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At the same time people all over the courthouse were talking about the grand jury taking no action against Ernie Hernandez, Ernie Hernandez was telling same to a reporter at the Brownsville Herald.  There was no need for any employee within the DA's office to leak anything because Ernie Hernandez was already discussing it with the Herald.  It was all over the courthouse.

But facts always elude pathological liars.

A SIDE NOTE:  Some years back I warned a Brownsville businessman to not tie his business to the endless lies and defamation of the convicted drunk.  I warned him his business would be sued.  He ended up being sued 4 times by different people.  At least in my  case his business insurance coverage ended up paying to get the business man and the convicted drunk released from the lawsuit for defamation.  In all $60,000 was paid, by two different insurance companies.

Pay attention Zeke you idiot - by paying this drunk through your ads, you have exposed your LLC.  And to be clear to you Zeke, you have no say in what your insurance company chooses to do.  They will do what is best for them regardless of how it impacts your business.  Some people never, ever learn.

I would personally hope Melissa Zamora would end this by suing Zeke's LLC and the drunk.  She will not.  And the defamation and lies will continue.

Now if DA Saenz wants to convene a grand jury to learn how people found out about the result, his first witness needs to be himself.  He needs to tell the grand jury everyone he told who had no need to know.  If my sources are to be believe, his mouth ran over big time. 

You happy now Zeke.  Saenz you deserve every bit of bad press you get.


Here is how the grand jury works since the alleged journalist does not seem to know. When a potential defendant is called before a grand jury, and the grand jury takes no action the first thing any DA does is inform the possible defendant that the grand jury took no action. This is standard practice. The reality is DA Saenz probably told several people on his staff of this fact. Once the alleged defendant is told no action was taken, he or she is free to tell the world. There is no secrecy.

The reality is, by the time I got to the courthouse, people all over the courthouse knew the grand jury took no action against Ernie Hernandez.  There was no secret.  The information was public information.  There is no rule which bars DA Saenz or Ernie Hernandez from telling the world.

But when you have no story, which more often than not is what Juanito publishes, you make one up.

He says he does not believe Melissa Zamora was my source, but in his original story on my source the first comment he published was, it was Melissa Zamora.  He expects people to believe they never saw it.

DA Saenz told numerous people there was no action taken, both inside his office and outside his office, if my source if to be believed.  This source has never failed me.  And for the record, I did not go with the story after the first person told me, I chose to go to a reliable source to verify it.

The courthouse is like Peyton Place.  If you were in the courthouse when I was you knew the grand jury took no action.  DA Saenz announced it to both staff members and non staff members.  There is no secrecy issue.  He had a legal duty to inform any targets of the non-action.  They had no legal obligation to not speak.  Non-action means non-action - nothing stops Guz Garza from going back with more evidence and trying again.

But let's step back for a second and pretend we are not stoned drunk.  Ernie Hernandez verified in the Herald he was not indicted - which - here it comes - the grand jury therefore took no action against him.

The problem with the drunk is, he was not out of bed early enough to be at the courthouse to hear what happened.  So he just makes up a stupid story about secrecy when in fact there was no secrecy - it had become common knowledge.

When he was too lazy to get out of bed for the first 8 Liner press release he ran the same bogus story to the point of saying DA Saenz told him I accosted him in front of the sheriff, ICE, and the police - and no one chose to arrest me.  With numerous cameras running, press everyone - and no one saw it.  If this guy were to tell me DNA testing showed he is a male, I would want to investigate the lab which did the testing.  Nothing he ever says is ever reliable.

His writing is so bizarre he claims I revealed my source, but then claims he believes it was not Melissa Zamora - so then please tell the world - who was my source since I revealed my source.  He cannot, because he does not know.  Why?  Because the source was not revealed.

The problem is real simple - had he been out of bed and in the courthouse by 10 a.m. he would have heard the same story I heard.  It is really that simple.

And for the record, if Zeke Silva is not involved in these type matters, why has he been at the press conferences on the 8 Liners?  Ah, the drunk would  not know that because he was still in bed and never made it to any of the press conferences.

I am convinced that Zeke Silva got an earful over the latest false claims by this guy.  But Saenz deserves this mess - he hired Zeke Silva and now he has to live with that decision.

This blogger goes after Commissioner Hernandez for hiring someone with a criminal history, but then turns a blind eye to  the fact that DA Saenz did the same thing in the hiring of Zeke Silva - his mind is so far gone he cannot see just how stupid he looks with his double standard.

I am certain DA Saenz will stay in this Peyton Place soap opera for a long time.  He seems clueless how he got there.

Just for the record, would not a real journalist tell his readers that this Zeke Silva he seeks to protect is paying him for an ad.  Or is he providing a free ad in exchange for information?  Either way, this ad proves DA Saenz's deserves to be in the middle of this soap opera.  His so called loyal  friend and employee is paying the drunk to make DA Saenz look inept.

As is always the case with Juanito every word he prints is bought and paid for.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Saenz hired a man with a criminal history to work for him? Wow! So much for the BS that Saenz is a honest DA with integrity. Guess he sold his soul to those who help elect him. Very Sad to Hear! Luis Saenz is just like Armando Villalobos!

BobbyWC said...

For the record, I have always opposed and always will oppose punishing people with a felony conviction after they complete their sentence of probation.

I personally find an inherent injustice in such laws. But it is not lost on anyone that this paid for blogger condemns Ernie Hernandez for hiring someone with a criminal history while seemingly praising DA Saenz for the same thing.

For your consideration

Anonymous said...

It's simple. You pay for advertising on his site and he won't print anything bad about you. Looong after the elections are over Abel Gomez is still paying for his ad in order to keep his skeletons in the closet. Now you have Zeke running an ad and just look at the type of stories being run. What surprises me is that Begum, after all the shit RR printed about his mom, is now running an ad. Birds of a feather......

BobbyWC said...

Those in the need to know, know full well what is happening. If you remember when he got to open about it with Masso, he pulled a story.

Ernie Hernandez knows all too well how it works- he refused to pay so the drunk took up sides with Begum.

The drunk told Rick Zayas after the election had he paid, maybe the election would have gone otherwise.

I can assure you - people he need to know - know - the only question is - are they willing to interview the victims who can attest to the reality.

It may be too small to care - but maybe not.

The game is on - we shall see

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Comments which accuse people of being felons when they are not, do not get through at the BV. Also the comment must have some semblance of coherency - you failed at both tests.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work... Love, Love, Love you for always standing up to injustice.