Thursday, May 9, 2013

Federal Judge Hanen has granted the BV leave to blog the trial live.  This is a new adventure in blogging.  I will be using a TMobile 4G LTE Internet connection, as provided by Rudy at TMobile.  I have no idea what to expect.  I can only hope the signal makes it through the walls of the federal courtroom.  I assume during lunch I will be charging my laptop battery in my car.

I will not know until I am sitting there if the  connection is going to work.  If it  does I will update about every 10 minutes.  Testimony will not start right away.  The lawyer for the DOJ will get an opening statement.  Hopefully he is smart enough to keep it short.  Juries find opening statements to be boring and a form of grandstanding.  A simple map of what they should expect is all that is needed in an opening statement.  Villalobos' attorney will probably reserve his opening statement until the defense - I hope.

I will not be  taking comments on innocence or guilt.  Comments on the credibility of the evidence will also be rejected.  The jury has been told to not read the papers, watch the news or read the blogs.  Some of the jury members will ignore the instruction.  The BV will not be used to sway the evidence in one  direction or the other.

The BV's goal is to simply provide as much of the testimony as possible.  Editing will not be a top priority.  Things will be moving fast.  My primary concern is to report the  testimony accurately. As time permits I will go back and do spell check and correct grammar - but during the testimony all that will matter is that I get the testimony correct.

When legal issues occur I will explain what is happening.  I am certain I will be approving some comments - but I will have to see how it goes.  I am going to be very careful to not allow for anything which could bias the jury.  I will also be very protective of the jury. 

Here is the governments list of exhibits.

It is very interesting

I am not going to say what has been in posts I have been rejecting, but someone wants a story line concerning Armando Villalobos' wife and her attendance of medical school in Matamoros.  They may finally get their story.  The exhibits show it will be an issue during trial.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your service.....however I sincerely doubt you will get a cell connection from within the building..

BobbyWC said...

Emma is getting a connection - she is tweeting - if I do not I will use the breaks and lunch to go outside and update - but Emma is getting a connection.

I can also tell you people are getting connections in the state court house

So it is anyone's guess - I will not know until I try.

If I am not able to update every 10 minutes - then I will update during breaks and lunch and the end of the day

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks bro

Anonymous said...

Why does it matter if Villalobos' wife went to Medical School in Matamoros?

BobbyWC said...

I do not know- but the government is making an issue of it - based on receipts - we shall find out

Bobby WC