Friday, June 21, 2013


My system will not allow me to adjust the size of the ad - just click here and you will see the entire ad.

This ad could actually bring Sarkis votes which otherwise would not have been cast. It is a good thing a private citizen took out the ad. Citizen participation is always a good thing. But the problem is, this type ad should have been put out starting last January. The citizen advocate is assuming people will read the ad. A clear narrative which can change things takes weeks of repetition.

While the ad sends a clear message, it may be too late.  I do think it will make the election a lot closer than I previously believed it would be.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, you DO know Juan A. Montoya lives at 1501 Old Port Isabel Rd., right?

Kind of a coinky-dinky, no?

Makes one wonder what the penalty is for false disclaimers on political ads...

BobbyWC said...

I have your post - there are even more interesting parts - but I have other documents which show it to be different - I am being evasive in my post for a reason.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

See my separate post on this - his address according to court documents changed to Weslaco street

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Actually this makes a lot of sense. For months now, PUB employees have been rumoring that the execs at PUB are closing shop on their own scams to enhance the air of legitamacy in pulling of one last score. In other words PUB is going down. The water and waste water department may go to a Spanish based private company while the electrical system and maybe the Navigation District is going to the Hunt Bros. Everyone is in place. An 800 megawatt tombstone has been commissioned and Tenaska is the heir apparent. Let's see if Debbie makes the big push to get PUB Board member Oscar Jr. into Cabler's spot.