Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Below are two articles worth  considering.

In the above article the three civil rights organizations taking Dallas ISD to the DOJ are in fact part of the problem.  Any host of mental health problems or disabilities make it impossible for a child to be in a regular classroom.  But each of the three named civil rights organizations at the request of a parent will go after any school district which takes the child out of a regular classroom.  They are like the new Republican Party - science and facts be damn.

To be sure the school  districts are a big cause for the truancy.  I know a  child about to go to Hanna.  The child should have failed 8th grade, but the parent waived the requirement just so the child could get out of that middle school.  The child just tested for reading at a third grade level.  Year after year unless the father specifically demanded that the child be put into resource classes, the counselors did nothing to help the child.  The parent had to demand the child's IQ and skills be tested so that could be used to better place the child at Hanna.  It was not offered by anyone at the school.

You are totally devoid of reality if you think threat of truancy  court is going to help this child.  The child is now entering 9th grade with a 3rd grade education.  Hanna does not have the smaller classes the child needs to succeed, save in two course.  The father would get calls telling him the child is failing.  The father would then learn the  child was not in after school help.  The father would then learn - again - the child is not in resource classes.  No amount of evidence was going to get this child's counsellor to do her job.

We went to Disability Inc to see about a lawsuit to force BISD to limit this child to smaller classrooms wherein the child could get the help needed.  Disability Inc.'s response was clear - they only sue to get the children out of smaller classrooms.

Every older sibling in this family has dropped out of school.  The doctors have identified a host of mental health and learning disabilities in the children - including a form of anxiety which occurs around large groups.  The children complain that they are overwhelmed in the large classrooms.  BISD's response - "not our problem." 

Well it is,


"Rhode Island stands accused of abusing its truancy court system to go after children who attend classes but have difficulties completing their homework assignments. Some of the children persecuted include those with special needs, who suffer from physical or psychological disabilities."

I have been looking for the case wherein BISD sends a disabled child to truancy court.  I will help the family with all of the complaints.

BISD and our truancy courts think kids just do not want to go to school.  There is no interest in the facts.  You could have a teenage child abandoned because both parents have been deported.  The child is effectively homeless and afraid of the system.   You could have a child who suffers anxiety in the classroom setting and cannot be in a regular classroom.  You could have a 9th grader who cannot read or write because BISD failed the child grades 1-8. 

Until BISD accepts some of the blame - truancy will remain a problem - and the dropout rate will continue to be a problem.

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