Wednesday, June 5, 2013



Jury gives Adrian Barrera 25 years.


Harlingen resident Ramiro Barron III, 27, pleaded for his life as he was shot three times in the back.

A  jury in the 138th state District Court today found Harlingen resident Adrian Barrera guilty of the November 2011, murder. Barrera, 28, faces five to 99 years, or life, in prison for the first-degree felony. The defendant is not eligible for probation. The jury will decide his fate.

"Barron had previously taken a gun from Barrera's friend

Barrera drove his friend to find Barron so to recover the gun. An armed Barrera confronted the victim, and he demanded that he return the gun.

The victim then returned the gun, and begged Barrera not to kill him. Barrera still fired after recovering the gun shooting the unarmed Barron in the back three times.
Barrera later threatened his friend and two other passengers in his truck who witnessed the murder. He threatened them and their families if they spoke a word to anyone about the shooting.

Even after the victim returned the gun, that wasnt enough,District Attorney Luis V. Saenz said. Barrera proceeded to senselessly shoot an unarmed man in the back three times.

Assistant District Attorneys Gustavo Ch. Garza and Art Teniente prosecuted the case.


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Anonymous said...

You should have covered this trial Bobby? It was more interesting than the Armando Villalobos trial? Only because we know that Armando Villalobos was corrupted, pure and simple! In this trial, you would have learned that there were four suspects arrested in this case. Three got their charges dismissed on the Murder. One plead guilty to Deadly Conduct, put on probation, violated and then before he was revoked, the charge was dismissed by Judge Arturo Nelson with the blessing of ADA's Gus Garza and Art Teniente. This opened the three to testify against Mr. Barrera. All three admitted that they did not see the shooting and only heard it. There was not real physical evidence to put Mr. Barrera as the shooter other than Mr. Barrera admitting but in self defense. It just surprised me that there were three others responsible for the Murder but got to walk in order to testify against the only one left charged?