Wednesday, July 3, 2013



I wish I could say the ignorance which will follow this story boggles my mind, but I know better. Today will be a day of bogus claims without regard for evidence or facts.  The Cheez nation has already declared the end of humanity as we know it - on what evidence? - none - but as we all know facts rarely guide a pathological liar.

Tony Martinez orchestrated the purchase of this building for Juliet Garcia.  Since day one it has cost the city money to run this building.  There has never been a benefit for the city.  I started my research on this issue weeks ago.  I wanted the facts.  This is why I said it is best to just sell the building to UT and be done with it.

Several sources within the city have told me UT  wants nothing to do with purchase or lease of City Plaza - that ship has sailed.  Juliet Garcia got an ear full from the UT Board of Regents on that one. 

This lease will mean the city will no longer be spending money to maintain the Cueto building, and in the end the city gets the parking lot they need.  At the end of four years the city gets the Cueto building and the parking lot.

By this point, Juliet Garcia will have a voice in nothing, and with a little luck Tony Martinez will have been thrown out of office.

On this deal the people of Brownsville won.

The numbers - for anyone who cared to ask - show this to be true.  But why get to the facts, when you can simply lie.

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