Sunday, July 21, 2013


For years I have discussed that I am a student of Joshua, aka Jesus. I just ordered this book. It seems the author subscribes to the same idea that being a christian does not mean you live the teachings of Joshua. This is not new.

Hundreds of heretics were burned at the stake for the same belief. The difference today is, millions people have now found Joshua. We realized Christianity is about anything but the teachings of Joshua. The decision to use the English translation of Joshua's Hebrew name comes from the fact Jesus is the name given to him by those who put him to the cross.

Further, it distinguishes us as followers who do not believe any of the doctrines pushed by western Roman churches. I have read and studied the gnostic Bible for years. I know the history of the political compromise which forms the current Bible - it was a political compromise based on anything but faith.

If you have not read the gnostic Bible you know nothing about Joshua. The political machinations of the council of Niseae become very clear.  The Council of Laodicea also lacks any divine intervention as  a source of which gospels should or should not be in the New Testament.  Every council had as its impetus political considerations.

This should be a good read.

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In a Catholic stronghold like the Valley, you could get cruXified for crimes against the Taliban, I mean government.
Radical thoughts!