Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I could not find the graphic I wanted so, I thought this one would at least be funny - because it is so true.

Pat Almighty cannot seem to not self destruct.

From Pat trying to convince cheezers he is a victim.

"I opened my store when I was told by the city that it was legal, the DA's office said it was legal, the BPD said it was legal and the Sheriff's Department said it was legal and never closed down any of the stores in Brownsville that have been operating for years and years, giving the preponderance of legality since no law enforcement agency attempted to close any of them down'

There are  two arguments being made - one all relevant law enforcement before DA Saenz took office told him his Sweepstakes business is legal.  The second argument is, since law enforcement never enforced the law in the past, they should not be allowed to enforce the law now.

Pat Almighty is delusional.  Sheriff Lucio is now officially out of the loop.  As a target of the AG concerning politiqueras, and possible target of Homeland Security, quoting Sheriff Lucio does not exactly help you.  It may actually be sinking Sheriff Lucio with Homeland Security.  The DA who told him his business was legal is being tried for bribery starting Monday.  The police chief who told him his business is legal left office under a cloud.  I can just see it now, Pat Almighty calling Villalobos in chains, while on leave from federal prison so he can testify for Pat Almighty.

Pat goes on:

"Guilty before being tried and would not even subject himself to the process layed (sic) out to handle these kind of matters, which was a hearing I asked for before Judge Migdalia Lopez. What was the urgency after many years that Sweepstakes in Cameron County was believed to be legal? Persecution out of hate is not what the people elect DA's for and I want him recused and investigated."

I  did go to the court house to read Pat Almighty's lawsuit.  His lawyer did not file it electronically so it has yet to be uploaded for public viewing.  But I did read the DA's response.  The response seems to indicate that Pat Almighty is challenging the law itself - but I am not sure - the DA's brief at best gets a D+.  In fact the DA's argument about challenging a criminal statute in advance of enforcement is simply dead wrong.  It is done all of the time.  It takes very little evidence to show fear of prosecution to be allowed to sue in advance of arrest.  DA Saenz announced the Sweepstakes were next.  This would be enough for any citizen to try and stop enforcement of the law in a civil proceeding, in advance of any arrest, or setting before the grand jury.

I am still not sure the basis of Pat Almighty's lawsuit - what little I am getting is from a very poorly written response by an ADA.

The bottom line is, had Pat Almighty hired competent counsel, which he did not, his attorney would have immediately gone to the court of appeals to get a TRO when Judge Lopez refused to either grant or deny his  request for a TRO.  Rather than accept he hired incompetent counsel he argues that criminals should be allowed to conduct criminal enterprises until judges in civil cases can get to their defense.  Just too bizarre.

The same basic mistake of not timely going to the court of appeals on mandamus is how Guerra left office as DA of Willacy county. You would think having screwed himself once with his incompetence concerning mandamus relief, he would have learned something - he did not

Dealing with Pat - apparently Pat Almighty believes anyone charged with a crime is automatically guilty.  No Pat - no one has found you guilty.  You have a charge against you - your entire statement either reflects extreme ignorance or extreme paranoia.

Pat Almighty either lies or exhibits extreme paranoia in his statement calling for an investigation against DA Saenz.  This investigation started some 18 months ago - long before DA Saenz was elected.  But now I guess Pat Almighty will argue before the people it is a homosexual communist conspiracy between Homeland Security, the FBI and DA Saenz to claim the investigation started 18 months ago when in fact according to Pat Almighty it started after DA Saenz was elected.

If his attorney had a half of brain, which he does not, he would withdraw as Pat Almighty's attorney and save what is left of his reputation.


In the ongoing battle I have with BISD over PO's which the vendor claims do exist, and BISD claims does not exist, a BISD employee came forward and asked that I disclose his name to the DA.  He will verify the story and in fact the employee is stealing from BISD.

Carl Montoya - remains doing nothing.  Why?


Anonymous said...

Orale Bobby! A BISD Employee will actually stand up and report this shit....if true? Also, do you know if that Moreno guy will be in tomorrow's Technology Committee Meeting at BISD? Who are the people in that Committee? Escobedo? I read on a previous post that a tour of the technology center was provided to this Moreno?

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that the Chief of Police, Sheriff and Saenz in January 2013 said they were not going to mess with the sweepstakes because there was too much grey area. I'm not sure when Pat got his assurances.
It seems only Saenz changed course as of last month on his opinion on sweepstakes. His opinion on 8 liners when he was running was he "wanted to chase real criminals". I'll believe the alleged Cartel connection when a law agency proves it.
However, if Pat can read the newspaper he'd realize that Saenz wasn't bashful about saying sweepstakes were next. After witnessing him as mayor I believe he could use illiteracy as a defense.

BobbyWC said...

I would love to see a quote by Saenz on 8 liners - but the bottom line is Homeland Security is after something - $350 million in not chump change

You know one are they move their money is through paying too much for land. In Mexico the locate winners of the lotter and pay a lot more than the prize and then cash in the ticket themselves .

land is was over priced in Cameron county because of the drug cartels moving the money through while paying a lot more than top dollar - it is hard to prove because they make monthly cash payments to the land owners over many months or even years.

Bobby WC