Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This morning BISD informed me that they will not respond to an open records request related to Bid 14-010.  My request was simple - "All bids opened on June 13, 2013, for bid 14-010 - see attached."

The attached has the following language on it.

"Bidders are invited to attend the bid opening at the Offices of the Purchasing Department on Thursday, June 13, 2013." 

Everything in the bid is already public information.  BISD does not want to disclose it because they know I am investigating another rigged contract.

BISD is already under order from the AG to further work with the AG to void an  enforcement action over the bid for bus advertising.  To the best of my knowledge BISD filed no response with the AG concerning the possible enforcement action.

Today I will formally ask that the AG seek an enforcement action against BISD in this case and the bus advertising case.  Until they are sued there is no possibility that BISD will ever comply with any Open Records Requests.


Anonymous said...

Which contract was that?

BobbyWC said...

The current problem relates to fire extinguishers

the other one is about a year old and relates to the advertising on the buses. I did a post last week and then got an anony post from someone at BISD, I assume with some specifics - I already know what the bids were - but I am document driven so I want the actual bids to prove my point.

The company which currently holds the contract is not happy - specific claims have been made

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby! How are you?

Did you watch Channel 4 News with regards to the BISD grading scandal at Rivera High School. Man another cover up by the Superintendent. Bobby, do you have any info on this? Is this the end of Montoya....letting fools run the BISD District. The problem is that who will they put after Montoya?

Anonymous said...

I hope your request is honored and if there is shady business going on, it is exposed.