Friday, June 28, 2013


It is in fact true that Ernie Hernandez appeared before the grand jury this week related to the employment of his brother-in-law - Cadriel. I hate grand jury leaks - but they are what they are.

It took a bit of doing - but I learned from very reliable sources that the grand jury took no action after hearing the evidence presented by Guz Garza.


The entire matter is a constructive conspiracy.  More often than I care to admit, people will come to me and tell me they did me a favor at the political level and now they expect something.  I cannot control what people do without my consent or knowledge.  I am not accountable for their actions.  By me refusing the quid pro quo they get the message - I will not play.

I believe low level employees at the county decided that if they helped Cadriel they could later gain favor with Ernie Hernandez - hence the constructive conspiracy.  In my opinion this is why no evidence has ever been found against Ernie Hernandez on this issue.

People need to know the entire story.  The entire story is - the grand jury took no action.


Anonymous said...

I hate to be the reliable source you say you have to make your post true or more credible. I know you just got that person in deep trouble. 2+2=4 and people know how to add who your source is.

BobbyWC said...

Do tell, who is my source? I would love an investigation because I think Saenz will be the only one shocked to learn who spilled the beans

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Was it Melissa the PIO?

BobbyWC said...

No, Melissa unlike Zeke is a professional and is not going to compromise her job or her boss's reputation by being a source.

Saenz is very, very confused about loyalty. Yes, Zeke helped him in his campaign - that help included putting out false claims and Masso harassing him and his family in his neighborhood - that should have told Saenz a lot about Zeke - but it told him nothing.

Loyalty is a 2 way street - Zeke has no loyalty to Saenz - otherwise he would stop working with Juanito who seeks to undermind Saenz and his staff with endless lies - it is causing moral problems within his staff and Saenz does not seem to care.

By the time Saenz realizes Zeke knows nothing about loyalty it will probably be too late

Bobby WC

Former county employee said...

Well, no wonder the grand jury did not come back with a "true bill" against that snake, Ernie Hernandez? If it was Gus Garza presenting the evidence? That means the grand jury felt that Gus Garza' spanking attitude in his presentation carried no weight? I have seen Gus Garza prosecute a case and he "SUCKS," pure and simple! If I was a grand juror? I am sure that I would be sitting there going like, "get over it." You see, Gus Garza with his Hitler moustache, se crea chingon! Is this Luis Saenz' way of covering the snake by getting Gus to present? Ernie Hernandez is a crook!

BobbyWC said...

The BV reported months ago that Gus Garza was only able to find evidence of an employee being involved. Had the investigators found something it would have been presented - this was just not Gus Garza - also the FBI was involved

They simply found no evidence. No if you want to accuse the FBI of being part of this coverup so be it.

Now if the FBI redo the investigation and they obtain an indictment of Commissioner Hernandez then it will be fair to say the FBI will never trust Saenz again.

But I think they are done

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I bet that cat that was indicted and arrested thinks the grand jury took some action.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Zeke's company has an ad on Montoya's blog?

Anonymous said...

Why can't charges be filed against Zeke for leaking information to Juan?

BobbyWC said...

First of all I do not know if Zeke leaked anything - I do know DA Saenz is concerned about the issue. I know of one felony ADA tired of the show and who is ready to go into private practice.

Further, I do not know anything was secret - when someone walks out of the grand jury room there are people there who can see it - not much of a secret.

When the DA calls the lawyer of a man who is a target to tell him no action was taken or calls the man who is the target no action was taken - it then becomes public knowledge.

Trust me, I am sure within minutes of Hernandez or his attorney learning of the no action they were telling people. No law prohibited them from telling people no action was taken.

All that is confidential is what is said before the grand jury.

I know of no one who has said a word of what was said during the grand jury proceedings.

This entire story line of leaks as to the grand jury is bogus. It is a made up story.

Unfortunately for Zeke Silva DA Saenz is not happy with how his office is looking stupid.

Zeke Silva's decision to take an ad with this blogger makes it impossible for him to now tell Saenz he is not helping this blogger

It was a very, very stupid move.

Bobby WC