Friday, June 21, 2013


UPDATE:  Canvassing of the votes will be July 2, 2013.  From a source as to City Plaza

"Negotiations (for both) being done by UTB staff -- Rosemary Martinez on behalf of Dr. Garcia."

Technically I believe today's agenda item and the letter from General Counsel show that negotiations are for the Board of Regents.

On Monday I will post on what can be done as to the Board of Regents.  The actual next question is, does the Local Government Code provide for how a public entity can lease or sell public assets, and is the City of Brownsville in compliance with the Local Government Code?

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Also see entire agenda here - you will not - no canvassing of the vote

In the city commission agenda just posted you will note how they changed the agenda from a mere real estate matter to being specific to renting the Cueto Building Complex to UT System through its Board of Regents. 

This now complies with the Open Meetings Act, and clearly shows Juliet Garcia is not the one binding UT to the deal - like the BV showed through research - Juliet Garcia has been divested of authority in the matter.

You will also not that City Plaza is no longer on the table. 

Tony Martinez is empowered because his opposition has no education as to how the process works.  Yelling "wake up people" on a Facebook page is where Rick Longoria's legal acumen begins and ends.

He has been on the city commission long enough to know the rules concerning the Open Meetings Act. 

He has been on the city commission long enough to have known to ask - does Juliet Garcia even have legal authority to negotiate for UT.

Screaming and yelling on blogs and Facebook fixes nothing.  To change things you must communicate with the right people with real evidence - like Open Meeting Violations and trivial things like state statutes which divest Juliet Garcia of all authority when it comes to leasing property.

The BV as always brought you the documents, the law, and the facts.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bobby, so now what happens? What is the current function of the Cuero building?

BobbyWC said...

My source is telling me that there are ongoing negotiations concerning City Plaza and canvassing will be July 2.

The Cueto building the last I heard was in part being rented to United Brownsville and used for offices for the mayor and city commission - but who knows

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

They, COB, can move to Casa de Nylon. I passed by there today, that building needs to be torn down and made into a parking lot, there is no parking downtown and not only is that buliding is an eyesore, it is definitely not worth what they paid for it unless what was paid was for the location and not the building itself.