Tuesday, June 18, 2013


My sources are telling me the BV's post from this morning about violation of the Open Meetings Act went directly to Sossi. I think we now know the result of that meeting.

But in fairness here is the official reasoning being given by the city.

" To all:

In concurrence with Mayor Martinez and Commissioner Rose Gowen, who co-sponsored the special city commission scheduled for this evening, the meeting has been postponed. Due diligence is still in the process of completion so that detailed information can be provided to the city commission.

Thank you."

City Secretary

Other sources within the city told me this morning that no one was being provided any information about the costs or if this could be done in  a way which benefits the city.

Here is the deal - until UT decides on the new university and its needs, why is Juliet Garcia spending money which is not hers to find a home for her staff?


Anonymous said...

Spending money that is not her's? Hell, she does not even have a job. There will one, and only one, President of UT what ever the hell they come up with, and will not be it. Maybe she can go back to teaching.

Anonymous said...

If due diligence had not been completed why was it even placed on the agenda, and meeting requested and then later removed or postponed by the same people who placed it on the agenda. It doesn't make sense could they fear that this issue may negatively impact their hopes in the coming election. I do not believe that the Open Meetings Violation had any effect on their decision, it is a non-issue for these people as the remedy is to just redo the matter in a proper manner. Other issues are concerning them, but what?

BobbyWC said...

More so than anything else what I am hearing is he did not have the votes - and yes - you can redo an open meetings violation - but just before an election that is not a smart approach -

I think he did not want the potential problems with an open meetings violation along with no certainly about the vote.

People I know close to John Villarreal said he would not even tell them how he was going to vote.

Others said he was all over the fence

who knows

The most important thing is, it is stopped for now - and hopefully my letter will raise issues in Austin.

To the deleted post - I do not promote con artists - the BV will never agree to help a con artist even when we are on the same side

having said that I made sure my readers had the email for the General Counsel for a reason

Bobby WC