link -defenbaugh is a big issue - his insurance company is pushing defenbaugh to destroy presas garcia

Anonymous said...

Who is the "his" in his insurance company. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=514119021989646&set=vb.100001746598482&type=2&theater

This is part 2 part one is the sexual accucations and part 3 is Lucy qustioning him about saying these things and Cata denying them and saying she will fight them.

BobbyWC said...

can I please get all three parts

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

These youtube tapes are highly misleading, deceptive and dishonest. They are highly edited.

I have never defended Presas-Garcia - but the person who took these videos lacks the intelligence to simply record the entire meeting at home and then post the meeting.

I will do an open records request for the entire meeting because it is important.

I have spoken to 2 people who hate Presas-garcia who said they were not convinced the attorney was totally truthful about Longoria -

You cannot and should not form opinions based on highly edited videos by a con artist.

Remember this is the same con artist who knowing worked with the Presas-garcia convicted felon friend Carlos Quintanilla in the last election and when he was caught he point blank lied and stated that it was Chirinos, Barbosa and Powers working with Quintanilla

Erasmos Castro is incapable of telling the truth. He is a two bit con artist with a handful of idiots as followers.

If you trust these edited videos you are the reason this town is so screwed.

We need to see the entire meeting so we can measure every word for accuracy and honesty.

These videos are simply nothing more than yet another con job by a con artist for self glorification.

And Presas-garcia - you are clueless - Board Attorney is immune from suit - you demanded a public airing - you cannot demand a public airing and then claim you were defamed in front of the public

Your're an idiot. On August 12, 2013, even your husband will finally understand your indictment is a formality.

After August 12, 2013, BISD will be in a litigation meltdown with no insurance options. If what the attorney said about breaching Exe Sess is true a lawsuit needs to be filed forthwith for your removal.

The attorney further needs to inform the FBI of your actions to add to what they are already looking at.

One thing I did learn from the tape was, I now know why BISD will not give me the 2013 Insurance coverage - it must be through the ceiling in terms of costs and a higher deductable - the AG will order it released.

Montoya should be fired forthwith for withholding the insurance policy and thereby causing BISD to have to pay even more money in attorneys fees to defend this nonsense.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The con artist is now claiming he was there last night. Funny because last night he stated that he had 3 people confirm what was said at meeting. If I was there, why would I have to wait for other people to confirm what I saw and heard? The guy can't help but lie and try to build himself up.. And the lemmings eat it up..
Bad Cheez Reaction

BobbyWC said...

I do not see where he is saying this - but whether he was there or not is meaningless - the videos are edited - they do not tell the full story

The person holding the cameron is of limited intelligence and skills -

The entire thing is dishonest

he seems to have deleted his original posts and posted new ones

This has the effect of deleting all of the moronic comments made by his handful of followers

here is a fact, Sarkis got a mere 535 votes out of Erasmos 19,000 followers - even the most moronic person can do the math - Erasmos is lying about his followers.

The BV has documented how facebook is being sued over how easy it is for these con artists to fake the number of followers and thereby defraud advertisers.

He has never posted an original story.

He lies as if it is a moral commandment from god.

He lied to protect Carlos Quintanilla - he has been one with this con artist from Dallas from day one and lied about everything.

It is documented Rodrigo Moreno was working with Quintanilla to defraud Brownsville in the Fly Frontera fiasco - when I made the connection with Camarillo and tried to tell the truth Erasmos did what he always does - blocks the poster

And I remain convinced the part of his brain which tells him right from wrong does not work

The good news, the handful of people who do not see him as a pure con artist do not vote - so he has zero impact on what happens in Brownsville

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Think about this when you have me, trying to protect Presas-Garcia from lies and deception - you have to know those attacking her are desperate

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Good job Bobby.... this is the only blog I trust to keep us informed. .. that other fb page is just pure trash... he might have hundreds of followers but same people always commenting on the stupidities he posts.

Anonymous said...

lets go to the beginning....who and how did administration allowed the indemnification clause in the contract - cfo or supt or director for purchasing? and under who's orders?

BobbyWC said...

and where is their proof of an indemnification clause - provide me the contract of which you speak and the BV will post it - you seem to have it - so send it to me and I will post it


the Herald is reporting that Baltazar is claiming such clauses would be illegal

So without a document to prove what you are saying - it sounds more like rumor than fact

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

As for Saavedra moving and staying on the board this has happened before. It took some time before they were finally forced to resign because they missed so many meetings. They claimed that they were only gone temporarily and planned to return and maintained a home in Brownsville. Actually they are still gone many years later.

BobbyWC said...

I just followed up with the lawyers at the SOS - waiting on a return phone call - once I know the answer I will post it

bobby WC