Friday, June 14, 2013



Ozuna refused to admit to wrong doing and told Judge Leal that the no contest plea was Carlos Masso's and not hers.  One thing lead to another and the judge set the matter for trial.  Margarita Ozuna was nearly out the  door when Masso stopped her, and then to my amazement with me sitting there to hear everything, told her how it would be.

More to come - be patient.

Masso got Ozuna to go back before the judge and then the judge tried again.  It was a no go.  In papers filed with the court Ozuna refused to take responsibility for her actions.

Judge Leal admonished Masso that this case needed to be set for trial.

Masso tried again to explain things to Ozuna - the translator explained everything again.

In the end she got one year in county jail, probated for one year, $250.00 fine, court costs, required ESL classes, regular employment, no election activities during the probation period, and 100 hours community service.


If Ozuna violates the terms of probation any competent attorney will be able to have the verdict voided.  Once she said the no contest plea was Masso's and not hers, her plea became worthless.  I will not fault Judge Leal.  It was a three ring circus.  Judge Leal went over the accusations several times and finally got Ozuna to plead no contest  to the claims and to not dispute the evidence.

But, Judge Leal never went over the accusation that the no contest plea was Carlos Masso's and not Ozuna's.  If a motion to revoke probation is ever filed, the plea will be worthless and we will be back to stage one.


Anonymous said...

Why did the judge accept the plea of no contest, when it sounds like OZUNA wanted to contest the charges? Doesn't the Judge have an obligation to the Defendant to make sure that they are guilty before assessing punishment?

Why did attorney Masso let his client get punished for something she claims she did not do?

Why did the prosecutor agree to let this play out without objection?

Was OZUNA forced to plea, and did the whole system fail her as a defendant?

How do we even know if she was really guilty? Where is the certainty and finality in what happened in Court?

This is all very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Masso and others don't want her to testify. Remember she was one of his politiqueras, so it's in Massos' best interest if she takes a deal. It may be possible that Janet Leal used her as well...who knows. Without a trial we'll never know.