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While John Villarreal does not always vote with Tony Martinez, because of Tony's help during the campaign it is fair to say he will become a more reliable vote.  Tony does not need Portillo to maintain control of the city commission - he now has it - regardless of what happens in the run-off.


The reality is, we do not yet know who will be in the run-off with Portillo.  There is the question of the provisional ballots, if any, and a possible recount.  If a recount is requested unless the provisional ballots create a tie, the recount will have to be paid for by the candidate requesting same.

As the BV noted weeks ago, Portillo has been holding her money for the run-off.  Sarkis has zero chance of beating Portillo in a run-off.  Tony Martinez and his clan will make mince meat of Sarkis.  So the bottom line reality is Portillo has already won.

Sarkis does not win the award  for being very bright.  Everyone knew Portillo took the lead from day one.  She had the advantage of being a Latina, and the political machine of Tony Martinez.  When Sarkis attacked Leo Rosales with lies he basically hung himself.  Very few if any of Leo's supporters will switch sides and now vote for Sarkis.  It was a down right unethical and stupid move by a very stupid man.


Some people will call the low turn out apathy by the voters.  Def. "Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern."  There is a great concern by the people.  I voted a blank ballot, are you saying I lack interest?  More people voted than the total votes received in the at large election.  This means some people voted in the district 3 or 4 elections, but chose to not vote in the at large election.  Did these people show a lack on interest? 


Those using the word apathy to describe the turn out are substantively advocates of compulsory voting which is anything but democratic.  Staying home and not voting by choice shows as much interest as going to the polls.

Why should people vote for people who they believe are not competent or good  for the city to avoid being accused of being apathetic? 


She lost by a landslide.  It was not her first run for office.  Among educated voters people know her.  They know her from her incoherent ramblings at the city commission meetings.  Trust me Tony Martinez  did her a favor by keeping the cameras off.  Had the cameras still be running, it would have been an even bigger slaughter.

Letty Gazoria was so poorly received even by the blind female vote, she could not even get their vote.  Her candidacy broke a long series of elections wherein the Latina wins.  Social media did not help her - it promoted her paranoia and endless foolishness.

People can blame Tony Martinez for the low turn-out, but the reality is the low turn out is a reflection on the candidates.  The candidates failed to give the people a reason to vote.  The candidates need to man up and take responsibility for the low turn-out.


The loss by Letty, Uresti, and undecided race between Sarkis and Rosales shows several things - The BUC is worthless when it comes to endorsements.  Their organization could not get their membership engaged in the election.  An endorsement by the BUC is the equivalent of a death-nail to a campaign.

Sarkis got 404 votes with their help.  Rosales got 402 votes without their help.  Cheezemeh has 14,575 followers and could only turn out 404 votes for their candidate.  Cheezemeh maybe has 500 followers.  As the BV has already  documented - Facebook is being sued because of the ease in creating fake followers.  In fact a simple google search teaches con artists how to create thousands of fake followers.  I have read how to do it - in 2 months I could create a Facebook page with 20,000 followers - they would be fake, but Facebook allows  for it - which is why they are being sued.


He simply has no sense of budgets, taxes or policies.  But he is connected to his community.  He seems to think a title is necessary to be effective.  I would submit elected officials do far less than the 1000's of unsung heroes who work day in and day out to make their community better.

He says he wants to help his community - if this is true, then he needs to keep on doing what he is doing and stop wasting time seeking elective office.  He has made a difference in his community. 


BobbyWC said...

I have now rejected numerous comments insulting the candidates - the posters are cowards - put your name to your comment -

It blows my mine - any regular reader of the BV knows these type comments will never get through

I guess these posters cannot seem to understand simple rules

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the better candidates won out. Gowen is a Doctor for crying out loud. Villarreal is a hard working college grad. Both were the better of the two options.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to reach out to someone who has been motioned for a mental examination in a prosecution. Arguing would be less fruitful, so I just wish to express my opinion as a concerned constituent of District 3. Brownsville has had a shady electoral history. As a community we suffer as one of the most under-educated regions in the country. Low education may be a factor for our less than average turnout, but political scientist claim it may not be as detrimental as we may believe. To understand this we must focus on the difference between education and voter knowledge. Our first assumption is to make a direct correlation between the two, but in truth voter knowledge is driven by personal beliefs and the overall motivation to engage civically within one’s district.
This post is not only incorrect, but it is damaging towards our community as a whole. Blatant lies about candidates will only hinder our citizen’s motivation, in turn affecting our voting turn-out. I agree blogs exist to investigate the underbelly of candidates and are a necessity to inform voters, but honesty is the best policy. Having researched the candidate’s, I believe Portillo is not the alcoholic, party girl she’s been portrayed to be by the blogs. I do believe she is an under-qualified candidate. Her lack of political engagement in previous elections and in her own is evidence to her under-qualification. She is a young woman who is blessed to have been born into a financially stable family. It is not her fault she has been handed opportunities in successful businesses, but Brownsville isn’t thriving.
Martin Sarkis is the best candidate, and he is one of us. This blog accuses him of being under-qualified for filing for bankruptcy, but I when I investigated his situation, I realized Sarkis removed himself from bankruptcy within 3 months. If anything he has the experience to pull us out of unfavorable contracts within the commission. Sarkis wants clarification in our commission and will not be manipulated by unfavorable policies. Sarkis ran an honest campaign. He has never criticized Rosales or his supporters, so I don’t understand why you’re attempted to pin Leo’s supporters against Sarkis. I believe Leo and Sarkis could do great work together. When files against Portillo’s unethical campaign contributions were made, Sarkis stated he wanted a clean election and expressed sympathy rather than insult to Portillo. Sarkis has won my support because he truly cares for our city as a whole not only his constituents which may provide him with the plurality of the vote.
This blog has resonates with our citizens and administering incorrect information is an injustice.