Friday, June 21, 2013


The first thing you notice about the ad placed by J.A. Sandoval for Sarkis is Sarkis's paid for liar propagandist has the same initials - J.A.  - more on the Sandoval below.

The ad is effective - but is it fraudulent?

The address on the ad is incomplete.  The address is a small apartment complex of upper lower income tenants.  The ad does not provide the apartment number of the person paying for the ad.

If you click below, at item 3452, far left - you will note the name of Martin Sarkis's paid for propagandist.  J.A. at 1501 Old Port Isabel Apt 18.

Now I think this is an old address.  After he lived at this address it is believed he lived at his mother's house on 2665 Weslaco - the house is owned by an Inez Montoya.  Maybe it is a sister.  The address came from the  documents he listed as his addresses in 2008-2009 for multiple DWI's

click below - 2008 Old Port Isabel Rd.;  2009  2665 Weslaco.

Assuming he is voting he may be voting using an address which is no longer valid - at least based on what he wrote on his bonds for his multiple DWI's

As to the Sandoval name - it is the same last name of the mother of his children.  Below is the contempt proceedings for failure to pay child support.

Just something to consider - it may all be one big coincidence  - but the fact is - the same paid for propagandist under sworn testimony related to BISD received a $1,000 in unreported campaign money for services rendered.

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