Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The election of Deborah Portillo is inevitable. Tony's opposition banked on the wrong con artist. Anyone who refers to Martin Sarkis as anything but a liar and con artist is themselves a liar and con artist. He point blanked lied to the Herald and said he never filed for bankruptcy. The BV has previously posted his bankruptcy filings.  If Sarkis was willing to point blank lie to the Herald, what makes any rational person think he is not lying now to the voters?

So now the choice is to vote for a proud harem member of Tony Martinez's Harem-Scarum, or a con artist who has no compunction about lying.  Brownsville is so, so screwed.

The best argument Sarkis has is, he will speak openly against Tony Martinez.  But will he?  He point blank lied to the Herald about his bankruptcy?  I made the decision to raise the issue of Sarkis' best argument because of the number of city commissioners and city administrators who called me to ask me to do same.  More than one administrator told me Tony Martinez is on a witch hunt for anyone leaking information or speaking against him.  There is a real - real fear at city hall that heads will begin to roll after Portillo takes her seat.  Rational people have been reduced to living in absolute fear.

Numerous sources have told me that Charlie Cabler sold his soul to Martinez to save his job.  Just months ago John Villarreal was being lobbied daily to support a vote to fire Charlie Cabler.  Charlie Cabler saw the writing on the wall and sold his soul to the devil and his harem-scarum.

Numerous sources have told me Tony Martinez has ordered an end to the leaking of information no matter who has to be fired.  The sad part is, Tony Martinez is the only person at city hall who refuses to accept, like a good soap opera digest editor, Ben Neece leaks everything which in many ways leads to outright lies about what is happening at city hall.

Administrators and low level employees have been called in and told to prove they are innocent of the leaks.  This is total BS.  If Tony Martinez tries to fire anyone over the leaks or perceived leaks, he will find the city of Brownsville in the same nightmare of endless litigation as BISD.

So your choice is simple, you can vote to elect another harem member for Tony Martinez's Harem-Scarum, or a con artist who is promising to be vocal against Tony's destruction of our liberties and city.


BobbyWC said...

You comment is rejected because you chose to use distractions rather than deal with the issue - this post is not about his bankruptcy it is about his point blank lie about his bankruptcy. If he is willing to lie about it to the Herald and in effect the people why should anyone trust him?

That is the question.

But nowhere did I tell anyone to not vote for him - you are so angry with the fact I have exposed him as a con artist - you failed to read the substance of the post and why I made it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What a sad state of affairs for my beloved hometown. Wish there were educated, professional people running our city.

Anonymous said...

You and me both, just because most of the commissioners have
" degrees" doesn't mean they are educated nor does it mean they will conduct city business in a professional manner. The thing is, there are people who never finished grade school who act with more class and dignity than many people running our city.