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If journalist where anything but a bunch of crock, there would be no need for blogs. Tony Martinez and Juliet Garcia balk again and the Herald remains silent. Where is the story about what is happening? No where to be found. Where are the Sarkis' people? "Vote for me if you love Brownsville." No where to be found.

Martinez put all real estate deals on hold until UT finishes their negotiations with TSC.  The UT Board of Regents must approve any deal.  Their meeting is July 10, 2013.   My source was clear - the decision was based on a desire to allow TSC and UT to finish their negotiations first.  Where is the story?  UT had a lot to lose had they continued with their childish game of pitting the TSC against the COB.

I will trust the result of Thursday's TSC meeting.  The current TSC Board has stood with the people in the past when it came to UT.  We might not get everything we want, but we can be assured this Board will find the best possible deal.

If UT does not agree to pay the back rent, the people are still free to fight for the money.  Now, I know Brownsville - the people will fight for nothing other than their right to post anony comments to the Internet - and to be frank with you - I am not sure the people would even fight for that.

One person contacted me about doing the ad as I suggested.  I have not heard from them since.  I am certain when they tried to raise money for the ad they quickly learned none would be forthcoming.


To put this in context.  For the same crimes which got Abel Limas convicted and headed for federal prison, the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct gave him a private reprimand.

For nearly some of the same acts - no evidence of bribes though - the Commission on Judicial Conduct gave Ben Neece a private reprimand. The allegation involved Ben Neece converting a felony DWI into a misdemeanor for a paid propagandist who at the time was printing lies to the internet to help Ben Neece make money in the Art Rendon case.  Ben Neece was allowed to negotiate down to private reprimand for allowing his office to be used to raise money for the paid propagandist while he sat in jail.  No reprimand for converting a felony charge into a misdemeanor charge.  The propagandist who also blogs, in the course of about a year received three DWI's and one reckless driving along with one of the DWI's.


On the border many poor peope do not realize notaries cannot practice law.  Many notaries take advantage of this confusion.  In writing Linda Salazar told the parties in her  court they should hire notaries to help file their lawsuits.  This of course was illegal.

In this  case the Commission on Judicial Conduct did not even give her a private reprimand - they dismissed the investigation based on proof Linda Salazar stopped the practice and promised to not do it again.

A judge - by her own actions promote criminal conduct - and the Commission on Judicial Conduct says - okay since you promised to stop promoting criminal conduct we will let you off.

As I have said a million times - the legal system in Texas and the entities deemed to oversee the system are hopelessly corrupt.  Abel Limas and Armando Villalobos did not just happened - they were made by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct and the State Bar of Texas.


The BV will be back about 9 to 9:10 a.m. to post on the Supreme Court decisions concerning gay marriage

We expect the Supreme Court to hold DOMA unconstitutional.  How they handle the California case is unknown.  The worse case scenario for gay rights advocates is, the Court finds Proposition 8 unconstitutional and limits the ruling to California.  - Hey, but a win is a win.

My only interest at this time is to see how Chief Justice Roberts rules in the DOMA case.  Will he put his legacy ahead of his politics?  Will he choose to be on the wrong side of history and rule in favor of DOMA.  It is no small thing when the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court rules in a way which denies liberty to a group which has now won those liberties all over the world.  Such a ruling would have the US Supreme Court Chief Justice saying to the world - the US people have  fewer liberties than the rest of the world.

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