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People love to say, why can't Brownsville be more like McAllen? The real question is, why can't Brownsville and the surrounding cities be more like the McAllen metroplex?  It is no longer McAllen - it is a metroplex tying together all of the surrounding cities into a huge powerhouse metroplex.

If you think Brownsville and the surrounding cities have any hope under Mayor Tony Martinez, consider the following.
This Account Has Been Suspended

The above is what you see when you look at the web page for the Brownsville Airport.  This past weekend a reader went to check on flights to see if they were on time, and learned of the suspended web page.  I would hope that by sometime today the page will be back up.

Brownsville Airport link


Brownsville City Mayor Tony Martinez, and  his troupe of marionette city commissioners bowing to his every demand, has done nothing to help Brownsville.


DA Saenz as a special prosecutor prosecuted a city commissioner from another city for failure to disclose a conflict of interest.  We have the same problem with our current mayor, Tony Martinez.  The question is, will an investigation be initiated?

Here is the BV's original story.


"Tony Martinez's and Horacio Barrera's law firm makes money from Abraham Galonsky. Tony Martinez failed to notify the city commission of this fact as he pushed for a land deal with Galonsky which netted Galonsky more than $2 million."

This is a black and white conflict of interest.  City commissioners at the time confirmed for the BV that at no time did Tony Martinez disclose the conflict of interest.

In this case at this point, DA Saenz would need a special prosecutor because his press person is a material witness.  There is no issue with Melissa Zamora - but DA Saenz rightfully so would want someone outside his office doing the investigation.  At DA Saenz' level there is no claim of cover-up or wrongdoing. 
With this type of conduct at city hall going unpunished how can we expect the city of Brownsville to move forward?


The election where no one ran.  In the race to replace Melissa Zamora we did have two good men in the race - David Belleporte an Leo Rosales.  Either man would have served the city well.  They each would have brought different strengths to the city commission. But in the race was a Tony Martinez plant - Debbie Portillo - she is a rubber stamp vote.  Tony Martinez had no problem getting his friends with money to way over fund her campaign.  This is sad.  Martin Sarkis will be destroyed in the run-offs.  He is anything but clean.  So no matter how you look at it Brownsville goes nowhere.

Against Rose Gowen and John Villarreal two candidates who will never win election were their only opponents.

The people of Brownsville are jaded. People simply do not want to run.  John Villarreal at many levels was an easy target to be removed from the city commission.  No one wanted to be part of the process so no one ran.


When Harlingen was building its airport, the county commissioners should have pushed for a regional airport in San Benito on 77 - supported by Harlingen, San Benito and Brownsville.  Brownsville's airport was dead.  They did not.  No one was thinking metroplex. 

During the last election cycle the FAA announced it was defunding the contract air traffic controllers because of the federal budget problems.  Harlingen was not facing the same problem.  Why?  Their airport in not a shack in the middle of nowhere.

No one during the election raised the issue of the problems at our airport.  Our airport has been abandoned by the city commission.

If you doubt me - explain this

This Account Has Been Suspended

The BV has been pushing for the airport to be move to along 511.  This would solve some of the traffic problems on Boca Chica in terms of the airport.  It would solve the  runway problems - with a new 12,000 runway - it would solve the overcrowding problem - with a new and larger terminal - it would solve the access problem - people could access it through 77 to 511 and 48 to 511.

Money is cheap right now - but to do this might mean raising taxes a bit to pay for the bonds.  The Brownsville City Commission will never do this - so our airport will slowly die - and we will be left to driving to Harlingen.

This is yet another example of elected officials refusing to do the right thing for the long term because they fear raising taxes.  The push for the new airport has to come from the people.


If you have not been to the McAllen metroplex area in a while - you need to go.  It is not McAllen - it is a metroplex.

The city of Brownsville is hopeless - this is why we need the County Commissioners to take the lead.

Now, on the new airport commissioners  court cannot act.  Harlingen is part of the county.  They cannot be acting in a way which hurts Harlingen.  A new Brownsville airport would be in competition with Harlingen.


The county commissioners need to look into commercial development of highway 77 in Harlingen to Brownsville.  This is where you begin.  We have to get to the point where when people drive  from Harlingen to Brownsville it is endless commercial development.  Only the county commissioners can push for this.  Each county commissioner is tied to the cities within the county.  They have the ability to sit down with the various mayors to push for this project.

The majors and county commissioners need to begin to work as a unit, if this is to be accomplished.

While Tony Martinez was busy spending millions on buildings to  donate to one of the wealthiest university systems in the world. Hidalgo county as a unit was working together to raise money to insure part of the new medical school ended up in Hidalgo county.  We all know who won that battle - Hidalgo county.

Hidalgo county understands the metroplex model - this is why they are moving forward an we are not.


Anonymous said...

Yes sir,
Build it and they will come.

Anonymous said...

You are correct in saying that Tony Martinez had a conclict of intrest when he failed to notify the city comissioners of the fact thst his law partner was representing Golonsy in the land deal. This from the man that wanted a code of ethics drawn up by another questionable character Mark Sossi! Where is the infamous code of ethics Tony Martinez demanded for the city commission? What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Sir, do you have an email I can send info to?

BobbyWC said...


Anonymous said...

Good work bobby,don't let the haters get you down.

Anonymous said...

the problem with development along the expressway from olmito to san benito is that it is served, or not served, by the East Rio Hondo Water Corporation. They have been unable to provide sewer to this area. As for the metroplex idea, I have always hoped that a dynamic would develop between Brownsville and Harlingen in a similar manner to that of Dallas and Plano. Brownsville can be the "city" and Harlingen can be the affluent "suburb".
Regarding the airport, maybe the commissioners should push to scrap both airports in favor of the development of a large airport at the Cameron County Airport in Bayview. Although the Laguna Atascosa may block it, it is pretty equidistant from Brownsville, Harlingen, and South Padre Island...believe it, or not.

Anonymous said...

This is correct. However, if an area can't be served by the proper utility district then Brownsville and Harlingen leadership should have been fighting this battle every single day for the last umpteen years. Nobody has the fortitude to fight the good fight. We HAVE NOW and ALWAYS HAD HORRIBLE leadership. We elect people like Zamora and Tetreau who have ZEEERRROOOO business acumen to commissioners seats. We then assume that something will actually get done. Here's the problem.....people vote for who they are told to vote for in CC. They never ask questions of the candidates. Never a real issue brought up, because the public is ill informed and ignorant (poll harvesting and chicken plate voters) for the most part. We don't pay our public officials, so we get people that are in it to win it i.e. steal for themselves. Ask questions, have your friends read this blog, read other information, stop by and watch a city hall meeting (since Tony the Tyrant removed them from public TV) get informed.

BobbyWC said...

On Tetreau I live in the district - there are numerous people I know who have the money who are thinking of going after her. She is not visual to the community - she has no interest in the airport or its surrounding area - which is in her district - Iowa remains a bombed out road - the worlds first impression of Brownsville when they arrive at that shack we call an airport.

On Melissa - district commissioners are different than at large commissioners - the mayor and at larger commissioners are the ones who should be thinking of the bigger picture for Brownsville - not the district commissioners.

I have never rejected a comment on Melissa wherein someone in her district claims she is not accessable or not representing her district

What I have read on other blogs of sexist insults combined with claims she is a do nothing commission - those type comments do not merit consideration

But she is gone now - your choice is Sarkis or Portillo

In effect you have no choice.

I am working on an interesting story on Sarkis - I do not know if it will pan out - I am waiting on the source to deliver the documents - which I can tell you - in so many stories when you tell the source to produce the documents they claim to have - you never hear from them again.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I got off on a rant. Zamora was another rubber stamp. Just like most of these simpletons. They form a small coalition and steal all they can with their majority vote. IMO Mellisa was just that. I've tried to have an intelligent conversation with both of them and it's nearly impossible. Heaven forbid you ask them about the issues or what their platform is.
My point was the constituents are toooo uninformed and ignorant. Not stupid, just ignorant.
I agree, Portillo another clueless rubber stamp and Sarkis an mostly illiterate (English) guy who most likely couldn't keep up at the meetings.
Ohhh the choices....Blank ballot makes sense sometimes. Maybe in protest we should write-in Donald Duck. WTH IDK

BobbyWC said...

This city compells people to rant - it would be unnatural to not rant.

On Melissa - she has voted against Tony many times - in fact she was the first commissioner to verify that Tony never disclose his conflict on the House of Nylon building - she has not voted with him on any of these issues.

On your private conversation I cannot speak to that issue.

But I will say no commissioner whether at large or district or mayor in years have come up with one idea to help the city.

Pat Ahumada pushed the wier dam - but personalities destroyed that - given the draught and how it is only getting worse - we are now paying that price

As I type this we are getting a down pour at my house - lol

Bobby WC