Friday, June 14, 2013


Most people are just now becoming aware of the fact there was a major crash on 77. They had just closed the highway about 1:50 p.m. when I was heading to the VA in Harlingen. As they were putting us on the feeder road, it was very visible as someone was pumping the little girl's chest. She was laid out in the middle of the highway.

No one deserves the pain this family is suffering - but why was she not in a seat belt.  I am so tied of the parents who endanger their children every day because a booster seat and or seat belt is an inconvenience.  Bela does not get in my car unless she is in her booster seat.

Here is the deal.  The municipal judges and JP's have to develop a zero tolerance for this nonsense.  If a  driver gets a  ticket for no seat belt on a minor, the penalty should be the max - no ifs and or buts.  If the child is under 10, the law needs to be changed to include child endangerment.

I am sorry for this family's loss and pain - but they made the decision to not put this child in a proper restraint.

I am so tired of all the excuses we make for the adults - while the children suffer.


Anonymous said...

You are kinder than me on this issue but I am a former medic and EMT. If a person can drink, get into a vehicle, then get charged with manslaughter if that person hits and kills someone despite being mentally impaired due to alcohol consumption and yet a parent with all their faculties working knowingly puts a child in a vehicle but fails to attach the proper vehicle restraints to a child, that parent should be charged with manslaughter; as a child, especially infants, have no say and may not be old enough to know better. It is like giving a loaded gun for a child to handle and then being surprised when the gun goes off. So, if you think it is bad seeing it while driving by, try being the one providing treatment.

There was an accident on I-30 this year where neither parent had a driver’s license, where one child was not in a required booster seat since one was not found in the car, and where three other children did not appear to have seatbelts on. That car was then in an accident, where three of the four children died, including the youngest not in the booster seat, and a fourth child was critically injured but yet the only criminal charges that came out of that accident and three inexcusable deaths, when six people were packed in a car designed to hold five people, where two tickets. One ticket was issued for no booster seat and one ticket was issued for the driver not having a driver’s license. I know because I checked.

Anonymous said...

Hey MORAN! Where do you want the extra people in the car to ride. On the hood of the car? Law does not limit the bodies in the car, just that all seatbelts in the car are used. If no more seatbelt available, then where is violation? With the manufacture for not putting in extra seatbelts?

Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

So you leave the 4 year old unsecure - yes I am certain no one considers you credible.

Bobby WC