Monday, July 22, 2013


In this post I accuse Luis Saenz of the political rape of Melissa Zamora.  For Zeke - it is a metaphor - look it up - and then find a third grader to explain it to you.  When Montoya responds - everyone must remember - he is the one who published all of Saenz history on this issue when he was being paid by Masso.

I do not want the employees within the DA's office to feel bad about this post.  No one can take away the hard work by those employees.  But it is sad Saenz is working overtime to humiliate the entire office.  The employees need to focus in on their work and not worry they have an incompetent buffoon for a boss.  The results of your work speaks for itself and it is your work, not Saenz's.

I use to feel bad about playing people, but these three are too easy. As I have already explained once, I need to prove to both federal and state law enforcement agencies that Saenz cannot be trusted as to BISD or Montoya.   It is not like I did not warn them.

One way to get the evidence is to goad them into demonstrating their low self esteem by bragging.  I knew the more I pushed Silva the more he would pull in your face posts to prove he is the boss.  He is the boss of idiots - at best.  While beyond surreal, the above post made my day.  It is further clear evidence Saenz cannot be trusted.

The above post by Silva has a clear intent.  "I Zeke Silva am in charge and Melissa Zamora has been constructively discharged from the DA's office."   Melissa will continue to work for Saenz and collect a pay check, but by this point she must know she is pretty much a place mat taking up space.  Saenz cannot afford the negative publicity from Melissa being forced out, so he intentionally humiliates her in hopes she will quit.

The above are the acts of a truly misogynist eunuch.  More on this below.

It is a documented fact that Montoya has trashed Melissa Zamora, Saenz's public information officer, for years.  Saenz's conduct in going to races in SA with the very cyber-poliquero who has been accused under oath of concealing campaign money, a crime, is beyond surreal, and who has been unrelenting in trashing Zamora.

I have no idea how Melissa returns to work at this time.  Saenz's decision to take Montoya to the races in SA to see his own horse run is beyond a slap in the face to Zamora - it is a political rape with spitting on the victim's face afterwards.

Saenz has not changed since he was last DA.  The BV is not the one who developed Saenz's long history of sexual harassment and contempt for women.  It was Montoya when he was being paid by Masso.

More on the gambling issue below - but first.

Let's see what Montoya had to say on the subject before he bought protection from Saenz, in exchange for remaining silent about Saenz's incompetence.

"... Cameron County District Attorney's office to drop her sexual harassment complaint against his boss Luis Saenz in exchange for a job at a local state representative's office."

Comments encouraged by Montoya

"Gavito is from the Luis Saenz School of Sexual Harassment or should I say from the Free Sex at the Office on the Company Dime School.

Both are a disgrace and should either pay for sex or have sex at home.
Gavito, like Luis Saenz should retire from the public tit and suck on each other's tit."

From the Herald:

"Gavito, a district attorney investigator, offered Munivez a state job if she would drop a sexual harassment complaint against District Attorney Luis Saenz, and not tell all she knew to a grand jury that had requested a special prosecutor to look into Saenz's office.

Munivez testified before the grand jury, which did not indict anyone in connection with its special investigation, but requested that Judge Hester pass the investigation on to the next grand jury."

Source:  The Herald

"The grand jury voted not to indict Saenz on charges related to alleged sexual harassment, but released a blistering report criticizing his administration of the office."

Source:  The Herald

The brain is a complex organ.  Chemical and neurological processes create a conscience - the brain either understands right from wrong or it does not - the brain either understands personal imagine or it does not.  None of these functions work in Saenz's brain.  The best public information office on the planet cannot save the reputation of Saenz.  He has no brain function which tells him reputation matters.

In the end I was happy and sad to see this post.  It helps me convince the FBI and AG that Saenz must be kept 100% in the dark concerning a criminal complaint involving BISD.  Saenz cannot be trusted to not pass on to BISD certain information. 

I am sad because no one deserves to be on the receiving end of contempt Saenz has shown for Zamora and all women.  It is inconceivable to me at this point any women could remain in his employ.

The taxpayers paid for the ad about not leaving children in the car.  It blows my mind that Saenz could be so devoid of a conscience that he has allowed Zeke Silva to use the copyright on this product to allow Montoya to make a profit on something produced by the taxpayers.

Saenz is truly the dumbest in the group.  While arresting grandmothers in Brownsville for gambling, where is Saenz - in SA gambling at the races and encouraging people to gamble by owning a race horse.  Yes, horse racing is legal, but it is the image issue. 


Anonymous said...

I thought Saenz was against gambling!!!!!!!!

I guess what's good for the goose is NOT good for the gander.

What a hypocrite in every sense of the word. Do as I say NOT as I do.

We are scr$wed!!!!!!

Bobby,don't let these old goats get under your skin----please.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry for the later approval - I was at bingo not winning - Saenz fails to understand youlead by example.

Trust me - I so enjoyed today's posts - today was a very, very productive day - Saenz seems to be working 24/7 to help me justify by-passing his office and going directly to other agencies for law enforcement

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Are you freaking kidding me? This stellar guy has a race horse? Where they actually bet money on the outcome? I hope he didn't bet more than $5.00 lol
Hypocrite is as hypocrite does! He wasn't against 8 liners till his pecker got caught in the chainsaw. Too funny! Zeke is an old time baller, it blows my mind he is with this guy all the time. I'd like to see a PFS (personal financial statement) on that business.
CC continues to make a laughing stock of ginormous proportions out of the lower RGV

BobbyWC said...

Saenz is clueless about the image problems this creates - taking two convicted individuals to horse racing to watch his horse the day after arresting grandma for gambling

He is really clueless

Now mind you - horse racing is 100% legal - that is not the issue - it is his lack of interest in the perception problems this creates for himself and his staff.

Tonight at Bingo a lot of people came up to me and said thank you for standing up for woman against this idiot, and thank you for pointing out his double standard

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites and thieves are two of the lowliest type of people one can encounter. His audacity to have this double standard topped by him actually zip tying old ladies like they are some type of street thugs is unconscionable. Zip tied and hauled off in a patty wagon for a freaking misdemeanor. THEN, he has this picture taken at a horse race. Karmas a bitch Saenz, el mundo da mucha vuelta!
I agree he is clueless! Zeke at his side is proof enough.
Bobby, you do mention these 8 liner cases were given to him by the Feds. He has the discretion as an elected official with no boss; to deal with the issue as he feels fit. If the Feds would have had something stronger they would have prosecuted themselves. He ran his campaign saying he "didn't care about 8 liners". He wanted to go after "real criminals". After showing hypocrisy he allows this pic to be taken with Zeke. Zeke is an altogether separate issue. It still blow my mind he's buddied up to this guy.
At the end of the day it's typical Cameron County bad politics and hypocrisy that keeps Brownsville in the conundrum it's been mucked in for years.

BobbyWC said...

you are correct about discretion - but it is not so simple - I know for a fact the state and feds no longer trust him - too many mistakes - he really has to play if he wants their help

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't know how this idiot win the election, the voters really screwed up!! My grandmother was hauled away zip tied thanks to this fool, and he still shows his stupid face as if he was proud of arresting old people. It makes me sick everytime he shows his face on tv when he conducts the raids. How come he doesn't show his face when its a drud raid?? Afraid of retaliation, that's why!! He knows the old folks aren't going to do anything to him. Why doesn't he raid the old folks home while he's at it, some of those people play cards for money. We are all getting tired of his bullshit!!! Do us all a favor and stepdown dumbass!!!!

Anonymous said...

The zip tying of the elderly on a misdemeanor count is an abuse of authority. These are easy pickings for headlines. Much harder to bust a dope dealer. When is the last time you got a speeding ticket and got hauled off zip tied. Human rights violation if you ask me. At the very least it's an abuse of authority.
Bobby, they've had him by the balls from day one. They are using him for the time being and will throw him under the bus in about 3 1/2 years. He was special prosecutor for the bandido DA poster child Villalobos for 8 years.

BobbyWC said...

The feds are done with Saenz - but he will continue to do as he is told - he lives in fear and is stupid - they have already thrown him under the bus - they are overseeing his self destruction

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Luis is the biggest Hypocrit!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. He should be zip tied for gambling too.