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The BV has always been document driven and about identifying the problem and looking for a solution.


Long before any companies created what has become known as blogspots, I ran an online blog known as Balancing the Issues.  For years I had thousands of readers reading about national issues.  I did not have a comment section, like I have now, but my readers could email me, and I would post their comments.

Then came blogspot by google. To begin - journalist  because by nature they are archaic and not very good about thinking outside the box, have effectively bankrupted the industry.  Every major city had 2-3 papers, and now most only have 1-  NYC is a major exception.

As the BV has documented in the past, the American people do not trust journalist to be truth tellers. 

Any good blogger is not a journalist - it is an old model which should have been put to bed a long  time ago.

There is no real definition of what a blogger is, beyond someone who posts comments or pictures to the Internet through a blog.

The BV has always been concerned with a Supreme Court decision known as New York Times v. Sullivan - while journalist will never agree - the decision effectively killed journalism.  It opened the door to lying and no accountability.  I know it angers people, but the BV has always rejected comments which accuse people by name of criminal conduct. 

Until the BV can verify the claim it is going nowhere.  Journalist are more inclined to play this game and then call it "substantial truth." State judges are too lazy to carefully read the briefs and deem calling God a child molester substantial truth and allow the papers to get away with out right lies.  This is why the majority of American people find journalists are not truth tellers, as a profession.

The BV has always been concerned with the news media claiming immunity from prosecution when their reporters  conspire with government employees to disclose top secret information.  The BV does not buy it - if the journalist gets caught they should go to jail just like the government employee.  What makes journalists better than the rest of us?

Having said that - journalist should not have to give up their source - the government needs to  do a better job controlling their employees.

If the BV gets a great story which involves criminal conduct by a federal or state agency and the BV has the solid evidence - the BV does not go with it.  I wait until law enforcement can go its job. If they do not, then the BV goes with the story.  I am actually sitting on 2 stories like this right now.

Years back I did this when I discovered 2 city employees were using city credit  cards  for personal business.  Pete Gonzales asked that I give him time on the open records request so as not to tip off the employees by me doing a story.  I agreed.  The employees were eventually arrested and fired.

Charlie Cabler then went on TV  and announced his office  discovered the crime through its auditor's office.  Unfortunately for Charlie Cabler I had the proof from Pete Gonzalez that the BV discovered the criminal conduct.

A good community blogger does not run with a story because it makes a good headline.  A good community blogger works with law enforcement to arrest public servants who violate the law.

Bloggers have evolved beyond the antiquate ways of journalists.


The above document shows the increase in the DA's budget during the Villalobos years.  What you see is a big increase in the budget provided for by Commissioners Court.  What you also see is when forfeiture money went up, hiring went up and dependence on the forfeiture money went up.

What you also see is a major increase in the DA's budget.  As Commissioners Court gave more money to the DA's office the dependency on the forfeiture money went down.  This is good.

I will be updating this later - right now I have to get ready for the VA clinic.

But here is the deal - DA Saenz needs to take a hard look at his needs and come up with a viable budget which Commissioners Court can live with.

My sources are telling me that DA Saenz is working hard to have a good relationship with Commissioners Court.  He does have support for his needs.

During the trial of Villalobos we learned the problem.  This data shows how when the DA's budget went up,  dependency on forfeiture money  went down.

DA Saenz and  Commissioners Court need to continue in this direction.  If they do, I believe DA Saenz will have what he needs.  I think Commissioners Court does not want a repeat of the Villalobos years.  But it is also incumbent on DA Saenz to take a hard look at his needs, and make sure Commissioners Court has a good understanding of same.

SIDE NOTE:  The current Commissioners Court is not the one which terribly underfunded the DA's office.  That Commissioners Court was headed by County Judge Gilbert Hinojosa, at that time.  Does anyone know for sure - were any of the current commissioners even on Commissioners court 2004-2006?

UPDATE ON SIDE NOTE:  A reader provided the following:  In the 2004-2006, county judge was Gilbert Hinojosa, Pct 1 was Pete Benavides, Pct 2, was John Wood, Pct 3 was David Garza, Pct 4 was Edna Tamayo. Judge Cascos came in, in 2007. Sophie went in late 2006 for Pct 1 when her husband passed away. Dan Sanchez replaced Edna Tamayo in 2011 & Ernie Hernandez replaced Wood in 2011


Anonymous said...

???? lost in your initial comment, on how you do not post or report certain things not to hurt cases? Maybe I read wrong.
you are working on two other city employees?
do you work for the city? for your self? I don't get the comments? : (

Anonymous said...

Remember---any mention of Gilberto Hinojosa and everyone run into a brick wall.

BobbyWC said...

If I report what I have learned before law enforcement can do their job, then I may tip off the public servant who is engaged in the criminal conduct - it is always possible that law enforcement wants to cast a bigger net - so I hold off

I do not work for the city - the city was just an example of past conduct on my part.

I have sources - the BV is widely read - people knock on my door to tell me things - they mail things as anony's

There are many ways people get information to me.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

LOL on Gilbert comment

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

thank you....

Anonymous said...

What about the BISD administrator that was using school district's P.O. for his own benefit? What is the status of that situation?

BobbyWC said...

Well first all I have is an allegation - nothing proven - my goal was to align the po's with the information I have.

I can now prove beyond any reasonble doubt BISD withheld the PO's.

I will talk about this more tomorrow.

I am being told by various sources the man has been interviewed by the BISD - police - I am going to allow Chief Garcia to hang himself and then take it to the DA and AG

At this point Chief Garcia has to run cover for Carl Montoya -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from the government ,food for thought

BobbyWC said...

The main reason I am such a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment is based on what you say - but the government is not always the bad guy - a true patriot is vigilent against all wrongdoing and injustices - regardless of the source.

I took a lot of hits with nasty comments because I would not allow for attacks on Villalobos until after the verdict -

A true patriot defends innocent until proven guilty even when being attacked.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Because a true patriot seeks justice .You gave the guy a fair shake .I can only imagine we would want the same if we were in his shoes...Stand strong ,if people wanna hate let em hate.your obviously steadfast in your beliefs and they are obviously not imaging theirselves in his each is own.I for one respect the fact that the world is round,for a reason ,I might add.

Anonymous said...

I know that you do not like rumors. However, have you any knowledge of a BISD administrator involvement as a partner to our ex-mayor in the Sweepstakes business?

BobbyWC said...

I decided to approve the above comment to prove a point - how easy it is to start disinformation -

I have read this comment as approved on other blogs - why I have not looked into it is, Ahumada was arrrested as the owner - if Art Rendon, such as Pat Lehman wants people to believe was a coowner he too would have been arrested - he was not.

The other interesting angle on this is the owner of the NY Deli claimed that he had to move back to his old location because the owner of the building where Ahumada had his Sweepstakes business raised his rent too high

I have not checked on this because time has not permitted, but another anony comment going around is Art Rendon owns the Sweepstakes building - this would mean that Art Rendon raised the rent on his brother so high that he had to move the NY Deli -
the other option is the owner of the NY Deli lied and moved so that Art Rendon could get a higher rent out of Pat Ahumada who wanted the prime location.

I will research this when time permits

But in the end - if Art Rendon were an owner, he would have been arrested by now as an owner - hence at most he is the landlord - but if it can be established he owns the building and is getting his cut through higher rent - he could have legal problems - which could include forfeiture of the building

Bobby WC