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As is always the case - here is the lawsuit.  The BV always provides its readers the documents for their own consideration.

Now put the lawsuit in context with this week's disclosure by the BV that an employee with the sheriff's department allegedly illegally did criminal background checks on the targeted employees and forwarded them to BISD, and then Defenbaugh

The original BV post.

"My county source has confirmed in detail Gracie Paredes of Sheriff Lucio's office had been doing criminal background checks on BISD employees being targeted - such as Joe Rodriguez and others - and then turning over the criminal background checks to BISD's lead auditor Margarita Pizano-Flores. This in part was during the time Margarita Pizano-Flores was under orders to find anything and everything on Joe Rodriguez, Rey Artiaga, Jose Chirinos, Tom Campos, and many others, and to forward the information to Danny Defenbaugh- the Presas-Garcia plant hired to defame everyone and anyone who she and Luci Longoria did not like.."

Also  from the same post.

"If you doubt the Defenbaugh audit was a $250,000 con job, consider the smoking gun in the audit wherein it has been proven Defenbaugh changed the audit after Presas-Garcia was allowed to review it.

Below is the Defenbaugh Audit of BISD. It is a $250,000 fraud and Defenbaugh's own email recommending commendation for Rey Arteaga proves it.

On page 9 within the Executive Summary Defenbaugh outlines accusations of criminal wrongdoing against Rey Arteaga. After finding the claims to be unfounded Defenbaugh, so as to not offend Presas-Garcia then finds "multiple deficiencies and significant shortcomings." On this issue Defenbaugh could not list one thing to support his findings.

Unfortunately for Defenbaugh there is his email with his true findings.

In the email Defenbaugh states Rey Arteaga should be commended for how he runs the Maintenance Department."


I was going to do this story today, but the Fuller lawsuit is more important.  I am actually still working on the story.  I am hoping to get some documents.

What the con artist and his plagiarist sidekick is not reporting is, the COB is looking at possibly making a profit on the deal.  The COB paid $1.5 million for the building when it bought it from UTB.  Depending on the costs associated with renovation, the COB can actually turn the lease into a profit making venture. 

In simple form - is that not the question?  If the COB can make a profit on the deal, how then would it be bad for the taxpayers?  Is it not better that the city put the building to a profit as a way to raise revenue, than raise taxes?  But you see the conman and his plagiarist sidekick see it this way - if Tony Martinez wants it, it must be bad.  This is nonsense.  Anyone who did not know the story as written is nonsense really does not have an opinion worth considering.

Did you really believe the city was going to move all of the computers for its employees into a building without air conditioning?  This one simple claim was the tell you were being played.

I am not saying the city can do this on a profit.  It is my understanding the city is still crunching the numbers before a decision is made.  We call this due diligence.  If the final numbers show they cannot turn a profit in 3-5 years, which would be a normal business cycle for a profit, then the BV will oppose the deal.

But to simply oppose the deal because Tony Martinez wants it, is pure BS and an incredible disservice to the community.

Further, anyone who has been in City Plaza knows, the municipal court area is the largest waste of space anywhere in the city.  It is larger than any of the district courts at the county court house.  A municipal court needs to be more the size of a JP court, and not a small performance hall, which it currently is.  The use of space in the building is incredibly inefficient.  Further, how do we know the employees would not prefer a new renovated building which is designed to their current needs?

The BV's position is to wait and see - can the COB make a profit on the deal?  If so I say go for it - the conartist and his plagiarist sidekick would just prefer the commissioners raise taxes as an alternative to raising revenue through profits.

Before printing a story on this issue, is it not incumbent on the writer to get all of the facts.  The number one fact being, the city is still crunching the numbers to see if they can do it on a profit.

I guess I did do the story - pending receipt of the documents I requested.


Anonymous said...

There is corruption everywhere, we do not have to accept it, all we have to do fight it.
There is why the jails are full of dumb crooks, they all got busted.

Anonymous said...

In order to take the point of view you are taking Bobby, you need to take into consideration where they are going to move to and the cost associated with that move.

It is reported that if they sell the building back to the university, they will move city departments in that building to the one purchased by the city on Madison St. for 2.3 million dollars.

We also need to know how much the city spent renovating the building they are in now. I understand they put quite a bit of money to get it to present standards.

If they sell it for, lets say for 5 million, and they bought it for 1.5 million, you still have to take into effect the purchase of the Casa Nylon and the renovations that they will need to make to it so city staff can move in. If we take a look at it like that, i bet there is no profit at all.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the daily volume at the Municipal Court? Have you ever seen how many people (including defendants and their families) are in the courtroom during a session?

Juvenile cases require the offender and the parents to be there.

Why do spew crap like this, when you don't have a clue what you're talking about?

Would you rather see people packed in like sardines, like they are in the JP courts. There isn't even ANY seating for the public in the JP courts at the county, idiot.

You're an uninformed moron, spewing your usual drivel.

BobbyWC said...

I have been to municipal court - and you are wrong - I agree the Jp courts can be tight on space, but municipal does not need a courtroom which is way larger than any district court courtroom.

In the many cases I have been involved in in municipal court, inlcuding my own for when Keaton got out - people waited on seats outside the courtroom and in most cases worked something out - they then go in and do the plea.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

On the city plaza comment - I agree with you - my point is, let's find out the numbers first before saying no - I said if we cannot do it for a profit than no - the BV will oppose the deal. If we can do it for a profit then I say yes.

The Casa de Nylon building is aready bought - that should never have happened. But now what - do we just leave it empty?

It is about numbers and numbers should decide if we support this and not the nonsense that we must oppose it merely because Tony Martinez wants it.

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

Casa de Nylon has no accessible parking, 'nuff said.

BobbyWC said...

Again my position is to get all of the facts - we do not even have a timetable

I thought the city already voted to build a garage in that area - would that not handle the parking issue.

But again, I have not taken a position on this - all I am saying is - lets find out the costs and benefits

If the final deal does not mean a profit for the city the BV will be against it.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To help you along - Tuesday there is a special city commission meeting to deal only with a question of real property - it could be this deal

If it is - this is not how to handle it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

another big time BISD we go. fast forward....a board member will give this guy a big settlement and the other will vote in favor. pay back the brownsville citizens expenses. thank you BISD.

Anonymous said...

To the poster form 9:47 the difference here is Tony Fuller was not granted his due process because they changed the rules after he filed his grievance. Some of those named are the cause of the lawsuit. One board member can not give a settlement it takes a majority. Doing a settlement might be cheaper than a trial.

BobbyWC said...

Have you idiots learned nothing in all of these years - you really believe I will post endless comments designed to distract from the truth. Comments that take numbers out of context.

But let's talk about the fund balance - the Board not the CFO decides how much to spend - yes a fact you seem to hate when it comes to Fuller.

Cortes told the truth in his ads about certain bond money not being free - where was Presas-garcia when the vote came in December - too stupid to understand what she had been told in a meeting months earlier - August.

When other school Districts sued the TEA to enforce the original agreement on all of the Bond money being free - what did Presas-Garcia. Longoria, Saavedra and Escobedo do - nothing - they refused to join the lawsuit to get the money back.

What did they do about the $14.3 million owed to BISD by Healthsmart - they conspired with a convicted felon to cheat BISD out of the $14.3 million

When ACE insurance refused to pay the settlement Rendon, Juarez and Gonzalez demanded what did they do - they took money from the fund balance to pay that which ACE insurance refused to pay.

At the BV we will deal in facts - go to your paid drunk to post your nonsense - but we both know - his readership is nearly nonexisted and no one believes him so you come to the BV to post your nonsense - or is it that he is waiting on check before he will post your lies.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bobby!

Anonymous said...

You are wrong! Luci and Caty would love to go to court and expose the real corrupt SOB's, Zayas, Cortez, Colunga, Aguilar, saldana, Fuller,Powers, Minerva.

I hope the insurance company doesn't screw them over again and this time take it to court. Everything dealing with the conspiracy in firing Gonzalez, Juarez and Rendon will soon be exposed. Justice will be done Bobby. Don't think Otis would want this to happen, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Please do your homework. The casa de nylon was originally slated for a 3 level parking garage period. Money has been assigned specifically for this and plans have already been drawn for such. Construction was supposedly ready to start on this by now. What needs to happen is to find out why all this has been changed without approval. An investigation should be in order to put a stop this, but the citizens have no legal means to do this.

BobbyWC said...

The TEA found both Rendon and Gonzalez incompetent - it was Gonzalez who said Rendon would burn and crash -

The new insurance company will settle whether BISD wants to or not - the second they see the BS of the Audit, and try and depose the Lean Auditot at BISD on the alleged illegal criminal background checks - you will see a battler royale

Personally I want to see this one go to the end. Frank Perez and Ben Neece never developed any evidence in the Juarez case - Judge Hanen's order shows that in his threat to dimiss the lawsuit over their failure meet the deadlines or do their homework

They knew that the corrupt 4 would pay - it was just a matter of time - when ACE refused to pay, rather than allow for a trial of a case which was not prepared, the corrupt 4 used money for children to pay off these men - the truth will come out - very very soon

Bobby WC

Joaquin said...

I'm new here but the lawsuit seems to be missing critical facts. For example, it notes Rendon was justifiably fired. If that were so, why is he currently employed? He won the lawsuit against the BISD. There is no way this will go to trial. Fuller is depending on it. He knows a trial means he'll lose. What I'd like to see is the insurance company dump these corrupt leeches in the BISD off their policy. They're all the same. Someone mentioned above a settlement would require a majority. Why do you think Fuller is pulling the plug right now? He has a majority. The only ones that lose, again, are the citizens of Brownsville. But like my dad used to say, "eso les pasa for pendejos." They voted for them and elections have consequences.

BobbyWC said...

you are wrong - rendon, Juarez, and Gonzalez won nothing - ACE insurance refused their settlement offers and rather than chance a trial the corrupt 4 used taxpayers money to pay settlements.

there are eye witnesses with the corrupt 4 meeting with Juarez, Rendon, and Gonzalez and each working with a convicted felon out of Dallas to help defraud BISD out of $14.3 million - it will all come out

But your statement Rendon won is simply false - the settled using taxpayer money when the insurance company refused to settle for what Rendon wanted.

The documents are all there to prove this

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

so you are saying that the citizens paid these fools that were fired and hired back? does the fuller guy want a job too. he should just go and beg Montoya. montoya is probably promising jobs to all of his peeps for the next school year. he has to get as many friends in....same ole' same