Monday, June 3, 2013


To my new readers, Healthsmart is a $14.3 million lawsuit filed by BISD, and then dismissed after the majority changed, and Trustees Lucy Longoria and Cristina Saavedra were elected to form a majority with Enrique  Escobedo and Cata Presas-Garcia.  All  four worked with convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, who was hired by Ted Parker of Healthsmart, to insure the lawsuit was dismissed.

Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla did the same thing in Lubbock.  Unlike the Brownsville Herald, the Lubbock newspaper reported on the conspiracy and Ted Parker and his company were eventually forced to pay the city of Lubbock nearly $5,000 in settlement and sanctions.

BISD got nothing.  When Longoria, Escobedo, Saavedra and Presas-Garcia voted to dismiss the lawsuit claiming it was costing too much, law firms were lined up to represent BISD for free, unless BISD won or settled.

It is not disputed Enrique Escobedo took money from Ted Parker under the guise of a campaign donation.

This is the issue Minerva Peña is trying to get heard at Tuesday's BISD meeting.

[1] The Healthsmart lawsuit

[2] Understanding the Healthsmart Con Job.

[3] A Connect the Dots on Healthsmart

[4] FBI drops Healthsmart Investigation against Healthsmart and City of Lubbock Officials. Feb. 2. 2012. But key here in relationship to Brownsville is how Ted Parker did business.


¶ 109 - This paragraph contains the text message of Ted Parker which shows his use of inside information to be able to bid on the COL contract. The text message is not disputed. This is how Ted Parker does business, and it is fair to assume this is how he did business in Brownsville. Healthsmart continues to fight release of the Lubbock audit which shows it alleged wrongdoing. The matter is before both the Dallas and Travis county courts of appeal.



Defenbaugh was hired by Presas-Garcia, Luci Longoria, Enrique Escobedo, and Cristina Saavedra to do a hatchet job on certain employees who would not play along.  This matter is now in civil court.  There is also a criminal investigation into the matter.


To put this into context, you must remember that Defenbaugh was also hired by Ted Parker of Healthsmart.  While BISD was suing Healthsmart, BISD Trustee Presas-Garcia pushed to hire Ted Parkers attorney Barr to represent her, and Ted Parkers auditor Defenbaugh.

Below is the Defenbaugh audit of BISD. It is a $250,000 fraud and Defenbaugh's own email recommending Commendation for Rey Arteaga proves it.

On page 9 within the Executive Summary Defenbaugh outlines accusations of criminal wrongdoing against Rey Arteaga. After finding the claims to be unfounded Defenbaugh, so as to not offend Presas-Garcia then finds "multiple deficiencies and significant shortcomings." On this issue Defenbaugh could not list one thing to support his findings.

Unfortunately for Defenbaugh there is his email with his true findings.

In the email Defenbaugh states Rey Arteaga should be commended for how he runs the Maintenance Department.

The evidence shows that the Defenbaugh audit is not credible and that in fact through Defenbaugh's own email shows the final report was altered as to Rey Artiaga to accommodate someone. Remember it was Rey who refused to hire Trustee Luci Longoria's son. It was Rey who refused to waste taxpayer money removing a door to Hector Gonzales office which Luci Longoria claimed had been hexed.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, why is it that you are the only one willing to expose these ratas? How come the other bloggers who claim to adore Brownsville just look the other way? Self benefit?

What will it take to get justice for our children? Who will bring them to justice?

You are doing a great service to the taxpayers. I hope there are wonderful people at BISD who help you with your investigations. They can remain anonymous so long as they are willing to help. Bless them and you.

Again thank you and God bless you always.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the EEOC suit for RA is Rey Arteaga. Good bet in my opion

BobbyWC said...

It is possible - I do not know.

Bobby WC