Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The other day I was reading in the Dallas Morning News about a program Texas has called Lite-up.  From May through September low income people can get their electric bill paid for by the state - or at least most of it.

I couple I know on a fixed social security income does not use their air conditioning during the day because they cannot afford the electricity.   I thought I will have them apply for the help so they can use their air conditioning during the day.

The application was rejected - reason.  Brownsville Public Utilities Board does not participate in the program. 

The BPUB was prepared to give a small fortune to a convicted felon for a start up airline, but they have nothing for poor senior citizens suffering in this unrelenting heat.

What is it with so many of our leaders?  Why is it they can never get anything right.


Several years ago the VA Dallas released a long term study on the impact of fiber on the colon. The lead researcher, who also happened to be the chief of gastroenterology, rejected his own study because it did not show the result he wanted.  The study showed no correlation between a high fiber diet and colon disease.

He and I had argued this point for years  - he absolutely refused to believe there could be a genetic factor.  Everyone in my family has diverticulitis.  We were raised on a very high fiber diet.

When it comes to diet, the various specialist do not agree with one another - and dietitians just seem to wing it.

My gastroenterologists insist I continue to eat a high  fiber diet, including my homemade bran muffins made from All Bran, wheat flour, applesauce, banana, soy milk, and very little sugar - just a pinch of baking soda.  The endocrinologist wants me to stop eating bran muffins and all high grain breads - too high in carbohydrates.

My doctor is concerned eating fish 4 times a week may expose me to too much mercury [this is a real possible problem].  She has now recommended a diet which requires I take beets, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and a host of other vegetables out of my diet. [side note - there is some evidence this diet could help me with some of my health problems]  But I love all of these vegetables.

The dietitian took me off mangoes, watermelons, peaches, and nectarines years ago - they contribute to diabetes.

So if I do everything every doctor has told me to do, what am I left to eat?

Diabetes scares me - so years ago I  did stop the high sugar fruits.  But beyond that - no way - I love my bran muffins - I rarely buy bread, but when I do I love a good dark bread or rye bread.

I eat parboiled rice -  the healthiest of all the rice options - including wild rice.

I am not saying the science is all wrong, but when we reach the point that doctors are telling me to take fiber, fruits, vegetables, and fish out of my diet - I have to say - "say what?"  I eat in moderation.  I will continue to eat in moderation. 

I forgot, the gastroenterologist does not want me to eat cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, or nuts - they can all irritate the diverticula [not a universally held belief]

You would think everyone would agree every food item I listed is healthy and good  for you - but I have found a doctor to say no.

Parents fight their kids to eat these things and I have doctors fighting me to take them all out of my diet.

The stress with taking all of these things out of my diet could kill me.

I have written this post several times.  I have two good sources telling me the same thing.  Escobedo cut a deal with Christina Saavedra that she will not have to resign until August 23, 2013.  The date is significant because it then makes it too late for BISD to be part of the November election.

This gives Escobedo control over the appointment of the new trustee.  This entire deal not only subverts democracy it subverts the best interests of the children.

Neither Christina Saavedra nor Escobedo have ever put the children first.  When I speak to people about Saavedra all anyone ever has to say is - she is so bitter over BISD refusing got give her a job, she will never do right by the children of BISD.

As part of the Ted Parker and convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla pac she never had to think twice about cheating BISD children out of $14.3 million.  Lubbock got $4.8 million from Healthsmart.  BISD's children got zero.  Hopefully the new lawsuit will prove once and for all how little Saavedra cared about BISD children.

Christina Saavedra had no problem working with Escobedo, Presas-Garcia and Longoria to destroy BISD's ability to get insurance.  It was then and remains now about settling scores, no matter how much damage is done to the children.  I am working with the AG to force BISD to disclose their insurance coverage for 2013.  It may very well be, based on something Baltazar Salazar said at the last meeting, BISD has no insurance for 2013.  Or it could be the cost of the insurance along with the deductible is so high, BISD wants to keep it secret.

Below is Tony Fuller's lawsuit against BISD.  Saavedra and Escobedo are defendants.

Fuller Lawsuit

It is abundantly clear to me that Patricia Davis [the superintendent] of the San Antonio Diocese never heard of google.  Had she simply googled Saavedra's name and done some due diligence to investigate the allegations against Saavedra, I do not believe Saavedra ever would have even received an interview for the San Antonio job.

I am certain that once the parents meet Saavedra and start to google her name they will be demanding an explanation from the Bishop. 

At noon my letter is going out to the Bishop of the San Antonio Diocese and Patricia Davis.  I will give them the choice - provide an immediate affidavit as to what they believe Saavedra's intent is - temporary or permanent or face deposition.

If both of my sources are wrong I would be surprised - at least one has never been wrong.

This is what has me so angry - in her final insult to the children of BISD she is empowering Escobedo to hand pick a puppet who will help him to continue to destroy BISD and its children.  How Saavedra ever ended up in education is beyond me. 

What irony that this woman will be responsible for the moral education of the young children at St. Margaret Mary.  When the truth comes out I can only hope the first person fired is the superintendent, Patricia Davis.  She clearly made no effort to do her job.

The new trustee needs to be an independent voice who owes nothing to anyone but the children.  But thanks to Saavedra the choice for the new trustee will be put into the hands of Escobedo.  Pat Lehmann comes across as a saint next to Escobedo.

Of course the Herald will continue its news blackout on this issue and the children once again will be left screwed.

For the record, in writing I invited Saavedra to give her side of the story.  She chose to remain silent.  the BV remains open to any counter story she may have - but in the end action will speak louder than words - namely - resign from the BISD Board of Trustees by noon today.

Monday, July 29, 2013


I read a comment the other day wherein someone was saying that because TSC was hiring so many adjuncts the education would not be very good.  They are wrong.

You are a parent - who do you want teaching your child the principles of nursing - a nurse with 20 years hospital experience or someone who has been in the classroom for 20 years?

You are a parent - who do you want teaching your child criminal justice, a criminal prosecutor or defense lawyer with 20 years experience, or a 28 year old kid with a PhD in criminal justice who has never  tried a case?

You are a parent - who do you want teaching your kid computer design, someone with 20 years experience in computer design, or someone who has only known the classroom?

One of the great benefits of a community college is, they can hire professionals with a lot of experience who can teach the subject matter.  Without real world experience no instructor can relate the content to real life.

The above is the primary benefit of adjuncts.

Secondary is, if they do a bad job, after one semester you are not obligated to bring them back.  If you hire a  full time instructor you are stuck for the year with a bad instructor.

Another benefit is, TSC is just building its staff.  Money is tight - adjuncts are a lot cheaper than full time instructors.  But here is the best part - if an adjunct stands out as highly qualified, then TSC can offer them a full time job after first having seen them perform in the classroom.

This is how you build a community college.  TSC is building its staff from the bottom up.  The biggest mistake it could make is hiring a ton of full time instructors to only have to release them because they failed to perform.  A community college is not a university.  This is not publish or perish - it is teach or perish.  Not every instructor is made for this environment.  It takes a special person to understand they will teach or be moved out. 

Bela gave me permission to give her highchair away. I bought it for her when she was first born. I learned a long time ago it is a lot easier for friends with babies to come to dinner if you have a highchair for their kid.

Bela has not used the chair for nearly a year.  I asked if I could give it to a baby without a highchair and she said yes.

So here is the deal - I am tired of giving things away only to see them for sale at a garage sale.  If anyone knows for sure a mother who could really use this highchair let me know. 

As to Dora - not going anywhere.  I intend to take her as my date to Bela's wedding in 20 years or so.  Nearly 2 years ago at Bela's second birthday she got all upset when the kids started to hit Dora so we stopped.  Dora has stood in my kitchen for nearly 2 years.  When Bela comes over she says "hello Dora."  Then she normally asks permission to get the paints so she can paint.

email me:

Do not promise someone the chair until you clear it with me- I could already be checking someone out to see if they are really in need.  Once the chair is gone I will post same.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


The above picture is of the house Christina Saavedra and her husband bought in September of 2012.    It is in San Antonio.

Below is her Brownsville house which has now been shuttered.  If you click on the picture you will see the windows are boarded up.

Now, you tell me, which  residence appears permanent and which appears temporary?  She also has at least a one year contract with St. Margaret Mary's in San Antonio.
George and Christina Saavedra are not the only ones who moved to San Antonio.  Their son George has moved his business from their home in Brownsville to a new location in San Antonio.
If by noon on July 31, 2013, Christina Saavedra fails to resign from the BISD Board of Trustees or fails to produce evidence that she informed the San Antonio Diocese she intends to be principal at St. Margaret Mary's for only a temporary basis,  I will email Superintendent Ms. Patricia Davis asking that she provide an affidavit stating her understanding of Christina Saavedra's intent.  I will explain that we can either do this through affidavits to be used in a removal trial, or through depositions.  It is in every ones best interest that same be done through affidavits.  This would be the least costly method to the diocese and myself.
I have an obligation to investigate Saavedra's intent before taking any action.  I intend to meet my due diligence obligation. 
If Christina Saavedra resigns, I do not care one way or the other if the Board either calls a special election or simply appoints someone to complete Saavedra's term.  Both options have their advantages.  A special election will be costly.  This is not exactly a responsible choice at this time.  But on the other side, the people should have a say and an election is the best way to give the people a say.
Maybe the solution is a committee to seek out a replacement which will be appointed by the Board based on a majority vote of the committee.  Each trustee would be given two appointees to such a committee.
A public meeting of the candidates wherein the community can ask questions of the candidates would add transparency to the process.


The notion of looking at Joshua as a moral compass is nothing new. This was the primary message in the Gospels rejected when a political gathering decided which gospels would form the New Testament.

A summary of the book

"Highlighting the ethical teachings of Christ and eliminating the supernatural aspects of the Gospels, Jefferson's "edits" of Scripture reflect the deist view of religion, which developed during the 18th century. Presenting Jesus as a moral guide rather than as divine, this brief narrative focuses on his life of compassion and service." Source: ChristianBook

I read this in college in the 70's.  It was refreshing to learn so many people already believed in using the teachings of Joshua as a moral compass instead of as a weapon to hurt people.

If you do not want to start with Thomas Jefferson, you can begin with Fr. Joseph Girzone.  He is a retired priest who has taken the idea of Joshua as a moral compass to a new level.  His books are easy reads.  You must begin with "Joshua."  If you are lazy to read or can't read, you can get the movie.

Sometime this week I will start to read "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth"  If the book is what it purports to be, I will review it for my  readers.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Here is BE Local which governs agenda items. I  cannot get it to copy and past, but you can click here for the policy.  I have not been able to get an answer from the AG.  But all they will say is to look at BE Local.

I have read this policy over and over again and there is only one possible interpretation.  The Board President in consultation with Montoya prepares the agenda. Their authority on this issue is absolute. There are two issues here - who has a right to put an item on the agenda, versus who can ask that an item be put on the agenda, but has no right to put it on the agenda as a matter of right.  Only Trustees can  put items on the agenda as a matter of right.   But it is also clear that Carl Montoya or any BISD employee or citizen can request any item be put on the agenda.  But they have no right to have it heard.

Escobedo as the Board President gives the agenda final approval.  The only mandate on him is he must include items requested by trustees.  BE Local does not prohibit any employee of the district or a member of the community from going to Escobedo and asking that an item be put on the agenda.  In that case he can say yes or no - he cannot say no as to a trustee.

There is nothing in BE Local which remotely suggests only items by Trustees can be put on the agenda - if this were the case how does purchasing request contracts be put on the agenda - for example - without consent from a Trustee?   

It seems to me all Baltazar Salazar did was ask that the item be put on the agenda.  Escobedo as Board President has full authority to approve any agenda item -  the language is clear on this.  He approved the item.  He could have said no, and Baltazar would have had no recourse.  But if Escobedo says no to a Trustee, they have recourse.

Presas-Garcia and Longoria are going nowhere with their argument.  But I can give both of them the names and numbers of a billion lawyers who will take their money to argue otherwise.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Dr. Christina Saavedra has accepted the position of principal at St. Margaret Mary in San Antonio.  "A reception for Dr. Saavedra, will be held on Thursday, August 1, 2013 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the St. Margaret Mary Activity Center"

Click for link

Unless it is her intent to only be there on a temporary basis she must resign from BISD.  Right now all I know is rumors as to her intent.  I am sending this post to her so that she will have a say as to the truth.

However, if by July 31, 2013, she either fails to resign from BISD or provide the BV proof that she informed St. Margaret Mary that her stay will only be temporary, I will begin the discovery process directly with those who hired her.  A letter will be sent informing them they will be deposed on the issue.  This can be done  through a discovery lawsuit.

The entire issue turns on evidence that Saavedra intends to return to Brownsville after a temporary stay in San Antonio.  If her new employer verifies in writing that it is their understanding Saavedra's stay in San Antonio is only temporary, then I believe there would be very little chance of winning a removal lawsuit.

Click for a review of the law

Click her for the election code on the issue

The problem Saavedra faces is, she seems to have signed a one year contract to work for St. Margaret Mary.  If she failed to inform her new employer of her intent to bail on them after the one year, they will not be happy.

It is my intent to do nothing to jeopardize her new job - but the people of Brownsville and St. Margaret  Mary have the right to know her intent.

If St. Margaret Mary indicates that it is their understanding Dr. Saavedra indicated a  desire to remain at St. Margaret Mary for the long term, then their testimony will form the basis for the removal of Dr. Saavedra from the BISD Board.

The BISD children need a full Board of 7 who can focus on the many problems facing the children.  There is no way Dr. Saavedra can meet her obligations as a BISD trustee and principal of St. Margaret Mary.

If she resigns now, BISD could call a special election to occur in November when Texas votes on numerous constitutional amendments.

Independent School District (Education Code, Section 11.060)

  • Term of office - 3/4 years (Education Code, Section 11.059)
  • A vacancy may be filled by appointment by the remaining members of the board until the next regular school board election. The board also has the option to fill the office by special election. If more than one year remains in the term of the vacated office, it must be filled no later than 180 days after the date the vacancy occurs. (Education Code, Section 11.060)"
Source:  Secretary of State

Life is funny - I was just about to print my letter to the FBI explaining how I came into direct evidence of payments by Presas-Garcia to Montoya when I thought, before heading out the door let's see if he has anything new to say.

"As an aside, it was revealing that edited versions of the video were posted on the Cheezmeh website that tended to discredit Presas-Garcia and that another blogger posted a vague version of the events at 12:20 a.m. Wedsnesday. The word set-up comes readily to mind.)"

"Set Up" - Montoya like the Imp seems to think when they lie people will just forget what they have already read. The BV immediately took up defense for Presas-Garcia on the lie she said on camera "if you want to know me you need to sleep with me."  The BV repeatedly attacked Erasmo for his highly edited and biased video clips. The BV agreed with Presas-Garcia in her statement that Baltazar Salazar may be not as well versed in the law as he claims.  The BV was clear the agenda item on Healthsmart was in violation of the law.

According to Montoya all of these statements by the BV indicate I was part of a set-up against Presas-Garcia.  I can assure you had I even known about the meeting, I would have posted the Internet link for my readers to see so they could watch and I would have done a blow by blow.  The fact I did not know about the meeting speaks to the truth - there was no set up.

But I am sure Presas-Garcia called him and threatened to cut off the money unless he printed more lies.   

If you check my original comments on the video issue, you can see once I saw they were incomplete I denounced them and took up for both Presas-Garcia and Longoria.  In fact I went out of my way to say two sources told me they were not convinced about the claims being made against Longoria.

As is always the case with Montoya he lies - why?  if he does not Presas-Garcia will cut off the money.

Anyone can read my words



The core problem with politics in Brownsville and Cameron county is, we have no newspaper or competent TV news stations.  The Herald runs cover for the corruption and declares nearly everything not newsworthy, and the TV news stations try and mimic Mexican soap operas in hopes of an audience.

We will never move forward until the  community learns to separate out the nonsense from facts.  My initial post was an educational post with the intent of looking objectively at the known claims and then parsing them for truthfulness and accuracy.  You cannot fix problems if your goal is to reach out for nonsense which supports your predetermined bias.

This post is about continuing that conversation.  If we as a community are going to ever move forward we must learn to dismiss the con artists and pathological liars.  When someone proves over and over again they lie, or have zero interest in research or facts, we must learn to dismiss them.  These are the people who are making Brownsville and Cameron county failures.


The IMP, a former journalist who could not even make it at NY's equivalent of the National Enquirer continues to prove if he says it it is based on lies or a complete lack of even the semblance of research skills.

Until we as a community learn the difference between fiction, con artists, and the truth we will continue to vote for the wrong people.  Unfortunately we live in a world where hate and bigotry is considered a birthright.  We live in a world where people search out every lie they can find which supports their ignorance. 

Until as a community we learn to separate out these con artists who work for themselves and not the community, and those who obsess daily, like the imp trying to settle scores, we will never, ever move forward.


He also needs help with his spelling.

"Montoya had 3 dwi arrests over a 13 month period, but no prior convictions (maybe and old one). You can't charge someone with a felony unless they have two prior 'convictions,' not 'arrests.' Bobby Wightman thinks that because he had 3 arrests he should have been charged with a felony. This is simply incorrect. The police charged him and the DA prosecuted the case. He plead and did time. Case was filed as a misdemeanor." There you have the rest of the story... "

Whatever the Imp knows on this subject he got from the BV.  Cameron county does not put criminal records on line.  You have to go to the courthouse.

His claim about the law is simply wrong - but then he has no research skills so how was he to find the law.  Again he is a failed journalist reduced to self publishing smut books, which according to his own admission are not selling very well. 

"We respectfully disagree with Judge Johnson. Although Section 49.09 provides that a driving-while-intoxicated offense is a felony “if it is shown on the trial of the offense” that the offender was convicted twice before of driving while intoxicated, we do not believe the plain language of the statute labels the offense a misdemeanor at the time of its commission. See Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 49.09(b)(2). Rather, the statute provides that the offense is a felony, and the fact that the prior convictions are not proven until the trial does not alter the nature of the offense. Id.; see also Jones v. State, No. 14-06-00879-CR, 2008 WL 2579897, at *3 (Tex.App.-Houston [14th Dist.] July 1, 2008, pet. ref'd) (mem. op., not designated for publication) (rejecting similar complaint)."

Every DWI lawyer in Dallas knew the law on this issue.  There was never a debate until someone finally challenged the consensus as to the law, and they lost.

In addition to having no support for his great legal acumen, his rendition of the facts prove he is grammar challenged, and really had no interest in the facts.

From Imp "but no prior convictions (maybe and old one). "  First of all it is "an" not "and" - second - If he is not sure if there is a prior DWI how then can he form an opinion?  There was a prior DWI arrest.  This was all documented, including the case law by the BV and posted to the BV.  He could not even find the BV's research on the issue, or did he and then decide to just lie?

So why lie?  The imp has no idea he is lying - he simply has no care for facts.  He is obsessed with settling an old score - he lives  for it.  It is sad when one's entire life revolves around settling scores instead of living


He claims that since she was sued, a lawsuit which remains pending, all of the allegations must be true.  If this is the standard he wants to use, then let's use it.  The lawsuit against Presas-Garcia is set for trial on Oct 21, 2013.

Here are the two federal lawsuits against Erasmo Castro.  Every allegation must be true because they are in a lawsuit.  This is Erasmo's standard, is it not?

After I originally posted these lawsuits Erasmo claimed to the BV it is a different Erasmo Castro.  I posted his claim, because that is what you do - you post denials.  The lawyer who filed the lawsuits called me and told me he was a liar and that in fact it is the one and the same Erasmo Castro. 


I deal in evidence and facts - and so too does the federal government.  The covered part is my passport ID number.   The state of Texas refused to recognize my legal name some many years ago.  The  federal government has never had a problem recognizing my legal name.  After  I filed a Voting Rights Act complaint against the state related to the issue, Texas  finally recognized my legal name.  The Imp knows this, but it does not fit his narrative of lies and settling old scores.  Again, how sad to live your life settling old scores. 

And for the record, after the state of Texas was forced to acknowledge my legal name, I have never sought public office.  In fact at this point I have no interest in public office.  I can accomplish so much more behind the scenes with my volunteer work than I ever could do as one vote on a board or commission.  Americans all over the US accomplish great things for their community every day without having to post it on the Internet "look at me," or having to be an elected official.

And for the record, I do not practice law by choice.  The law on this issue is clear.  I can go back to practicing law by merely signing some papers.  It will then take about 6 months for my license to reissue.  But then the one thing the imp cannot do is print the truth, or do the research as to the law.

Now that we know the truth about the practice of law in Texas, why would any person of honor want to be part of the practice of law in Texas.  There are some honest lawyers and judges, but they bang  their heads up against the wall every day fighting a lost battle.

For me, consulting work keeps me away from the courts.  I do the research and the lawyers decide how to use it.  It is a good living, and keeps me out of the unrelenting unethical and criminal conduct which is the practice of law in Texas.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The BV has always been about ideas and solutions. A trained monkey can throw crap all day, while accomplishing nothing. I chose this particular graphic because of "Problem Analysis."  You cannot fix anything until you study the problem.

When you conduct yourself like a Mexico soap opera, while incredibly entertaining and fun, you solve nothing.  When your approach to politics is a Mexican soap opera, you actually hurt the community.

Knowledge is everything.  You cannot get knowledge from edited tapes, or half truths.  Calling Baltazar Salazar a dumbass for  discussing this in public after he told Presas-Garcia and Longoria it was not a good thing to discuss this in public, makes you as the person calling him a dumbass a true dumbass.  Baltzar Salazar did everything he could to do this privately and then he is called a dumbass by an idiot for speaking what he believes to be the truth.

Last night when I got the first email about the BISD meeting I knew it was false.  Having seen the tape I now know I was correct in rejecting the comment.  Presas-Garcia never said on camera "if you want to know me you need to sleep with me."  When people put stuff like this out there as if truth, they end up  turning off voters.  This hurts our community.

I immediately set out to email and call people I could trust.  I needed facts.  I needed to do PROBLEM ANALYSIS."

My long term readers know I love education and to teach.  I realize this is a teaching post.  I can only hope that at least half of my readers will read the entire post and learn what I mean by Problem Analyses.

Lemmings and the ignorant just believe what they hear when it fits their predisposed bias.  This is not the BV.

Yesterday I went outside the he said she said dispute between the Salazar and Presas-Garcia to form my opinion about whether or not I believe she could have said what she was accused of saying.  I documented text messages which show Presas-Garcia has a potty mouth and is mean spirited. 

No one can say Presas-Garcia actually made the sex comment.  When I read idiots claiming she said it when the entire discussion is a he said she said it blows my mind - but then people love their Mexican soap opera mentality.  But based on what we know about her for sure, we can surmise there is a good chance she said it.

Something she did say on camera was, the lawyer was not very well versed in the law.  This is 100% true.  Baltazar Salazar, BISD counsel, messed up big time in how the Healthsmart lawsuit was posted to the agenda.  This mistake could cost BISD $14.3 million.  If he can make this kind of mistake, why should I presume he is not making other mistakes?  like - putting items on the agenda without legal authority?  I am still waiting on a response  from the AG on that one.  In fact I have three questions out to various state agencies without any response.  I will follow-up on Thursday on all  three.

For the record, it will surprise me if they put the Healthsmart issue back on the agenda.  When I did the same thing concerning City Plaza the city cancelled the item because UT lawyers ordered them to.  We do not have any outside lawyers directing the BISD Board to follow the law.  I know Powers and Escobedo too well.  It will kill them to have to admit Baltazar messed up - so they will chance Healthsmart having the lawsuit dismissed based on the mistake rather then allow Presas-Garcia say, "see I was right, Baltazar is not very well versed in the law."   We need to put BISD  first, and not Baltazar Salazar first.  So what if Presas-Garcia gets a moment of glory - BISD  first.

What I just did, while using known non-disputed information, was show there is a good possibility both Presas-Garcia and Baltazar Salazar are not necessarily correct or reliable when we consider their positions in the Problem Analysis.

Simply throwing out lies and garbage against Presas-Garcia may play well in a Mexican soap opera, but it does not solve the problems with BISD.

All the narcissistic con artist Erasmo does is turn voters off.  He claims over 19000 followers, which the BV has documented is a fabricated number, but could only turn out 355 votes for Sarkis.  If we believe him about his number of followers, then we can assume nearly 19000 ignored his endorsement.  This is hardly something worth bragging about.  It would make him a major loser.

All day long I have been rejecting his narcissistic comments.  I have his IP address.  My long term readers know I subscribe to a program which gives me the IP address of everyone who logs on to the BV, and for everyone who actually posts a comment.

It was sometime after 7 p.m. last night the BV started the discussion in Brownsville over last nights drama.  It was sometime after midnight when Erasmo posted to the BV to let me know he was posting highly edited poorly made videos.

My issue goes to problem solving - you cannot solve problems with a Mexican soap opera approach.  I am not knocking Mexican soap operas - they are entertaining - where else can you see a priest getting twin sisters pregnant?  Hollywood could learn a thing or three about entertainment from the producers of Mexican soap operas.  But they are not for problem solving.

Making no effort to look to the acts of all sides concerned and measuring their credibility - makes you lazy and tells people you have zero intellectual abilities.

Today I rejected 6 comments from Eramso basically congratulating himself for informing Brownsville - yes he started a deceptive discussion some 4-5 hours after the BV at a time most of Brownsville was asleep.  He then took down his original posts.

I worry not about this guy except for how he jades people into not voting.  The fact he felt a need to try and get my readers to click on to his page by inviting them through his narcissistic posts tells me he was upset by how few people he had considering his soap opera approach.

To my readers - we cannot fix anything until we take a balanced informed approach.  Without a balanced informed approach you cannot fix problems - it is that simple.  This is my frustration with all of this nonsense.


For some time I have had numerous people telling me to do a post on United Brownsville and how certain members of the Brownsville City Commission engage in a walking quorum every time they go to a meeting.  I have not done the story because while it sounds exciting and may get people all upset, there is no story.

All seven members of the city commission can attend a United Brownsville meeting, but because they have no control over the agenda there is no walking quorum.

There is more to this than getting people excited so you can have lemmings reading your nonsense.

We will never move forward until we take an approach of Problem Analysis first and then based on the results of the analysis engage in honest and forthright problem solving.


After finishing tomorrow's post, I did my laps. The air is still and the sky is clear. Just wow.  I am going to bed very relaxed and feeling like I had an accomplished day.

Guys, you need to win the lottery so you can get a pool - it is the absolute best therapy before bed.  No amount of drugs or alcohol can do for you what 10 laps can do for you before bedtime.
[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]


A reader just sent this to me.  It does not have an embedded option so I can only provide a link.

The meeting starts with arguments over whether or not Board counsel can submit agenda items.  Presas-Garcia and Longoria made the arguments.  I am still waiting to hear from the AG on the issue.

I did not upload this to Youtube because I do not have the time to apply for extra space for my account.  Also I do not have the time at this time to listen to the entire video.  If a reader posts a comment about the meeting, please indicate the minute of the comment.

Also the lawyer is noting that if the Presas-Garcia and Longoria matters are discussed in open it will include discussion  concerning a pending criminal investigation.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


AN UPDATE:  Highly unreliable edited parts of the BISD meeting have been uploaded to youtube.  My recommendation is, do not trust them.  You cannot form an opinion without seeing people's faces and all of the exchanges.  I may not like Presas-Garcia, but I do my best to play fair.  There is nothing honest or fair about the these highly edited videos.

But, the lawyer said something interesting - which if true does not shock me.  His implication was Presas-Garcia called the insurance adjusted and demanded Defenbaugh be covered by BISD's insurance or indemnified.  A similar call came from John Barr, Defenbaugh's attorney and Presas-Garcia's former attorney.  The Board attorney implied Presas-Garcia's actions somehow violated discussions in Exec Sess.  How I have no idea because of the editing of the tape - so I will form no opinion on this issue.  But if it can be proven she can be immediately removed from the Board. - But again the tape is so misleading there is no way of knowing what really happened.  I will do an open records request for the entire meeting and then post it to youtube.

BUT HERE IS THE KICKER - Defenbaugh is not going to pay a penny  if John Barr has his way - I know John Barr - he will make it clear to everyone - BISD takes the hit voluntarily or Defenbaugh will turn on Presas-Garcia in a way which will cause the insurance companies to void the policy.  You cannot insure against criminal conduct.  This will mean BISD will be on the hook for every penny in attorneys fees and damages.  If this board votes to indemnify Defenbaugh then every board member voting yes needs to be indicted as coconspirators.

If BISD counsel does not immediately meet with the FBI under authority from Montoya, then he needs to be fired.  If Montoya fails to give authority he needs to be fired.

Tomorrow I am turning over a document to the FBI which proves the transfer of money - Presas-Garcia is the direct target.  It is a bombshell.   DA Saenz is being kept out of it.  I have zero doubt he would immediately forward it to Presas-Garcia.  His office is not secure - and he knows it.  No documents related to public corruption can be trusted in the hands of Luis Saenz.

Why am I up? - I took a late shower which meant I applied a double dose of Androgel really late - I may be up all night.  I really need to do it at 6 in the morning instead of 4 in  the afternoon.  My official prescription is a double dose every day to try and get my testosterone over 195.


I did not see the meeting. I was under the impression the next meeting was not until August. I rejected the first comment sent to me about the meeting because I suspected it was wrong. I have now spoken with several people who saw the meeting, and in fact the accusations made against Presas-Garcia were lies. I am glad I did not approve them. I will get to that - but first


Sources have confirmed that next week Saavedra will take over as the principal at a catholic school in San Antonio.  The same source has told me that she does not intend to resign from the BISD board because she is of the opinion she is allowed to have a residence in Brownsville and San Antonio for elective purposes.  I do not know the answer.  I have already put the question to the lawyers at the Office of the Secretary of State.  As soon as they respond I will post the response.

If Saavedra resigns or is forced to resign the Board has one of two options.  By a majority vote they can appoint a new board member, or simply leave the space empty until there is a special election or regular election.  If it comes down to that I will research the rules about any special election.

If it comes down to an appointment we know Presas-Garcia and Longoria will have no say in the matter and therefore attack anyone selected.


The notice to sue Healthsmart violated the Open Meetings Act.  No one has pushed this issue harder than the BV. But the BV is about process and telling the truth.  I am not going to ignore what I know to be an illegal act just because the result is what I want.  The BV has always been and always will be about process, not the result.

Here is the Healthsmart issue - you will note Healthsmart is not mentioned.

"Discussion and consideration regarding contingency fee contract with Garcia & Karam, P.C."

We know the action was for Healthsmart because in a previous meeting it was noted the firm was being contracted to decide if BISD should sue Healthsmart.  But Healthsmart is not mentioned in the item.

Violations in postings are voidable not void.  But why chance a judge throwing out the vote when all you have to do is redo it correctly?

The problem with the posting is exactly the same we saw with the city over City Plaza.  You cannot just say litigation.  You must be specific.

If we are coming up on limitations Escobedo needs to call an emergency meeting to fix this problem.

From the Texas Supreme Court

Cox Enterprises v. Board of Trustees Austin ISD, 706 S.W.2d 956 (1986)


"The newspaper contends that the school district, by posting an agenda listing only general terms such as "personnel," "litigation," and "real estate matters," failed to give adequate notice of its executive sessions. The newspaper also contends that the Board failed to comply with the Act in convening various executive sessions and violated the Act's prohibition against taking final action on any matter in a closed session."

Further from the Texas Supreme Court

" The Act's purposes cannot be circumvented by mere reference to one of the section 2 exceptions. The advance notice given under section 3A(a) should specifically disclose the subjects to be considered at the upcoming meeting."

See above

"However, less than full disclosure is not substantial compliance. Our prior judgments should have served as notice to all public bodies that the Open Meetings Act requires a full disclosure of the subject matter of the meetings. The Act is intended to safeguard the public's interest in knowing the workings of its governmental bodies. A public body's willingness to comply with the Open Meetings Act should be such that the citizens of Texas will not be compelled to resort to the courts to assure that a public body has complied with its statutory duty.

We reverse the judgment of the court of appeals in part and declare that the Board violated the Open Meetings Act by providing inadequate notice of its executive sessions and by improperly convening its executive sessions without a quorum present. In all other respects, we affirm the judgment of the court of appeals."


The comment I rightfully rejected  claimed Presas-Garcia had stated on camera to the Board counsel that if he wants to know her he must sleep with her.  In fact, if I understand what I was told, the Board counsel accused her of having said that to him, along with a host of other really bad things. Based on my discussions with my sources it is not clear she denied the claim, but it is fair to presume based on her reaction she was denying the claim.  I am just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

When you have a he said she said scenario you must turn to other known events to decide if Presas-Garcia is capable of saying these things.

This brings me back to her forced exchanged wherein she had he son send Rick Zayas a host of homophobic text messages.  Presas-Garcia cannot deny she has a potty mouth.


Now we all know why when Montoya attacked all of the elected officials with potty mouths who refuse to pay him money left out Presas-Garcia - the check cleared.

In the end Presas-Garcia was  censured again.  Longoria was not censured.  Longoria raised the issue of whether or not Board counsel could even put such matters on the agenda.  This is a fair question.  In the morning I will call the AG's office for an answer.  But I know two things, Administration can put things on the agenda.  Board counsel is part of Administration.  Further, under the rules, once someone puts something on the Agenda the Board President cannot remove it.  I will report what the AG's office tells me.


I so enjoy my laps before bed. I sleep so much better. I normally do one direction under water and then the other on my back. I swim with my arms under water so as to increase resistance. Swimming on your back looking at the stars and moon is just amazing.

I got three sets of laps today - my morning - after mowing the back yard - yea - just jumping in the pool after enduring the heat while mowing is just awesome.  My third was just now.

To the right those plants are no well past the height of the roof of the house - in the far back is my Meyers lemon tree - I now have a  row which includes orange, lime and avocado and grapefruit.  the fence is lined with banana trees and yellow tulipans.  I replaced the wood chips around the pool with lava rocks. 


First I want to refer my readers to an article coming from Dallas ISD.   The board has hired former US Attorney Paul Coggins to investigate contract irregularities by the current superintendent.

"Dallas ISD trustees hired former U.S. Attorney Paul Coggins on Monday to investigate allegations that Superintendent Mike Miles tried to manipulate the outcome of a service contract award and bullied his former communications chief in the process."

Source: Dallas Morning News

Hiring Paul Coggins is the equivalent of hiring a priest convicted of molesting boys to investigate the catholic church for child abuse. 

Paul Coggins as the US Attorney resigned after finding billionaire Mark Cuban and his lawyers were in the clear of wrongdoing.  He then accepted a job with Mark Cuban's lawyers for more than $250,000 a year, according to then press reports.

Background Story

Jeff Robnett, the lawyer who wore the wire at the request of the FBI was later sanctioned by the State Bar for cooperating with the FBI.  The State Bar alleged that Judge Gibson the target had consulted with Robnett in a family law case and it was therefore unethical for him to cooperate with the FBI in the investigation of Mark Cuban and Judge Gibson.

In the end then US Attorney Paul Coggins resigned as the US Attorney, after clearing Judge Gibson and his attorneys and then accepted a job with Cuban's attorneys.

Yeah, Cameron county knows nothing about corruption when compared to Dallas and the criminal enterprise known as the State Bar of Texas.  I digress


Yesterday I was informed I would not be given the insurance coverage for 2013.  I was also told that BISD was mistaken when they told me the 2012 policy covers the Tony Fuller lawsuit.  The problem appears to be the insurance companies are arguing who is responsible for the coverage.

I have not read the policies - all I have is the coverage sheet - known as the dec sheet. 

In the past I have been in litigation wherein two insurance companies argue over coverage.  The dispute arises from, is it the policy which was in effect during the first covered act, or the last covered act.    The acts alleged by Tony Fuller cover two different contract periods and two different insurance companies.

BISD may have to sue both insurance companies to secure coverage.  They both may end up issuing letters of reservation. this means they pay for the attorneys, while reserving judgment on coverage.  Part of the problem here may mean BISD has to pay out $100,000 in attorneys fees before any insurance kicks in.  The concept known as a continuing tort is complex.  An act which happened 4 years ago could be part of a lawsuit for an act which happened yesterday if they are all tied together.  Limitations would not be an issue for the act from 4 years ago.


BISD informed me that all of Presas-Garcia's campaign  finance reports for 2011 and back no longer exist.  Today I will try and find the time to contact the Texas Ethics Commission to learn if there is a rule as to how long BISD must maintain campaign finance reports.

I am moving forward with the AG to pursue an enforcement action to get me the 2013 insurance coverage and the bids on the fire extinguishers - both of which BISD is refusing to produce.

Monday, July 22, 2013


I did an open records request for Presas-Garcia's campaign finance reports.  As I noted the BISD has refused to comply with the entire request - years 2010, 2011, and 2013 [if any]. 

Here are the only 2 reports BISD produced for 2012.

On my desk I have a stack of articles written by Montoya running cover for Presas-Garcia. The stack is nearly 2 inches high.  The printout does not include comments which go with the paid for puff pieces.

You will note no where is there a  disclosure of payment to Montoya.

Do not fret Cata, as documented by the BV Saenz will never do his job and investigate. Montoya has insured Saenz has your back. 

As to the Texas Ethics Commission, no fret - we both know all you have to do is sign an affidavit stating you never paid Montoya along with Montoya signing a similar affidavit and they will dismiss the complaint.  The TEC's unwillingness to ever do true investigations is why so many groups around the state are compiling evidence to have them remade the next time they are up for Sunset Review.

I do not have a color picture of the above so I  went to Presas-Garcia's old web page to find it down.  But then I learned it was managed by none other than Rodrigo Moreno - Pink Ape.

You will note the address listed for Rodrigo Moreno - it is the same listed for Antonio Villalobos in the BISD for the bus advertising  contract made by Pink Ape.

Why did Rodrigo Moreno feel a need to hide his identify?  Answer, he knew Presas-Garcia was pushing the Pink Ape contract for his unincorporated company.

Hey Rodrigo - if it is true you are a resident alien here on a work permit, you can and will be deported if any of this leads to a felony charge.  Smart money would have you sending an attorney to ICE and the FBI asking for transactional immunity and a guarantee your work permit will not be pulled in exchange for telling the truth.

I know you Rodrigo - you will do nothing.


I believe I can now trace money going to Presas-Garcia.  I know where the money is coming from, I just need to prove how she used it and how she reported it.  This is why I need the campaign finance reports.

Here is an example.  Presas-Garcia did not file a post election campaign finance report. 

Presas-Garcia's campaign finance reports show she loaned herself $4,300.  Nothing in her  reports show she ever recovered the money or paid herself back.  Why?  It is standard that candidates continue to have fundraisers to pay off loans made to the campaign.  Does anyone believe Presas-Garcia just took the loss?

During this time frame the BV has already documented text messages from Presas-Garcia to Cameron county demanding a job.  Something is profoundly wrong.

Here is an excerpt from the orginal post on the BV concerning Presas-Garcia begging for a job from Cameron county.

"Cata Presas-Garcia is obsessed with Cris because according to numerous sources all over the Dancy building Presas-Garcia spends her days begging for a job. She cannot seem to understand Cris has no authority to hire anyone or offer them a job. She has been told over and over again - no - the problem is certain text messages appear to suggest she was offering votes on contracts in exchange for a job. The text which has the interest from law enforcement is dated January 22, 2013. She seems to think Cris has the power to get her a job. She cannot seem to take no or reality for an answer. "


In this post I accuse Luis Saenz of the political rape of Melissa Zamora.  For Zeke - it is a metaphor - look it up - and then find a third grader to explain it to you.  When Montoya responds - everyone must remember - he is the one who published all of Saenz history on this issue when he was being paid by Masso.

I do not want the employees within the DA's office to feel bad about this post.  No one can take away the hard work by those employees.  But it is sad Saenz is working overtime to humiliate the entire office.  The employees need to focus in on their work and not worry they have an incompetent buffoon for a boss.  The results of your work speaks for itself and it is your work, not Saenz's.

I use to feel bad about playing people, but these three are too easy. As I have already explained once, I need to prove to both federal and state law enforcement agencies that Saenz cannot be trusted as to BISD or Montoya.   It is not like I did not warn them.

One way to get the evidence is to goad them into demonstrating their low self esteem by bragging.  I knew the more I pushed Silva the more he would pull in your face posts to prove he is the boss.  He is the boss of idiots - at best.  While beyond surreal, the above post made my day.  It is further clear evidence Saenz cannot be trusted.

The above post by Silva has a clear intent.  "I Zeke Silva am in charge and Melissa Zamora has been constructively discharged from the DA's office."   Melissa will continue to work for Saenz and collect a pay check, but by this point she must know she is pretty much a place mat taking up space.  Saenz cannot afford the negative publicity from Melissa being forced out, so he intentionally humiliates her in hopes she will quit.

The above are the acts of a truly misogynist eunuch.  More on this below.

It is a documented fact that Montoya has trashed Melissa Zamora, Saenz's public information officer, for years.  Saenz's conduct in going to races in SA with the very cyber-poliquero who has been accused under oath of concealing campaign money, a crime, is beyond surreal, and who has been unrelenting in trashing Zamora.

I have no idea how Melissa returns to work at this time.  Saenz's decision to take Montoya to the races in SA to see his own horse run is beyond a slap in the face to Zamora - it is a political rape with spitting on the victim's face afterwards.

Saenz has not changed since he was last DA.  The BV is not the one who developed Saenz's long history of sexual harassment and contempt for women.  It was Montoya when he was being paid by Masso.

More on the gambling issue below - but first.

Let's see what Montoya had to say on the subject before he bought protection from Saenz, in exchange for remaining silent about Saenz's incompetence.

"... Cameron County District Attorney's office to drop her sexual harassment complaint against his boss Luis Saenz in exchange for a job at a local state representative's office."

Comments encouraged by Montoya

"Gavito is from the Luis Saenz School of Sexual Harassment or should I say from the Free Sex at the Office on the Company Dime School.

Both are a disgrace and should either pay for sex or have sex at home.
Gavito, like Luis Saenz should retire from the public tit and suck on each other's tit."

From the Herald:

"Gavito, a district attorney investigator, offered Munivez a state job if she would drop a sexual harassment complaint against District Attorney Luis Saenz, and not tell all she knew to a grand jury that had requested a special prosecutor to look into Saenz's office.

Munivez testified before the grand jury, which did not indict anyone in connection with its special investigation, but requested that Judge Hester pass the investigation on to the next grand jury."

Source:  The Herald

"The grand jury voted not to indict Saenz on charges related to alleged sexual harassment, but released a blistering report criticizing his administration of the office."

Source:  The Herald

The brain is a complex organ.  Chemical and neurological processes create a conscience - the brain either understands right from wrong or it does not - the brain either understands personal imagine or it does not.  None of these functions work in Saenz's brain.  The best public information office on the planet cannot save the reputation of Saenz.  He has no brain function which tells him reputation matters.

In the end I was happy and sad to see this post.  It helps me convince the FBI and AG that Saenz must be kept 100% in the dark concerning a criminal complaint involving BISD.  Saenz cannot be trusted to not pass on to BISD certain information. 

I am sad because no one deserves to be on the receiving end of contempt Saenz has shown for Zamora and all women.  It is inconceivable to me at this point any women could remain in his employ.

The taxpayers paid for the ad about not leaving children in the car.  It blows my mind that Saenz could be so devoid of a conscience that he has allowed Zeke Silva to use the copyright on this product to allow Montoya to make a profit on something produced by the taxpayers.

Saenz is truly the dumbest in the group.  While arresting grandmothers in Brownsville for gambling, where is Saenz - in SA gambling at the races and encouraging people to gamble by owning a race horse.  Yes, horse racing is legal, but it is the image issue. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013


For years I have discussed that I am a student of Joshua, aka Jesus. I just ordered this book. It seems the author subscribes to the same idea that being a christian does not mean you live the teachings of Joshua. This is not new.

Hundreds of heretics were burned at the stake for the same belief. The difference today is, millions people have now found Joshua. We realized Christianity is about anything but the teachings of Joshua. The decision to use the English translation of Joshua's Hebrew name comes from the fact Jesus is the name given to him by those who put him to the cross.

Further, it distinguishes us as followers who do not believe any of the doctrines pushed by western Roman churches. I have read and studied the gnostic Bible for years. I know the history of the political compromise which forms the current Bible - it was a political compromise based on anything but faith.

If you have not read the gnostic Bible you know nothing about Joshua. The political machinations of the council of Niseae become very clear.  The Council of Laodicea also lacks any divine intervention as  a source of which gospels should or should not be in the New Testament.  Every council had as its impetus political considerations.

This should be a good read.

Friday, July 19, 2013


This morning I informed BISD that they failed to respond to my open records request concerning Presas-Garcias' campaign finance reports.  I asked for years 2010-2013.  I received 26 pages of documents which included another matter.  BISD only provided 2012.

The other matter deals with Tony Fuller's lawsuit.  A source [which has never been right which is why I did not get on this a month ago when I was first told] stated BISD allowed its insurance to lapse and that BISD was going to be liable for Tony Fuller's lawsuit.  Given the fact this source has never told me the truth about anything dealing with BISD I just ignored the tip.  Since I  was doing an open records requests anyway I decided to ask for the insurance policy which covers Tony Fuller's lawsuit.  In fact I asked for all policies for fiscal years 2010-2013, with a specific request that the policy which covers Tony's lawsuit be identified.

BISD has failed to provide the policy for 2013, which is in effect.  They also failed to identify which policy covers Tony's lawsuit.  This morning I was called and told the 2012 policy covers Tony's lawsuit.  You see, BISD just does not care.  The acts over which Tony complains occurred in 2011.  The bottom line is there is insurance and this source once again was just passing on endless lies. 

The BV verifies everything.

Thursday, July 18, 2013



On December 18, 2012, then budget committee chairperson, Presas-Garcia voted to give the bus  advertising contract to Pink Ape - records show an owner of Pink Ape is Rodrigo Moreno - shown above.  He has worked on other BISD campaigns

"Catalina Presas-Garcia, the chairwoman of BISD’s budget committee, said the committee liked Pink Ape’s presentation, plus the fact that it is locally owned and offered a better split of the revenues generated."

Source:  Brownsville Herald

Here is the bid submitted by Pink Ape.  You will note Rodrigo Moreno is not mentioned.  You will also note the letter is incoherent.

Click for Pink Ape Letter Bid

Hacher submitted a huge portfolio of photos which contained endless examples of advertising on buses.  Pink Ape did not even have a working web page at the time they won the contract.  They were not incorporated.  They did not even have offices.  This compared to Hacher which was a going concern with a large number of existing companies to tie into for advertising on BISD buses.

Here is Hacher's web page.

About 2 months before Presas-Garcia voted this contract for Pink Ape she paid Pink Ape $2,000 on Oct 21, 2012, for advertising.  I do not believe based on my review of Texas Conflict of Interest laws she violated any rules - there is  a section related to indirect benefit - but to be honest - I have no interest to do the research.

Click for Campaign Finance Report related to Pink Ape

But if it can be shown for the same services another company would have charge significantly more, then Presas-Garcia can be charged under both federal and state law with accepting a bribe - namely a reduced fee in exchange for insuring  Pink Ape got the contract.  Do not fret Cata, Saenz has BISD's back.  Ah, but what about the feds?  We shall see.

Presas-Garcia is so cocky in her conduct it is easy to find this stuff.  I was not even looking for this.  I pulled her campaign finance reports for something different -  more on that in August.

The bid for advertising on the buses was due on September 19, 2012, with the bids to be opened on September 20, 2012, all along while Presas-Garcia was doing business with Pink Ape

See Bid Request

For reasons unknown the award date was changed from November 13, 2012, to December 18, 2012.  My sources have told me why the date was changed, but have yet to produce documents to support the claim - hence the BV will not post the claim.


A prospective client of Pink Ape received the following email

"Summer is here and it is a great time to continue with your advertising. School buses are still running and continue to advertise. If you don't want to advertise right now, then get started and save your spot for the new school year! Call us at our office to get more information 956 350 9540."



The pictures are of Hector Hernandez and Blanca Arizmendi.   I want to be clear - all known evidence have the teacher, Blanca Arizmendi also a victim.  Other then the father of the child who received the higher grade no one is accusing the teacher of any wrongdoing.

"Suspicions grew-high after parents who had children in Blanca Arizmendi's class, the teacher where the alleged grade tampering had taken place, claimed her writing didn't match graded papers they'd received from her in the past."

"According to the Association of Brownsville Educators, Arizmendi couldn't speak to Action 4 News on the matter pending a grievance investigation she filed with the Brownsville Independent School District alleging the grade tampering and forgery."

Source:  Valley Central

The child's whose grade was changed is the niece of Rivera's principal - Hector Hernandez, a BISD 40 year veteran.

Blanca Arizmendi, whose class is the subject of the grade changing investigation denies the handwriting on the form is hers.  If this is true - then someone else with authority to change grades changed the grade for the niece of the principal.

At the end of the day every administrator at BISD knows this Board is corrupt at its core.  The police chief makes the Keystone cops look like M6 professionals.  [side note - I am working on a formal criminal complaint against the BISD Chief of Police for covering up the fraud related to the purchase orders - I am still actively working on that case.  If the evidence pans out, as I suspect it will, the employee himself will be testifying against the police chief.]

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This morning BISD informed me that they will not respond to an open records request related to Bid 14-010.  My request was simple - "All bids opened on June 13, 2013, for bid 14-010 - see attached."

The attached has the following language on it.

"Bidders are invited to attend the bid opening at the Offices of the Purchasing Department on Thursday, June 13, 2013." 

Everything in the bid is already public information.  BISD does not want to disclose it because they know I am investigating another rigged contract.

BISD is already under order from the AG to further work with the AG to void an  enforcement action over the bid for bus advertising.  To the best of my knowledge BISD filed no response with the AG concerning the possible enforcement action.

Today I will formally ask that the AG seek an enforcement action against BISD in this case and the bus advertising case.  Until they are sued there is no possibility that BISD will ever comply with any Open Records Requests.


Kori Marra is a former Harlingen City Commission prosecuted by Saenz as a special prosecutor for failing to file the proper conflict of interest disclosure concerning a matter before the Harlingen city commission.  She was eventually convicted on one charge.

The court of appeals reversed the conviction.  "

"The appellate court’s opinion reflects that the court’s decision to overturn Marra’s conviction and to acquit her was not based on the merits of the case, but rather on defective wording of the state’s charge against her that carried an erroneous name of her business.

The business named in the charge is 2405 and 2407 Treasure Hills Court, LLC, while her downtown real estate business was named Taubert-Marra, LLC, according to the court record"

Source:  The Herald

This now makes two high profile cases with Saenz as the special prosecutor wherein the taxpayers have to pick up the cost of retrial.  It is inconceivable to me that Saenz wants to retry Mara - but she is a woman - while Tony Martinez walks without so much as a grand jury investigation.


As the district attorney the murder conviction secured by Saenz against Dora Garcia Cisneros was reversed - she walked on the state charges.

"Dora Garcia Cisneros, walks free, the result of a prosecutor's error and a Texas appeals court that ordered her acquittal."

"The Cameron County District Attorney, Luis Saenz, who declined to be interviewed about the case, has appealed the latest ruling to the state's highest appeals court."

Source:  NYT

In time, the DOJ had to intervene to do the job Saenz could not do.

" To make a federal case, prosecutors this time had to prove Mrs. Cisneros was involved in a plot that included travel and phone calls from nearby Mexico. She didn’t need to know about the “foreign commerce” under the statute."

She eventually was sentenced to life in federal prison

Source:  Murder


The Dora Garcia case just goes along to show Saenz is sloppy in his work.  We have seen that in how he is currently handling his office.  The BV has documented incompetence in the victim assistance program and domestic abuse.  We see this sloppiness in the Marra case.


Tony Martinez failed to tell the city commissioners that his law partner Horacia Barrera represented Abraham Galonsky in the sale of the Casa Del Nylon building to the City of Brownsville.  How is this not an indictable offense?

Melissa Zamora and Rick Longoria were the only two city commissioners willing to come forward with the truth.

Luis Saenz will continue to pursue Kori Marra, while giving Tony Martinez a free ride.  I am certain the feds have taken note of Saenz' refusal to act on Tony Martinez and his attempt to conduct real estate deals with Juliet Garcia in  violation of the Open Meetings Act - a crime


I will have more on this in weeks to come because it is part of a bigger story, but after Saenz had his meltdown over Montoya's lie he was granted an interview with Saenz, Montoya was forced to print a second version of his lies  that in fact the interview was with his "friend" Rene Gonzalez.  Rene works directly under Saenz.  Apparently at the last minute Zeke Silva got Saenz to sit in on the Rene interview.  And yes, I met with my source and he confirmed the horses mouth is the source related to Zeke Silva. 

The longer Saenz allows these endless lies orchestrated by Silva and Montoya to go unchallenged the more damage he does to his reputation.  By his own actions Saenz has made himself part of this.  He knows Silva orchestrated his presence in the Rene Gonzalez interview, but remains silent.  He knows he never told Montoya I accosted him - in the presence of a full press corp and law enforcement with no one taking action or seeing it - but Saenz remains silent.  Saenz with willful intent has made himself party to these lies as retaliation for the BV speaking the truth. 

How anyone was to know Montoya used his "friendship" with Rene Gonzalez to get an interview with Rene Gonzalez is never explained,  Why?  It was not disclosed until he was  forced into a  defensive position and Saenz had his meltdown over Montoya's lie.

But here is the proof the entire interview was a puff piece to get access in exchange for silence. 


The testimony during the Villalobos trial was, which no one controverted, Rene Gonzalez ordered that no appellate action be taken to stop the release of Amit Livingston, the convicted murderer.  So during this great journalistic scoop secured through his long term "friendship" with Rene Gonzalez, Montoya never asked if the accusation is true.  Journalism at its best.  It was a puff piece in exchange for access.

The BV is not the one which trashed Saenz during the campaign in exchange for money from Masso, that was Montoya.  The BV raised one issue - the ACLU going after Saenz for unethical conduct.  It was a live case which made it important.  In that case, the alleged murderer has now been granted a new trial.