Friday, July 19, 2013


This morning I informed BISD that they failed to respond to my open records request concerning Presas-Garcias' campaign finance reports.  I asked for years 2010-2013.  I received 26 pages of documents which included another matter.  BISD only provided 2012.

The other matter deals with Tony Fuller's lawsuit.  A source [which has never been right which is why I did not get on this a month ago when I was first told] stated BISD allowed its insurance to lapse and that BISD was going to be liable for Tony Fuller's lawsuit.  Given the fact this source has never told me the truth about anything dealing with BISD I just ignored the tip.  Since I  was doing an open records requests anyway I decided to ask for the insurance policy which covers Tony Fuller's lawsuit.  In fact I asked for all policies for fiscal years 2010-2013, with a specific request that the policy which covers Tony's lawsuit be identified.

BISD has failed to provide the policy for 2013, which is in effect.  They also failed to identify which policy covers Tony's lawsuit.  This morning I was called and told the 2012 policy covers Tony's lawsuit.  You see, BISD just does not care.  The acts over which Tony complains occurred in 2011.  The bottom line is there is insurance and this source once again was just passing on endless lies. 

The BV verifies everything.


Anonymous said...

Interesting info. When you mention going to BISD to get all of those Public Info files, what BISD Department do you go to for that?

BobbyWC said...

You go to the office behind security on the 1st floor. Ask for the Open Records Request Form -whatever they give you costs 10 cents page

Bobby WC