Thursday, June 20, 2013


With nearly a population of 200,000 people Brownsville's leaders continue to act as if it is some outpost city on a distant planet.

Policy is what it is - people can agree to disagree - that is fine.  But be sure, Tony Martinez has destroyed the morale at city hall and has lost massive support among the people because the other commissioners are his puppets playing along, or complete idiots oblivious to their job or duties.

I do not include Melissa Zamora in this group for two reasons.  One she voted against the Galonsky building purchase.  Further, for those paying attention, since Tony Martinez understood the $35,000 rule concerning spending without commission approval, Zamora has been paying attention.  The problem is, her fellow commissioners simply fell asleep at the wheel.

The second reason I do not include her in this group is an unfortunate reality.  Her position as the public relations officer for DA Saenz's makes her ability to speak out nearly impossible.  Had she resigned in January it would have cost the city a needless election it could not afford.  I think she did the right thing in not resigning - an interim election would have been a waste of limited resources. 

Jessica Teatreau, Rick Longoria, and John Villarreal seem to know nothing about the Open Meetings Act, or rules of the city commission.  They are the elected leaders.  Jessica and John remain deadly silent during these trying times, and Rick Longoria seems to believe leadership is throwing temper tantrums on Facebook.  Really, "wake up people"  Like a handful of people reading his Facebook page are going to care.

Several months ago I told several friends who were interested in investing in Brownsville by opening a true full service gym and piano bar, among other businesses - I would not help.  After several days on SPI seeing the filth with are its beaches and the lack of one  restaurant with good  food, my friends agreed Brownsville is going no where.

McAllen built a  first class airport, a  first class city, and then turned the entire thing into a  first class metroplex. 

Brownsville has an airport which looks more like a glorified shack, which the FAA was prepared to shut down. Its main frontage road looks like its been through a bombing.

No educated person wants to run for public office, unless it pays.  The Brownsville city commission will forever remain a group of non vision poorly educated individuals.

Not one commissioner was prepared to sue to stop the Open Meetings Act violation related to the UTB matter.  Not one commissioner was smart enough to ask, does Juliet Garcia even have legal authority to negotiate with the city?

Leadership Brownsville city commission style is an idiot going on his Facebook page yelling in an empty room "wake up people."

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Anonymous said...

Well said! I was going to open a large restaurant in Brownsville before a friend of mine from McAllen shook some since into me. I met with an elected official and some business people from McAllen and they laughed. They called Brownsville a "pinche pueblo pedorro" and shamefully, I couldn't argue with them. The city is a business. We need intellectual business people running it. IMO the only way to get a qualified candidate is to pay someone from the outside to fix the problem. Brownsville continues to lose revenue to the entire county of Hidalgo. Just pass mile marker 3 and as soon as you get into Hidalgo you have the outlets. Our county commissioners are worthless as well.