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I am using this post to put this matter into perspective in terms of the new reality concerning law enforcement in Cameron county, and the history of Healthsmart in terms of BISD.

No one in Cameron county is totally clean.  But the feds understand in order to clean up the mess created by their years of neglect, they have to work with someone.  Luis Saenz won the election.  Their only choice is to work with Luis Saenz.  Is he totally clean?  No - but no one is.

FBI Director Mueller has a portfolio on every federal elected official.  The files are filled with information which could end careers. He cannot use it.  He must pick his fights.  We cannot have a country wherein the Director of the FBI runs the government because he has dirt on everyone - and I mean everyone including President Obama - and me - to be fair.

The Hernandez Cadriel case is a test case the FBI has given to DA Saenz.  If he fails to seek the indictments of those responsible he will fail the test and could find himself on the outs with the FBI.  Many sources are giving different information on the state of the Hernandez/Cadriel case.  Some say it is complete which includes a confession from the person who took the test for Cadriel.  Others say the FBI is unhappy with how the investigation was conducted which resulted in not one piece of evidence tied to Ernie Hernandez.  Some say Gus Garza is milking the investigation, claiming he needs more  time because no one is willing to implicate Ernie Hernandez.  If the latter is true, DA Saenz needs to pull Garza from the case.  A sole indictment of a low level employee for taking the test for Cadriel will mean Saenz getting an "F" from the FBI. 

For now Homeland Security is very happy with DA Saenz.  The law is not about prosecuting everyone.  You must pick your battles.  DA Saenz is facing difficult decisions.  He is going to step on people's feet who will seek to destroy him.  But in the end these people will fail.  If he is seen as the person who cleaned up Cameron county while working with the feds, any past transgressions will be forgotten and forgiven.


WHERE DO I BEGIN TO TELL THE STORY ..... Healthsmart is not just BISD. Lubbock fought the battle and won nearly $5 million on the same claims. Healthsmart paid out $4 million after Ted Parker and his enterprise of con artists twice failed to take control of the Lubbock city commission. In fact in round one the candidate being managed by Carlos Quintanilla and Ted Parker was sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission for failing to report the help of one or the other. I do not remember which one.

The difference between Lubbock and  Brownsville is, the Lubbock newspaper was all over Ted Parker and Carlos Quintanilla.  The Brownsville Herald declared a news blackout on the issue.

The other nearly million dollars was in attorneys fees paid by Healthsmart for filing a frivolous lawsuit against several city commissions in hopes of stopping a lawsuit against Healthsmart  for the alleged fraud.

BISD sued Healthsmart on the same claims as Lubbock.  BISD attorneys estimated damages at $14.3 million dollars.  It is no great secret Carlos Quintanilla was dispatched to Brownsville to manage the BISD election so the Healthsmart lawsuit would be dismissed.  Sworn testimony has Luci Longoria filing a  frivolous lawsuit for Carlos Quintanilla to remove Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez from office.  Sworn testimony shows Carlos Quintanilla lied about renting a house in Brownsville.  He needed to claim residency and could not without his lies. 

Sworn testimony had money being funnelled to Juan Montoya to print lies and defame people.  Money which was never reported.  One claim now under investigation is a $7,000 check given to Presas-Garcia for their PAC, which went for anything but the PAC.  All of this money it is my understanding has now been traced.

Even though several law firms stepped up to the plate and agreed to represent BISD  for free unless they recovered the money from Healthsmart, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, Saavedra and Escobedo refused the free representation claiming it would be too costly - how free is costly is unknown to everyone.

On Tuesday's agenda is whether or not BISD will now accept the contingency representation by one of any number of law firms prepared to refile the lawsuit against Healthsmart.

The only reported holdout for 4 votes is Enrique Escobedo.  We all know Enrique - everything is back door deals.


The FBI is everywhere.  Why were they sitting behind me at the Margarita Ozuna arraignment?  They are watching everyone - they are going to clean this county up one way or the other.  Sheriff Lucio is officially on the outs with outside law enforcement.  I was asked  by one investigator if I am prepared to testify how Sheriff Lucio told me in 2008, how he fixes tickets for politiqueras in exchange for their work.  I said yes.  His ties to the politiqueras is solid. 

Janet Leal forever tainted herself with the FBI in how she handled the Ozuna arraignment.  The FBI officers immediately met with the AG - everyone was like "what happened?"  My response to one investigator was "welcome to Cameron county."


The FBI did everything they could to indict Ted Parker in Lubbock - the most they got was Parker receiving inside information on bids.  It was enough to indict - but the FBI does not indict on such little stuff.  They now see Brownsville as the place where the indictments will occur.  There was too much outside money not reported - which has now been traced.

There are too many ties between Presas-Garcia and Ted Parker to simply ignore.  Texts to county officials from Presas-Garcia asking "where is the job?"  are now with law enforcement.  She did her best to force the county to give her a job if they wanted her cooperation.  She will never work for the county - especially in light of the Cadriel case.

I am being told the indictments will come - I just need to be patient.  If BISD does not sue, the DOJ will get the money back for Brownsville through a civil forfeiture.  Healthsmart would be smart to settle for some $8-10 million before facing a $14.3 million civil forfeiture.

I will say without hesitation - if Enrique Escobedo fails to vote yes on moving forward with Healthsmart, he will be ruined.  The DOJ will have no interest in later negotiations.  Judge Limas is walking free in spite of his conduct - why? - he chose cooperation over being a fool.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby, common sense tells you that Saenz as special prosecutor for our DA for sale has to have commited some wrongdoings. IMO he is a puppet for the Feds and is doing any and everything they ask of him. In order to do this he will have to step on the toes of many elected officials and IMO will not be re-elected by the political machine that is Cameron County. He has done nothing about Aurora and will most likely not be involved with prosecuting since it will most likely be handled by the Feds.
It will be most interesting to see if the Feds have any witnesses that have cartel ties that will testify against Villalobos. That would most certainly be very damning testimony

BobbyWC said...

DA Saenz will be reelected if he continues down this path - the people vote - not the machines - a strong record of cleaning up Cameron county will be all he needs for an easy victory.

Further, anyone who accepts money from anyone he has gone after will look bad in the eyes of the voters.

Like I myself state - no one is completely clean - Attorneys cut deals all of the time - they just do no involve money.

Sometimes you have to get your client to agree to not the best plea deal because if you do, the judge and DA will remember it when you really need to cut a deal on time.

Every attorney does this.

Politics in Cameron county is a virus everyone has been exposed to. Here is the deal - those playing along with the clean-up are being forgiven - those continuing the corruption will go down -

Pay attention Enrique - you have one shot at getting this right

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I'd challenge you to a friendly wager on reelection but we'd probably both get indicted :)
He's pissingoff everyone that supported him and it was a very close race. Cameron county will want their compadre legal system back. Wait and see. Loser buys a hypothetical dinner at La Pampa.
If he's the real deal he'd be doing more on voter fraud and Aurora and etc, etc. most of the defense lawyers that supported aren't happy with him. I hope he cleans up the legal conundrum that Mandolin left him and then addresses voter fraud. He only got elected because people were afraid of what Masso administration WOULDN'T do. I guess it depends on who runs

BobbyWC said...

First, thanks for the professional way you worded and presented your argument - this is when the BV works best

No one in this town is clean - the virus has touched everyone - people did what they had to do to survive - the goal now is to clean Cameron county

he just completed his 4th month in office - give the guy time

You have no way of knowing this but Villalobos had a lot of really bad and unethical DA's in his office - competence was not even a consideration. I watched Cameron County Commissioner Sanchez trick a DA into not putting on evidence -this forced the case to be dismissed. The DA did not fully understand the Motion in Limine he agreed to and in effect he killed his own case.

This morning I took a victim to court for trial. She cried most of the weekend in fear. The ADA took a plea bargain in the case on Thursday while never calling the victim to tell her to not show in court. She was told nothing. I took the victim directly to DA Saenz - he was a perfect gentleman - professional - kind - and gave her the information she needed - the man who assaulted her will be in jail for a while longer.

I am certain the DA in that court will be hearing from DA Saenz for how the victim was treated.

He has a mess he did not create - it is going to take some time to clean it up.

As to the politiqueras - these cases are best handled by the AG - - oh I have a picture I will post later of Herminea Bacerra sitting in front of the elections office this morning. It is her right - but it speaks to the issue.

The AG has resources DA Saenz does not have. the feds were in court for Ozuna's arraignment - be patient

Things will get better

Trust me if Saenz messes up the BV will cover it.

You know what, I am about now - I do not live in a world where I want everyone arrested for everything ever done. I have to accept the reality. If DA Saenz ever did anything wrong in the pass it will be ignored so long as he cleans up Cameron county.

The police are way too aggressive with criminal tresspass with kids - they need to learn to just tell the kids to move on

I will never forget the day my mother was driving by and saw the police detaining a bunch of us (10-14 age) who were playing ball in a field owned by the water department. There was always a hole in the fence.

When the police officer left, my mother had his balls in her hands.

The smart people in Cameron county will cooperate - the idiots will continue to believe all is well and the corruption will continue.

So what if the feds decide DA Saenz' past is the past - so long as he fixed this county.

I am 100% certain if he cleans up this county no political machine will be able to challenge him. The business community wants a clean county - they will give him the money if the lawyers do not

But I will tell you - I have spoken with a handful of attorneys who are happy with DA Saenz - given a chanc lawyers just want to do their job with no game playing - in criminal court they are now starting to do their job.

Things will get better

Bobby WC